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by Telfer, Angela and Young, Monica and Quinn, Jenna and Perez, Kate and Sobel, Crystal and Sones, Jayme and Levesque-Beaudin, Valerie and Derbyshire, Rachael and Fernandez-Triana, Jose and Rougerie, Rodolphe and Thevanayagam, Abinah and Boskovic, Adrian and Borisenko, Alex and Cadel, Alex and Brown, Allison and Pages, Anais and Castillo, Anibal and Nicolai, Annegret and Glenn Mockford, Barb Mockford and Bukowski, Belén and Wilson, Bill and Trojahn, Brock and Lacroix, Carole Ann and Brimblecombe, Chris and Hay, Christoper and Ho, Christmas and Steinke, Claudia and Warne, Connor and Garrido Cortes, Cristina and Engelking, Daniel and Wright, Danielle and Lijtmaer, Dario and Gascoigne, David and Hernandez Martich, David and Morningstar, Derek and Neumann, Dirk and Steinke, Dirk and Marco DeBruin, Donna DeBruin and Dobias, Dylan and Sears, Elizabeth and Richard, Ellen and Damstra, Emily and Zakharov, Evgeny and Laberge, Frederic and Collins, Gemma and Blagoev, Gergin and Grainge, Gerrie and Ansell, Graham and Meredith, Greg and Hogg, Ian and McKeown, Jaclyn and Topan, Janet and Bracey, Jason and Guenther, Jerry and Sills-Gilligan, Jesse and Addesi, Joseph and Persi, Joshua and Layton, Kara and D'Souza, Kareina and Dorji, Kencho and Grundy, Kevin and Nghidinwa, Kirsti and Ronnenberg, Kylee and Lee, Kyung Min and Xie, Linxi and Lu, Liuqiong and Penev, Lyubomir and Gonzalez, Mailyn and Rosati, Margaret and Kekkonen, Mari and Kuzmina, Maria and Iskandar, Marianne and Mutanen, Marko and Fatahi, Maryam and Pentinsaari, Mikko and Bauman, Miriam and Nikolova, Nadya and Ivanova, Natalia and Jones, Nathaniel and Weerasuriya, Nimalka and Monkhouse, Norman and Lavinia, Pablo and Jannetta, Paul and Hanisch, Priscila and McMullin, R. Troy and Ojeda Flores, Rafael and Mouttet, Raphaëlle and Vender, Reid and Labbee, Renee and Forsyth, Robert and Lauder, Rob and Dickson, Ross and Kroft, Ruth and Miller, Scott and MacDonald, Shannon and Panthi, Sishir and Pedersen, Stephanie and Sobek-Swant, Stephanie and Naik, Suresh and Lipinskaya, Tatsiana and ...
Biodiversity data journal, ISSN 1314-2828, 2015, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp. e6313 - 176
Journal Article
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