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by Newgard, Craig D and Sanchez, Brittany J and Bulger, Eileen M and Brasel, Karen J and Byers, Adam and Buick, Jason E and Sheehan, Kellie L and Guyette, Frank X and King, Richard V and Mena‐Munoz, Jorge and Minei, Joseph P and Schmicker, Robert H and Alpern, Elizabeth and Kerby, Jeffrey D and Wang, Henry E and Gray, Randal and Christenson, Jim and Christenson, Jim and Andrusiek, Dug and Heest, Rardi and Goulding, Jim and Balfour, Nick and Rainier‐Pope, Nick and Beeson, Jeffery and Gamber, Mark and Simonson, Robert and Gandhi, Ragesh and Witham, Williams and Simonson, Robert and Ramsay, Michael and Fabian, Timothy C and Croce, Martin A and Magnotti, Louis J and Maish, George O and Schroeppel, Thomas J and Zarzaur, Ben L and Weinberg, Jordan A and Holley, Joe and Ludwig, Gary and Burnett, Alan and Barnes, Debra and Aufderheide, Tom P and Pirrallo, Ronald G and Colella, Riccardo and Forster, Rosemarie and Pukansky, Lauryl and Sternig, Kenneth and Chin, Eugene and Krueger, Kim and Szewczuga, Del and Funk, Rebecca and Jacobsen, Gail and Spitzer, Janis and Cohn, Jon and Jankowski, Mike and Whitaker, Robert and Rohlfing, Mark and Rosandish, Tom and Remington, Adam and Knitter, Joe and Ugaste, Robert and Saidler, Timothy and Reminga, Thomas and Shepherd, Dennis and Holzhauer, Peter and Rubin, Jonathan and Skold, Craig and Alvarez, Orlando and Harkins, Heidi and Barthell, Edward and Haselow, William and Yee, Albert and Whitcomb, John and Castro, Eduardo E and Motarjeme, Steven and Coogan, Paul and Rader, Keith and Glaspy, Jeff and Gerschke, Gary and Croft, Howie and Brin, Mike and Wilson, Cory and Johnson, Anne and Kumprey, William and Ateyyah, Khalid A and Gourlay, David and Kaslow, Olga and Stiell, Ian and Vaillancourt, Christian and Dreyer, Jonathan and Munkley, Douglas and Prpic, Jason and Maloney, Justin and Affleck, Andrew and Bradford, Paul and Trickett, John and Sykes, Nicole and Graham, Elaine and Hedges, Cathie and MacPhee, Renee and ... and ROC Investigators and the ROC Investigators
Academic Emergency Medicine, ISSN 1069-6563, 05/2016, Volume 23, Issue 5, pp. 554 - 565
Journal Article
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