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Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2017, Volume 551, Issue 7679, pp. 232 - 236
Journal Article
by De Angelis, Martin Hrabě and Nicholson, George and Selloum, Mohammed and White, Jacqueline K and Morgan, Hugh and Ramirez-Solis, Ramiro and Sorg, Tania and Wells, Sara and Fuchs, Helmut and Fray, Martin and Adams, David J and Adams, Niels C and Adler, Thure and Aguilar-Pimentel, Antonio and Ali-Hadji, Dalila and Amann, Gregory and André, Philippe and Atkins, Sarah and Auburtin, Aurelie and Ayadi, Abdel and Becker, Julien and Becker, Lore and Bedu, Elodie and Bekeredjian, Raffi and Birling, Marie-Christine and Blake, Andrew and Bottomley, Joanna and Bowl, Michael R and Brault, Véronique and Busch, Dirk H and Bussell, James N and Calzada-Wack, Julia and Cater, Heather and Champy, Marie-France and Charles, Philippe and Chevalier, Claire and Chiani, Francesco and Codner, Gemma F and Combe, Roy and Cox, Roger and Dalloneau, Emilie and Dierich, André and Di Fenza, Armida and Doe, Brendan and Duchon, Arnaud and Eickelberg, Oliver and Esapa, Chris T and Fertak, Lahcen El and Feigel, Tanja and Emelyanova, Irina and Estabel, Jeanne and Favor, Jack and Flenniken, Ann and Gambadoro, Alessia and Garrett, Lilian and Gates, Hilary and Gerdin, Anna-Karin and Gkoutos, George and Greenaway, Simon and Glasl, Lisa and Goetz, Patrice and Da Cruz, Isabelle Goncalves and Götz, Alexander and Graw, Jochen and Guimond, Alain and Hans, Wolfgang and Hicks, Geoff and Hölter, Sabine M and Höfler, Heinz and Hancock, John M and Hoehndorf, Robert and Hough, Tertius and Houghton, Richard and Hurt, Anja and Ivandic, Boris and Jacobs, Hughes and Jacquot, Sylvie and Jones, Nora and Karp, Natasha A and Katus, Hugo A and Kitchen, Sharon and Klein-Rodewald, Tanja and Klingenspor, Martin and Klopstock, Thomas and Lalanne, Valerie and Leblanc, Sophie and Lengger, Christoph and Le Marchand, Elise and Ludwig, Tonia and Lux, Aline and McKerlie, Colin and Maier, Holger and Mandel, Jean-Louis and Marschall, Susan and Mark, Manuel and Melvin, David G and Meziane, Hamid and Micklich, Kateryna and Mittelhauser, Christophe and Monassier, Laurent and ... and EUMODIC Consortium
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 08/2015, Volume 47, Issue 9, pp. 969 - 978
The function of the majority of genes in the mouse and human genomes remains unknown. The mouse embryonic stem cell knockout resource provides a basis for the... 
EUROPHENOME | ANNOTATION | GENETICS & HEREDITY | GENOME-WIDE | EMPRESS | KNOCKOUT MICE | ACCESS | RESOURCE | Homozygote | Phenotype | Animals | Genetic Association Studies | Humans | Mice, Inbred C57BL | Molecular Sequence Annotation | Female | Heterozygote | Male | Mutation | Mice, Knockout | Research | Gene mutations | Human genome | Identification and classification | Health aspects | Consortia | Genotype & phenotype | Physiology | Genomes | Metabolism | Power
Journal Article
by Bradley, Allan and Anastassiadis, Konstantinos and Ayadi, Abdelkader and Battey, James and Bell, Cindy and Birling, Marie-Christine and Bottomley, Joanna and Brown, Steve and Bürger, Friederike and Bult, Carol and Bushell, Wendy and Collins, Francis and Desaintes, Christian and Doe, Brendan and Aris, Economides and Eppig, Janan and Finnell, Richard and Fletcher, Colin and Fray, Martin and Frendewey, David and Friedel, Roland and Grosveld, Frank and Hansen, J and Hérault, Yann and Hicks, Geoffrey and Hörlein, Aneas and Houghton, Catherine and Hrabé De Angelis, Martin and Huylebroeck, Danny and Iyer, Vivek and Jong, Pieter and Kadin, James and Kaloff, Cornelia and Kennedy, Karen and Koutsourakis, Manousos and Kent Lloyd, K and Marschall, Susan and Mason, Jeremy and McKerlie, Colin and McLeod, Michael and Melchner, Harald and Moore, Matt and Mujica, Alejano and Nagy, Anas and Nefedov, Mikhail and Nutter, Lauryl and Pavlovic, Guillaume and Peterson, Jane and Pollock, I and Ramirez-Solis, Ramiro and Rancourt, Derrick and Raspa, Marcello and Remacle, Jacques and Ringwald, Martin and Rosen, Barry and Rosenthal, Nadia and Rossant, Janet and Ruiz Noppinger, Patricia and Ryder, S and Schick, Joel Zupicich and Schnütgen, Frank and Schofield, Christopher and Seisenberger, Claudia and Selloum, Mohammed and Simpson, Elizabeth and Skarnes, William and Smedley, Damian and Stanford, William and Francis Stewart, A and Stone, Kevin and Swan, Kate and Tadepally, Hamsa and Teboul, Jean Louis and Tocchini-Valentini, Glauco and Valenzuela, David and West, Anthony and Yamamura, Ken-Ichi and Yoshinaga, Yuko and Wurst, Martin
Mammalian Genome, ISSN 0938-8990, 10/2012, Volume 23, Issue 9-10, pp. 580 - 586
textabstractIn 2007, the International Knockout Mouse Consortium (IKMC) made the ambitious promise to generate mutations in virtually every protein-coding gene... 
Life Sciences | Anatomy | Zoology | Cell Biology | BIOTECHNOLOGY & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | GENOME | EMBRYONIC STEM-CELLS | GENETICS & HEREDITY | Mice, Knockout - genetics | Mice | Animals | Internet | Internationality
Journal Article
by Amps, Katherine and Andrews, Peter W and Anyfantis, George and Armstrong, Lyle and Avery, Stuart and Baharvand, Hossein and Baker, Julie and Baker, Duncan and Munoz, Maria B and Beil, Stephen and Benvenisty, Nissim and Ben-Yosef, Dalit and Biancotti, Juan-Carlos and Bosman, Alexis and Brena, Romulo Martin and Brison, Daniel and Caisander, Gunilla and Camarasa, Marãa V and Chen, Jieming and Chiao, Eric and Choi, Young Min and Choo, Andre B. H and Collins, Daniel and Colman, Alan and Crook, Jeremy M and Daley, George Q and Dalton, Anne and De Sousa, Paul A and Denning, Chris and Downie, Janet and Dvorak, Petr and Montgomery, Karen D and Feki, Anis and Ford, Angela and Fox, Victoria and Fraga, Ana M and Frumkin, Tzvia and Ge, Lin and Gokhale, Paul J and Golan-Lev, Tamar and Gourabi, Hamid and Gropp, Michal and Guangxiu, Lu and Hampl, Ales and Harron, Katie and Healy, Lyn and Herath, Wishva and Holm, Frida and Hovatta, Outi and Hyllner, Johan and Inamdar, Maneesha S and Irwanto, Astrid Kresentia and Ishii, Tetsuya and Jaconi, Marisa and Jin, Ying and Kimber, Susan and Kiselev, Sergey and Knowles, Barbara B and Kopper, Oded and Kukharenko, Valeri and Kuliev, Anver and Lagarkova, Maria A and Laird, Peter W and Lako, Majlinda and Laslett, Andrew L and Lavon, Neta and Lee, Dong Ryul and Lee, Jeoung Eun and Li, Chunliang and Lim, Linda S and Ludwig, Tenneille E and Ma, Yu and Maltby, Edna and Mateizel, Ileana and Mayshar, Yoav and Mileikovsky, Maria and Minger, Stephen L and Miyazaki, Takamichi and Moon, Shin Yong and Moore, Harry and Mummery, Christine and Nagy, Andras and Nakatsuji, Norio and Narwani, Kavita and Oh, Steve K. W and Oh, Sun Kyung and Olson, Cia and Otonkoski, Timo and Pan, Fei and Park, In-Hyun and Pells, Steve and Pera, Martin F and Pereira, Lygia V and Qi, Ouyang and Raj, Grace Selva and Reubinoff, Benjamin and Robins, Alan and Robson, Paul and Rossant, Janet and Salekdeh, Ghasem H and ... and Int Stem Cell Initiative and International Stem Cell Initiative and The International Stem Cell Initiative
Nature Biotechnology, ISSN 1087-0156, 12/2011, Volume 29, Issue 12, pp. 1132 - 1144
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 6/2010, Volume 107, Issue 24, pp. 10783 - 10790
Journal Article
by Adewumi, Oluseun and Aflatoonian, Behrouz and Ahrlund-Richter, Lars and Amit, Michal and Andrews, Peter W and Beighton, Gemma and Bello, Paul A and Benvenisty, Nissim and Berry, Lorraine S and Bevan, Simon and Blum, Barak and Brooking, Justin and Chen, Kevin G and Choo, Andre B. H and Churchill, Gary A and Corbel, Marie and Damjanov, Ivan and Draper, Jon S and Dvorak, Petr and Emanuelsson, Katarina and Fleck, Roland A and Ford, Angela and Gertow, Karin and Gertsenstein, Marina and Gokhale, Paul J and Hamilton, Rebecca S and Hampl, Ales and Healy, Lyn E and Hovatta, Outi and Hyllner, Johan and Imreh, Marta P and Itskovitz-Eldor, Joseph and Jackson, Jamie and Johnson, Jacqueline L and Jones, Mark and Kee, Kehkooi and King, Benjamin L and Knowles, Barbara B and Lako, Majlinda and Lebrin, Franck and Mallon, Barbara S and Manning, Daisy and Mayshar, Yoav and McKay, Ronald D. G and Michalska, Anna E and Mikkola, Milla and Mileikovsky, Masha and Minger, Stephen L and Moore, Harry D and Mummery, Christine L and Nagy, Andras and Nakatsuji, Norio and O'Brien, Carmel M and Oh, Steve K. W and Olsson, Cia and Otonkoski, Timo and Park, Kye-Yoon and Passier, Robert and Patel, Hema and Patel, Minal and Pedersen, Roger and Pera, Martin F and Piekarczyk, Marian S and Pera, Renee A. Reijo and Reubinoff, Benjamin E and Robins, Allan J and Rossant, Janet and Rugg-Gunn, Peter and Schulz, Thomas C and Semb, Henrik and Sherrer, Eric S and Siemen, Henrike and Stacey, Glyn N and Stojkovic, Miodrag and Suemori, Hirofumi and Szatkiewicz, Jin and Turetsky, Tikva and Tuuri, Timo and Van Den Brink, Steineke and Vintersten, Kristina and Vuoristo, Sanna and Ward, Dorien and Weaver, Thomas A and Young, Lesley A and Zhang, Weidong and Int Stem Cell Initiative and International Stem Cell Initiative and The International Stem Cell Initiative and Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet and Biologiska sektionen and Zoologisk utvecklingsbiologi and Uppsala universitet and Institutionen för fysiologi och utvecklingsbiologi
Nature Biotechnology, ISSN 1087-0156, 07/2007, Volume 25, Issue 7, pp. 803 - 816
Journal Article
Cell, ISSN 0092-8674, 2008, Volume 132, Issue 4, pp. 527 - 531
The recent derivation of pluripotent stem cell lines from a number of different sources, including reprogrammed adult somatic cells, raises the issue of the... 
MOUSE TESTIS | DERIVATION | EPIBLAST | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | SELF-RENEWAL | PLURIPOTENCY | GENERATION | DIFFERENTIATION | PRIMORDIAL GERM-CELLS | BLASTOCYSTS | FIBROBLASTS | CELL BIOLOGY | Cell Line | Cell Lineage | Animals | Embryonic Stem Cells - cytology | Pluripotent Stem Cells - cytology | Humans | Blastocyst - cytology | Cell Differentiation | Mice | Stem cell research | Stem cells
Journal Article
Development (Cambridge), ISSN 0950-1991, 01/2015, Volume 142, Issue 1, pp. 9 - 12
Lessons learned from conserved vertebrate developmental pathways have catalyzed rapid advances in pluripotent stem cell differentiation towards therapeutically... 
EPIBLAST | DERIVATION | HUMAN EMBRYOS | TROPHECTODERM | GROUND-STATE | PLURIPOTENT STATE | MASS | SELF-RENEWAL | PRIMITIVE ENDODERM | DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY | LINES | Pregnancy | Cell Line | Cell Lineage | Animals | Embryo, Mammalian - cytology | Placenta - cytology | Humans | Blastocyst - cytology | Female | Mice | Stem Cells - cytology | Embryo Implantation
Journal Article
Cell Stem Cell, ISSN 1934-5909, 06/2018, Volume 22, Issue 6, pp. 794 - 796
Mentor-mentee relationships are essential for professional development, but developing these interpersonal skills is not often highlighted as a priority in... 
Journal Article
Journal Article