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by Rotundi, Alessra and Sierks, Holger and Della Corte, Vincenzo and Fulle, Marco and Gutierrez, Pedro J and Lara, Luisa and Barbieri, Cesare and Lamy, Philippe L and Rodrigo, Rafael and Koschny, Detlef and Rickman, Hans and Keller, Horst Uwe and López-Moreno, José J and Accolla, Mario and Agarwal, Jessica and A'Hearn, Michael F and Altobelli, Nicolas and Angrilli, Francesco and Barucci, M. Antonietta and Bertaux, Jean-Loup and Bertini, Ivano and Bodewits, Dennis and Bussoletti, Ezio and Colangeli, Luigi and Cosi, Massimo and Cremonese, Gabriele and Crifo, Jean-Francois and Da Deppo, Vania and Davidsson, Björn and Debei, Stefano and De Cecco, Mariolino and Esposito, Francesca and Ferrari, Marco and Fornasier, Sonia and Giovane, Frank and Gustafson, Bo and Green, Simon F and Groussin, Olivier and Grün, Eberhard and Güttler, Carsten and Herranz, Miguel L and Hviid, Stubbe F and Ip, Wing and Ivanovski, Stavro and Jerónimo, José M and Jorda, Laurent and Knollenberg, Joerg and Kramm, Rainer and Kührt, Ekkehard and Küppers, Michael and Lazzarin, Monica and Leese, Mark R and López-Jiménez, Antonio C and Lucarelli, Francesca and Lowry, Stephen C and Marzari, Francesco and Epifani, Elena Mazzotta and McDonnell, J. Anthony M and Mennella, Vito and Michalik, Harald and Molina, Antonio and Morales, Rafael and Moreno, Ferno and Mottola, Stefano and Naletto, Giampiero and Oklay, Nilda and Ortiz, José L and Palomba, Ernesto and Palumbo, Pasquale and Perrin, Jean-Marie and Rodríguez, Julio and Sabau, Lola and Snodgrass, Colin and Sordini, Roberto and Thomas, Nicolas and Tubiana, Cecilia and Vincent, Jean-Baptiste and Weissman, Paul and Wenzel, Klaus-Peter and Zakharov, Vladimir and Zarnecki, John C
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 01/2015, Volume 347, Issue 6220, pp. aaa3905 - aaa3905
Critical measurements for understanding accretion and the dust/gas ratio in the solar nebula, where planets were forming 4.5 billion years ago, are being... 
WILD-2 | GIOTTO | PARTICLES | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | ROSETTA MISSION | SIZE | ORBITS | MODEL | 81P/WILD 2 | Comets | Planetology | Dust | Comet heads | Clouds | Grains | Perihelions | Spectrometers | Nuclei | Solar and Stellar Astrophysics | Sciences of the Universe | Astrophysics
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