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by Hu, H and Haas, S.A and Chelly, J and Esch, H. Van and Raynaud, M and Brouwer, A.P. de and Weinert, S and Froyen, G and Frints, S.G and Laumonnier, F and Zemojtel, T and Love, M.I and Richard, H and Emde, A.K and Bienek, M and Jensen, C and Hambrock, M and Fischer, U and Langnick, C and Feldkamp, M and Wissink, W.M and Lebrun, N and Castelnau, L and Rucci, J and Montjean, R and Dorseuil, O and Billuart, P and Stuhlmann, T and Shaw, M and Corbett, M.A and Gardner, A and Willis-Owen, S and Tan, C and Friend, K.L and Belet, S and Roozendaal, K.E. van and Jimenez-Pocquet, M and Moizard, M.P and Ronce, N and Sun, R and O'Keeffe, S and Chenna, R and Bommel, A. van and Goke, J and Hackett, A and Field, M and Christie, L and Boyle, J and Haan, E and Nelson, J and Turner, G and Baynam, G and Gillessen-Kaesbach, G and Muller, U and Steinberger, D and Budny, B and Badura-Stronka, M and Latos-Bielenska, A and Ousager, L.B and Wieacker, P and Roiguez Criado, G and Bondeson, M.L and Anneren, G and Dufke, A and Cohen, M and Maldergem, L. Van and Vincent-Delorme, C and Echenne, B and Simon-Bouy, B and Kleefstra, T and Willemsen, M.H and Fryns, J.P and Devriendt, K and Ullmann, R and Vingron, M and Wrogemann, K and Wienker, T.F and Tzschach, A and Bokhoven, H. van and Gecz, J and Jentsch, T.J and Chen, W and Ropers, H.H and Kalscheuer, V.M and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Institutionen för immunologi, genetik och patologi and Uppsala universitet and Medicinsk genetik och genomik
Molecular Psychiatry, ISSN 1359-4184, 2016, Volume 21, Issue 1, pp. 133 - 148
X-linked intellectual disability (XLID) is a clinically and genetically heterogeneous disorder. During the past two decades in excess of 100 X-chromosome ID... 
LYSOSOMAL STORAGE DISEASE | HOMEODOMAIN TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS | PSYCHIATRY | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | SPINE MORPHOGENESIS | AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS | RIBOSOME BIOGENESIS | NEUROSCIENCES | LINKED MENTAL-RETARDATION | DE-NOVO MUTATIONS | NEURITE OUTGROWTH | MARTIN-PROBST SYNDROME | CHLORIDE CHANNEL | Neurons - pathology | Humans | Histone Acetyltransferases - genetics | Male | Chloride Channels - genetics | RNA, Messenger - metabolism | Genetic Variation | Transcription Factor TFIID - genetics | Mental Retardation, X-Linked - genetics | Adult | Neurons - metabolism | Cyclin-Dependent Kinases - genetics | Nuclear Proteins - genetics | Intracellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins - genetics | Microfilament Proteins - genetics | Cells, Cultured | TATA-Binding Protein Associated Factors - genetics | Mice, Knockout | Chloride Channels - metabolism | Animals | Adaptor Proteins, Signal Transducing - genetics | Adolescent | High-Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing | Ubiquitin-Protein Ligases - genetics | Cohort Studies | Complications and side effects | Usage | Care and treatment | Genetic aspects | Nucleotide sequencing | Mental retardation | DNA sequencing | Original | Basic Medicine | Neurosciences | Medical and Health Sciences | Medicin och hälsovetenskap | Medicinsk bioteknologi | Klinisk medicin | Medical Biotechnology (with a focus on Cell Biology (including Stem Cell Biology), Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry or Biopharmacy) | Medicinsk bioteknologi (med inriktning mot cellbiologi (inklusive stamcellsbiologi), molekylärbiologi, mikrobiologi, biokemi eller biofarmaci) | Medical Biotechnology | Clinical Medicine | Medicinska och farmaceutiska grundvetenskaper | Psykiatri | Psychiatry | Neurovetenskaper
Journal Article
by McCullough, K. P and Lok, C. E and Fluck, R. J and Spergel, L. M and Andreucci, V. E and Fort, J and Krishnan, M and Fissell, R. B and Kawanishi, H and Saran, R and Port, F. K and Robinson, B. M and Pisoni, R. L and Shinzato, T and Shionoya, Y and Fukui, H and Sasaki, M and Miwa, M and Toma, S and Lin, C.-C and Yang, W.-C and Simone, S and Loverre, A and Cariello, M and Divella, C and Castellano, G and Gesualdo, L and Grandaliano, G and Pertosa, G and Mattei, S and Pignatelli, G and Corradini, M and Stefani, A and Bovino, A and Iannuzzella, F and Vaglio, A and Manari, A and Pasquali, S and Chan, J.-S and Wu, T.-C and Roy-Chaudhury, P and Shih, C.-C and Chen, J.-W and Ponce, P and Scholz, C and Goncalves, P and Grassmann, A and Canaud, B and Marcelli, D and Suzuki, S and Shibata, K and Kuji, T and Kawata, S and Koguchi, N and Nishihara, M and Satta, H and Toya, Y and Umemura, S and Corbett, R and Demicheli, N and Iori, F and Grechy, L and Khiroya, R and Ellis, D and Crane, J and Hamady, M and Gedroyc, W and Duncan, N and Vincent, P and Caro, C and Sarween, N and Price, A and Powers, S and Allen, C and Holland, M and Gupta, I and Baharani, J and Parisotto, M. T and Schoder, V and Kaufmann, P and Miriunis, C and Moura, A and Madureira, J and Alija, P and Fernandes, J and Oliveira, J. G and Lopez, M and Felgueiras, M and Amado, L and Sameiro-Faria, M and Miranda, V and Vieira, M and Santos-Silva, A and Costa, E and David, P and Capurro, F and Brustia, M and De Mauri, A and Ruva, C and Chiarinotti, D and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i226 - i239
Journal Article
JAMA Psychiatry, ISSN 2168-622X, 04/2018, Volume 75, Issue 4, pp. 396 - 404
Journal Article
by Rocca, P and Galderisi, S and Rossi, A and Bertolino, A and Rucci, P and Gibertoni, D and Montemagni, C and Sigaudo, M and Mucci, A and Bucci, P and Acciavatti, T and Aguglia, E and Amore, M and Bellomo, A and De Ronchi, D and Dell'Osso, L and Di Fabio, F and Girardi, P and Goracci, A and Marchesi, C and Monteleone, P and Niolu, C and Pinna, F and Roncone, R and Sacchetti, E and Santonastaso, P and Zeppegno, P and Maj, M and Chieffi, Marcello and Piegari, Giuseppe and Vignapiano, Annarita and Merlotti, Eleonora and Plescia, Giuseppe and Montefusco, Valentina and Bava, Irene and Mancini, Irene and Sandei, Luisa and Antonietta Nettis, Maria and Rizzo, Giuseppe and Mancini, Marina and Porcelli, Stefano and Salfi, Raffaele and Bianchini, Oriana and Vita, Antonio and Galluzzo, Alessandro and Barlati, Stefano and Carpiniello, Bernardo and Primavera, Diego and Floris, Stefania and Salvina Signorelli, Maria and Minutolo, Giuseppe and Cannavò, Dario and Corbo, Mariangela and Vellante, Federica and Alessandrini, Marco and Poli, Lorenzo and Altamura, Mario and Petito, Annamaria and Marasco, Daniele and Vaggi, Marco and Calcagno, Pietro and Marozzi, Valentina and Ussorio, Donatella and Giusti, Laura and Malavolta, Maurizio and Di Emidio, Gabriella and Stratta, Paolo and Collazzoni, Alberto and De Bartolomeis, Andrea and Gramaglia, Carla and Gili, Sabrina and Gattoni, Eleonora and Ferronato, Luisa and Giannunzio, Valeria and Tenconi, Elena and Tonna, Matteo and Ossola, Paolo and Camerlengo, Annalisa and Landi, Paola and Rutigliano, Grazia and Buzzanca, Antonino and Paolemili, Marco and Frascarelli, Marianna and Comparelli, Anna and Corigliano, Valentina and Brugnoli, Roberto and Siracusano, Alberto and Troisi, Alfonso and Di Lorenzo, Giorgio and Di Filippo, Carmela and Longobardi, Nicola and Castaldo, Eloisa and Fagiolini, Andrea and Bolognesi, Simone and De Capua, Alberto and Italian Network Res Psychoses and Italian Network for Research on Psychoses and the Italian Network for Research on Psychoses
Psychological Medicine, ISSN 0033-2917, 10/2016, Volume 46, Issue 13, pp. 2717 - 2729
Journal Article
by Reyes-Bahamonde, J and Raimann, J. G and Canaud, B and Etter, M and Kooman, J. P and Levin, N. W and Marcelli, D and Marelli, C and Power, A and Van Der Sande, F. M and Thijssen, S and Usvyat, L. A and Wang, Y and Kotanko, P and Blank, P. R and Szucs, T. D and Gibertoni, D and Torroni, S and Mandreoli, M and Rucci, P and Fantini, M. P and Santoro, A and Van Der Veer, S. N and Nistor, I and Bernaert, P and Bolignano, D and Brown, E. A and Covic, A and Farrington, K and Kooman, J and Macias, J and Mooney, A and Van Munster, B. C and Van Den Noortgate, N and Topinkova, E and Wirnsberger, G and Jager, K. J and Van Biesen, W and Stubnova, V and Os, I and Grundtvig, M and Waldum, B and Wu, H.-Y and Peng, Y.-S and Wu, M.-S and Chu, T.-S and Chien, K.-L and Hung, K.-Y and Wu, K.-D and Carrero, J. J and Huang, X and Sui, X and Ruiz, J. R and Hirth, V and Ortega, F. B and Blair, S. N and Coppolino, G and Rivoli, L and Presta, P and Mazza, G and Fuiano, G and Marx, S and Petrilla, A and Hengst, N and Lee, W. C and Ruggajo, P and Skrunes, R and Svarstad, E and Skjaerven, R and Reisaether, A. V and Vikse, B. E and Fujii, N and Hamano, T and Akagi, S and Watanabe, T and Imai, E and Nitta, K and Akizawa, T and Matsuo, S and Makino, H and Scalzotto, E and Corradi, V and Nalesso, F and Zaglia, T and Neri, M and Martino, F and Zanella, M and Brendolan, A and Mongillo, M and Ronco, C and Occelli, F and Genin, M and Deram, A and Glowacki, F and Cuny, D and Mansurova, I and Alchinbayev, M and Malikh, M. A and Song, S and Shin, M. J and ... and On Behalf Of The Nephrologists' PIRP Group and MONDO Initiative and Nephronor Network
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2014, Volume 29, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii124 - iii139
Journal Article
by Mucci, A and Galderisi, S and Green, M.F and Nuechterlein, K and Rucci, P and Gibertoni, D and Rossi, A and Rocca, P and Bertolino, A and Bucci, P and Hellemann, G and Spisto, M and Palumbo, D and Aguglia, E and Amodeo, G and Amore, M and Bellomo, A and Brugnoli, R and Carpiniello, B and Dell’osso, L and Di Fabio, F and Di Giannantonio, M and Di Lorenzo, G and Marchesi, C and Monteleone, P and Montemagni, C and Oldani, L and Romano, R and Roncone, R and Stratta, P and Tenconi, E and Vita, A and Zeppegno, P and Maj, M and Piegari, Giuseppe and Vignapiano, Annarita and Caputo, Federica and Plescia, Giuseppe and Montefusco, Valentina and Mancini, Marina and Attrotto, Maria Teresa and Paladini, Vittoria and Atti, Anna Rita and Barlati, Stefano and Galluzzo, Alessandro and Mussoni, Christian and Pinna, Federica and Sanna, Lucia and Primavera, Diego and Signorelli, Maria Salvina and Minutolo, Giuseppe and Cannavò, Dario and Acciavatti, Tiziano and Santacroce, Rita and Corbo, Mariangela and Altamura, Mario and La Montagna, Maddalena and Carnevale, Raffaella and Pizziconi, Giulia and Rossi, Rodolfo and Santarelli, Valeria and Giusti, Laura and Malavolta, Maurizio and Salza, Anna and Murri, Martino Belvederi and Calcagno, Pietro and Bugliani, Michele and Serati, Marta and Orsenigo, Giulia and Gramaglia, Carla and Gattoni, Eleonora and Cattaneo, Carlo and Campagnola, Nadia and Ferronato, Luisa and Piovan, Cristiano and Tonna, Matteo and Bettini, Elena and Ossola, Paolo and Gesi, Camilla and Landi, Paola and Rutigliano, Grazia and Biondi, Massimo and Girardi, Paolo and Buzzanca, Antonino and Zocconali, Monica and Comparelli, Anna and Mancinelli, Igina and Niolu, Cinzia and Ribolsi, Michele and Siracusano, Alberto and Corrivetti, Giulio and Bartoli, Luca and Diasco, Ferdinando and Bolognesi, Simone and Goracci, Arianna and Fagiolini, Andrea and Bellino, Silvio and Cardillo, Simona and Bracale, Nadja and Italian Network for Research on Psychoses
Psychological Medicine, ISSN 0033-2917, 06/2018, Volume 48, Issue 8, pp. 1359 - 1366
Journal Article
by Agnes, H and Kalman, P and Jozsef, A and Henrik, B and Mucsi, I and Kamata, K and Sano, T and Naito, S and Okamoto, T and Okina, C and Kamata, M and Murano, J and Kobayashi, K and Uchida, M and Aoyama, T and Takeuchi, Y and Nagaba, Y and Sakamoto, H and Torino, C and Panuccio, V and Clementi, A and Garozzo, M and Bonanno, G and Boito, R and Natale, G and Cicchetti, T and Chippari, A and Logozzo, D and Alati, G and Cassani, S and Sellaro, A and D'arrigo, G and Tripepi, G and Roberta, A and Postorino, M and Mallamaci, F and Zoccali, C and Buonanno, E and Brancaccio, S and Fimiani, V and Napolitano, P and Spadola, R and Morrone, L and DI Iorio, B and Russo, D and Betriu, A and Martinez-Alonso, M and Vidal, T and Valdivielso, J and Fernandez, E and Bernadette, F and Jean-Baptiste, B and Frimat, L and Madala, N. D and Thusi, G. P and Sibisi, N and Mazibuko, B. G and Assounga, A. G. H and Tsai, N.-C and Wang, H.-H and Chen, Y.-C and Hung, C.-C and Hwang, S.-J and Chen, H.-C and Branco, P and Adragao, T and Birne, R and Martins, A. R and Vizinho, R and Gaspar, A and Grilo, M. J and Barata, J. D and Bonhorst, D and Adragao, P and Kim, J. S and Yang, J. W and Kim, M. K and Choi, S. O and Han, B. G and Nathalie, N and Sunny, E and Glorieux, G and Daniela, B and Fellype, B and Sophie, L and Horst D, L and Ziad, M and Raymond, V and Yanai, M and Okada, K and Takeuchi, K and Nitta, K and Takahashi, S and Morena, M and Jaussent, I and Halkovich, A and Dupuy, A.-M and Bargnoux, A.-S and Chenine, L and Leray-Moragues, H and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii378 - ii399
Journal Article
European Neuropsychopharmacology, ISSN 0924-977X, 2008, Volume 18, pp. S442 - S443
Journal Article
by Galderisi, Silvana and Rucci, Paola and Mucci,  Armida and Rossi,  Alessandro and Rocca, Paola and Bertolino,  Alessandro and  Aguglia, Eugenio and  Amore, Mario and Bellomo, Antonello and Bozzatello, Paola and Bucci, Paola and Carpiniello, Bernardo and Collantoni, Enrico and Cuomo,  Alessandro and Dell'Osso, Liliana and Di Fabio, Fabio and Giannantonio, Massimo and Gibertoni, Dino and Giordano, Giulia Maria and Marchesi, Carlo and Monteleone, Palmiero and Oldani, Lucio and Pompili, Maurizio and Roncone, Rita and Rossi, Rodolfo and Siracusano,  Alberto and Vita,  Antonio and Zeppegno, Patrizia and Maj, Mario and Catapano, Francesco and Piegari, Giuseppe and Aiello, Carmen and Brando, Francesco and Giuliani, Luigi and Pietrafesa, Daria and Papalino, Marco and Mercadante, Giovanni and Di Palo, Piergiuseppe and Barlati, Stefano and Deste, Giacomo and Valsecchi, Paolo and Pinna, Federica and Olivieri, Benedetta and Manca, Daniela and Signorelli, Maria Salvina and Poli, Laura Fusar and De Berardis, Domenico and Fraticelli, Silvia and Corbo, Mariangela and Pallanti, Stefano and Altamura, Mario and Carnevale, Raffaella and Malerba, Stefania and Calcagno, Pietro and Zampogna, Domenico and Corso, Alessandro and Giusti, Laura and Salza, Anna and Ussorio, Donatella and Talevi, Dalila and Socci, Valentina and Pacitti, Francesca and Bartolomeis, Andrea and Gramaglia, Carla and Gambaro, Eleonora and Gattoni, Eleonora and Favaro, Angela and Tenconi, Elena and Meneguzzo, Paolo and Tonna, Matteo and Ossola, Paolo and Gerra, Maria Lidia and Carmassi, Claudia and Cremone, Ivan and Carpita, Barbara and Girardi, Nicoletta and Frascarelli, Marianna and Buzzanca, Antonio and Brugnoli, Roberto and Comparelli, Anna and Corigliano, Valentina and Di Lorenzo, Giorgio and Niolu, Cinzia and Ribolsi, Michele and Corrivetti, Giulio and Cascino, Giammarco and Buono, Gianfranco and Bolognesi, Simone and Fagiolini, Andrea and Goracci, Arianna and Bellino, Silvio and Montemagni, Cristiana and Brasso, Claudio and Italian Network Res Psychoses and Italian Network for Research on Psychoses
World Psychiatry, ISSN 1723-8617, 02/2020, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp. 81 - 91
Improving real‐life functioning is the main goal of the most advanced integrated treatment programs in people with schizophrenia. The Italian Network for... 
functional capacity | psychopathology | Schizophrenia | network analysis | recovery | internalized stigma | real‐life functioning | personal resources | everyday life skills | real-life functioning | PSYCHIATRY | RELIABILITY | ILLNESS | MODEL | NEGATIVE SYNDROME SCALE | SYMPTOMATIC REMISSION | PEOPLE | RATING-SCALE | VALIDITY | ASSOCIATION | CONSENSUS COGNITIVE BATTERY | Research Reports
Journal Article