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reproducibility of results (6) 6
cardiology (5) 5
echocardiography (5) 5
radiology, nuclear medicine & medical imaging (5) 5
acute myocardial-infarction (4) 4
mortality (4) 4
myocardial infarction (4) 4
prevalence (4) 4
stroke volume (4) 4
accuracy (3) 3
aged, 80 and over (3) 3
association (3) 3
feasibility (3) 3
heart attacks (3) 3
heart failure (3) 3
heart-failure (3) 3
prognosis (3) 3
research article (3) 3
risk factors (3) 3
sensitivity and specificity (3) 3
ventricular dysfunction, left - diagnostic imaging (3) 3
beta-blocker (2) 2
cardiac patients (2) 2
cardiology - education (2) 2
cardiovascular diseases (2) 2
chest pain (2) 2
clinical competence (2) 2
coronary artery disease (2) 2
cross-sectional studies (2) 2
diagnosis (2) 2
dysfunction (2) 2
echocardiography recommendations (2) 2
ejection fraction (2) 2
european association (2) 2
european-association (2) 2
heart diseases (2) 2
heart diseases - diagnostic imaging (2) 2
heart failure - diagnosis (2) 2
heart failure - mortality (2) 2
heart failure - physiopathology (2) 2
hospitalization (2) 2
left ventricular function (2) 2
medical personnel (2) 2
medical research (2) 2
medicine & public health (2) 2
medicine, experimental (2) 2
native valvular regurgitation (2) 2
norway (2) 2
patients (2) 2
percutaneous coronary intervention (2) 2
predictive value of tests (2) 2
prospective studies (2) 2
radiology - education (2) 2
radiology nuclear medicine and imaging (2) 2
recommendations (2) 2
secondary prevention (2) 2
sensitivity (2) 2
society (2) 2
st-segment elevation (2) 2
survival (2) 2
systematic review (2) 2
task-force (2) 2
therapy (2) 2
time factors (2) 2
training (2) 2
treatment outcome (2) 2
validation (2) 2
ventricle (2) 2
2 dimensional (1) 1
2-dimensional speckle (1) 1
3 dimensional (1) 1
3d echocardiography (1) 1
abridged index medicus (1) 1
accreditation (1) 1
acute coronary syndrome (1) 1
acute coronary syndrome - diagnosis (1) 1
acute coronary syndrome - epidemiology (1) 1
acute coronary syndrome - mortality (1) 1
acute myocardial infarction (1) 1
administration, oral (1) 1
adrenergic beta-antagonists - administration & dosage (1) 1
adrenergic beta-antagonists - adverse effects (1) 1
adrenergic beta-antagonists - therapeutic use (1) 1
after-hours care - statistics & numerical data (1) 1
american-society (1) 1
analysis (1) 1
anatomic landmarks (1) 1
angina pectoris (1) 1
animals (1) 1
aortic-stenosis (1) 1
atherosclerosis (1) 1
atrial fibrillation (1) 1
atrial fibrillation - diagnosis (1) 1
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by Abdovic, E and Abdovic, S and Gocheva, N and Pavlova, M and Ionescu, A and Yorgun, H and Ozer, N and Kabakci, G and Aytemir, K and Oto, A and Gonella, A and Casasso, F and Margaria, F and Grosso Marra, W and Morello, M and Lee, S and Lee, J and Yoon, Y and Park, E and Kim, H and Lee, H and Kim, Y and Sohn, D and Nemes, A and Kalapos, A and Orosz, A and Forster, T and Enache, R and Muraru, D and Rosca, M and Beladan, C and Piasentini, E and Peluso, D and Ucci, L and Iliceto, S and Badano, L and Cikes, M and Sutherland, G and Haemers, P and D'hooge, J and Yurdakul, S and Oner, F and Direskeneli, H and Sahin, T and Cengiz, B and Ercan, G and Bozkurt, A and Aytekin, S and Osa Saez, A. M and Lopez-Vilella, R and Buendia-Fuentes, F and Domingo-Valero, D and Quesada-Carmona, A and Miro-Palau, V and Arnau-Vives, M and Palencia-Perez, M and Piotr Szymanski, P and Piotr Hoffman, P and Kim, K and Cho, S and Ahn, Y and Cho, J and Park, J and Matteucci, M and Doyon, A and Esposito, C and Del Pasqua, A and Schaefer, F and Szymanski, P and Hoffman, P and Kim, W and Yun, H and Jung, L and Kim, E and Edvardsen, T and Baekkevar, M and Edwards, J and Braim, D and Yousef, Z and Fraser, A and Reiner, B and Hansen, A and Strandberg, L and Wellnhofer, E and Kriatselis, C and Gerd-Li, H and Furundzija, V and Fleck, E and Ahn, T and Baydar, O and Kadriye Kilickesmez, K and Ugur Coskun, U and Polat Canbolat, P and Umit Yasar Sinan, U and Okay Abaci, O and Cuneyt Kocas, C and Sinan Uner, S and Serdar Kucukoglu, S and Ferferieva, V and Rademakers, F and ... and PREGICA investigators and MEDIA Investigators, Cardiff and the 4C study group and Turkish Atrial Fibrosis Trial
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Journal Article
by Montoro Lopez, M and Iniesta Manjavacas, A and Mori Junco, R and Pena Conde, L and Pons De Antonio, I and Garcia Blas, S and Lopez Fernandez, T and Moreno Gomez, R and Moreno Yanguela, M and Lopez Sendon, J and Carro, A and Kiotsekoglou, A and Andoh, J and Brown, S and Kaski, J and Imamura, Y and Arai, K and Uematsu, S and Fukushima, K and Hoshi, H and Ashihara, K and Takagi, A and Hagiwara, N and Gillis, K and Bala, G and Roosens, B and Remory, I and Droogmans, S and Van Camp, G and Cosyns, B and Van De Heyning, C and Magne, J and Pierard, L and Bruyere, P and Davin, L and De Maeyer, C and Paelinck, B and Vrints, C and Lancellotti, P and Borowiec, A and Dabrowski, R and Kowalik, I and Firek, B and Chwyczko, T and Janas, J and Szwed, H and Tufaro, V and Fragasso, G and Ingallina, G and Marini, C and Fisicaro, A and Loiacono, F and Margonato, A and Agricola, E and Ferreira, F and Pereira, T and Abreu, J and Labandeiro, J and Fiarresga, A and Ferreira, A and Galrinho, A and Branco, L and Timoteo, A and Ferreira, R and Marmol, R and Gomez, M and Garcia, K and Sanmiguel, D and Cabades, C and Monteagudo, M and Nunez, C and Fernandez, C and Diez, J and Roldan, I and Kolesnyk, M and Ancona, M and Oppizzi, M and Krestjyaninov, M and Razin, V and Gimaev, R and Carminati, M and Piazzese, C and Tsang, W and Lang, R and Caiani, E and Goncalves, S and Ramalho, A and Placido, R and Marta, L and Cortez Dias, N and Magalhaes, A and Menezes, M and Martins, S and Almeida, A and Nunes Diogo, A and Stokke, T. M and Ruddox, V and Sarvari, S. I and Otterstad, J. E and Aune, E and ...
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Journal Article
Journal Article
European Heart Journal – Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, ISSN 2055-6837, 01/2019, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp. 12 - 20
Journal Article
The international journal of cardiovascular imaging, ISSN 1569-5794, 07/2020, Volume 36, Issue 7, pp. 1283 - 1290
There are unresolved questions related to the proper use of editing the region of interest (ROI) for measurements of global longitudinal strain (GLS). The... 
Journal Article
American Heart Journal, ISSN 0002-8703, 02/2019, Volume 208, pp. 37 - 46
Journal Article
by Iliuta, L and Uno, K and Ebihara, A and Hayashi, N and Chigira, M and Yoshikawa, T and Kimura, K and Yatomi, Y and Takenaka, K and Neves, A and Mathias, L and Leshko, J and Linask, K and Henriques-Coelho, T and Areias, J and Huhta, J and Barbier, P and Castiglioni, L and Colazzo, F and Fontana, L and Nobili, E and Franzosi, M and Li Causi, T and Tremoli, E and Guerrini, U and Stankovic, I and Claus, P and Jasaityte, R and Putnikovic, B and Neskovic, A and Voigt, J and Kutty, S and Attebery, J and Truemper, E and Li, L and Hammel, J and Danford, D and Adamyan, K and Chilingaryan, A and Mjolstad, O and Andersen, G and Dalen, H and Graven, T and Skjetne, K and Haugen, B and Sucu, M and Uku, O and Sari, I and Ercan, S and Davutoglu, V and Ozer, O and Kim, S and Im, S and Lim, H and Kim, J and Seo, H and Park, C and Oh, D and Hammoudi, N and Duprey, M and Regnier, P and Vignalou, J and Boubrit, L and Pousset, F and Jobard, O and Isnard, R and Shin, S.-H and Woo, S and Kim, D and Park, K and Kwan, J and Grigoryan, S and Tunyan, L and Hazarapetyan, L and Shkolnik, E and Vasyuk, Y and Nesvetov, V and Ruddox, V and Edvardsen, T and Otterstad, J and Patrianakos, A and Zacharaki, A and Kalogerakis, A and Nyktari, E and Psathakis, E and Parthenakis, F and Vardas, P and Yodwut, C and Weinert, L and Lang, R and Mor-Avi, V and Bandera, F and Arena, R and Labate, V and Castelvecchio, S and Menicanti, L and Guazzi, M and Nedeljkovic, I and Ostojic, M and Stepanovic, J and ... and The Working Group of Myocardial and Pericardial Disease of the Hellenic Cardiological Society
European heart journal cardiovascular imaging, ISSN 2047-2404, 12/2012, Volume 13, Issue suppl 1, pp. i143 - i165
Journal Article
Journal Article
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