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venous thromboembolism (25) 25
thromboembolism (21) 21
pulmonary embolism (19) 19
mortality (15) 15
pulmonary-embolism (15) 15
humans (14) 14
medicine, general & internal (14) 14
anticoagulants (13) 13
female (12) 12
male (12) 12
aged (11) 11
middle aged (10) 10
thrombosis (10) 10
analysis (9) 9
peripheral vascular disease (9) 9
recurrence (9) 9
bleeding (8) 8
internal medicine (8) 8
management (8) 8
prevention (8) 8
prognosis (8) 8
risk (8) 8
care and treatment (7) 7
health risk assessment (7) 7
hematology (7) 7
prophylaxis (7) 7
registries (7) 7
risk factors (7) 7
adult (6) 6
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risk-factors (6) 6
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epidemiology (5) 5
medicine & public health (5) 5
outcomes (5) 5
patient outcomes (5) 5
recurrences (5) 5
riete registry (5) 5
therapy (5) 5
venous thromboembolism - epidemiology (5) 5
anticoagulant therapy (4) 4
anticoagulants - therapeutic use (4) 4
deep-vein thrombosis (4) 4
diagnosis (4) 4
embolism (4) 4
embolisms (4) 4
metaanalysis (4) 4
neoplasms - complications (4) 4
patients (4) 4
pulmonary/respiratory (4) 4
research (4) 4
risk assessment (4) 4
thromboprophylaxis (4) 4
venous thrombosis (4) 4
young adult (4) 4
acute disease (3) 3
adolescent (3) 3
age factors (3) 3
anticoagulation (3) 3
cardiac & cardiovascular systems (3) 3
cardiology (3) 3
chemical sciences (3) 3
comorbidity (3) 3
deep vein thrombosis (3) 3
emergency medicine (3) 3
hemorrhage - chemically induced (3) 3
hemorrhage - epidemiology (3) 3
heparin (3) 3
hospitals (3) 3
kemi (3) 3
medical research (3) 3
medicine, experimental (3) 3
molecular-weight heparin (3) 3
multivariate analysis (3) 3
natural sciences (3) 3
naturvetenskap (3) 3
prevalence (3) 3
pronóstico (3) 3
pulmonary embolism - epidemiology (3) 3
registry (3) 3
síndrome de clase turista (3) 3
treatment outcome (3) 3
trends (3) 3
trial (3) 3
tromboembolia de pulmón (3) 3
usage (3) 3
vein thrombosis (3) 3
venous thromboembolism - etiology (3) 3
vte (3) 3
acute pulmonary-embolism (2) 2
adherence (2) 2
algorithms (2) 2
angiography (2) 2
anticoagulants - adverse effects (2) 2
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Internal and Emergency Medicine, ISSN 1828-0447, 10/2019, Volume 14, Issue 7, pp. 1101 - 1112
The association between inferior vena cava filter (IVC) use and outcome in patients presenting with major bleeding during anticoagulation for venous... 
Anticoagulants | Medicine & Public Health | Mortality | Internal Medicine | Vena cava filter | Bleeding | Venous thromboembolism | Pulmonary embolism | Anticoagulants (Medicine) | Thromboembolism | Health aspects | Analysis | Fatalities | Heparin | Health risk assessment | Embolism
Journal Article
by Bikdeli, Behnood and Lobo, José Luis and Jiménez, David and Green, Philip and Fernández-Capitán, Carmen and Bura-Riviere, Alessandra and Otero, Remedios and Ditullio, Marco R and Galindo, Silvia and Ellis, Martin and Parikh, Sahil A and Monreal, Manuel and Adarraga, M.D and Aibar, M.A and Aibar, J and Alfonso, M and Amado, C and Aranda, C and Arcelus, J.I and Asin, U and Azcarate-Agüero, P.M and Ballaz, A and Barba, R and Barrón, M and Barrón-Andrés, B and Bascuñana, J and Blanco-Molina, A and Camon, A.M and Carrasco, C and Castejón-Pina, N and Cruz, A.J and de Ancos, C and del Toro, J and Díaz-Pedroche, M.C and Díaz-Peromingo, J.A and Falgá, C and Farfán, A.I and Fernández-Capitán, Carmen and Fidalgo, M.A and Font, C and Font, L and Furest, I and García, M.A and García-Bragado, F and García-Morillo, M and Gavín, O and Gil, A and Gómez, V and González-Martínez, J and Grau, E and Guijarro, R and Guirado, L and Gutiérrez, J and Hernández-Blasco, L and Iglesias, C and Jara-Palomares, L and Jaras, M.J and Jiménez, David and Jiménez, R and Jou, I and Joya, M.D and Lima, J and Lobo, José Luis and López-Jiménez, L and López-Miguel, P and López-Nuñez, J.J and López-Reyes, R and López-Sáez, J.B and Lorente, M.A and Lorenzo, A and Loring, M and Loscos, S and Lumbierres, M and Marchena, P.J and Martínez-Baquerizo, C and Martín-Asenjo, M and Martín-Fernández, M and Martín-Guerra, J.M and Monreal, M and Morales, M.V and Nieto, J.A and Núñez, M.J and Olivares, M.C and Otalora, S and Otero, R and Pedrajas, J.M and Pellejero, G and Pérez-Ductor, C and Peris, M.L and Pesce, M.L and Porras, J.A and Riesco, D and Rivas, A and Rodríguez-Dávila, M.A and Rodríguez-Galán, I and Rodríguez-Hernández, A and Rosa, V and Rubio, C.M and Ruiz-Artacho, P and Ruiz-Ruiz, J and ... and RIETE Investigators and the RIETE Investigators
Journal of the American Heart Association, ISSN 2047-9980, 09/2018, Volume 7, Issue 17, p. e009042
Background-Transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) is often considered for risk stratification of patients with acute pulmonary embolism (PE). We sought to... 
Pulmonary embolism | Echocardiography | Trends | RIGHT HEART THROMBI | CARDIAC & CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS | MANAGEMENT | echocardiography | SEVERITY INDEX | OUTCOMES | pulmonary embolism | trends
Journal Article
Clinical Cardiology, ISSN 0160-9289, 03/2019, Volume 42, Issue 3, pp. 346 - 351
Journal Article
Value in Health, ISSN 1098-3015, 2016, Volume 19, Issue 7, pp. A643 - A643
Journal Article
by Riera-Mestre, A and Mora-Lujan, JM and Trujillo-Santos, J and Del Toro, J and Nieto, JA and Pedrajas, JM and Lopez-Reyes, R and Soler, S and Ballaz, A and Cerda, P and Monreal, M and Prandoni, P and Brenner, B and Farge-Bancel, D and Barba, R and Di Micco, P and Bertoletti, L and Schellong, S and Tzoran, I and Reis, A and Bosevski, M and Bounameaux, H and Maly, R and Verhamme, P and Caprini, JA and Bui, HM and Adarraga, MD and Agud, M and Aibar, MA and Alcalde-Manero, M and Alfonso, J and Amado, C and Arcelus, JI and Barbagelata, C and Barron, M and Barron-Andres, B and Blanco-Molina, A and Camon, AM and Canas, I and Castro, J and de Miguel, J and del Toro, J and Demelo, P and Diaz-Pedroche, C and Diaz-Peromingo, JA and Dominguez, I and Escribano, JC and Falga, C and Fernandez-Capitan, C and Fernandez-Criado, MC and Fidalgo, MA and Flores, K and Font, C and Font, L and Furest, I and Garcia, MA and Garcia-Bragado, F and Garcia-Raso, A and Gavin-Bianco, O and Gavin-Sebastian, O and Gil-Diaz, A and Godoy-Diaz, D and Gomez, V and Gomez-Cuelvo, C and Gonzalez-Martinez, J and Grau, E and Guirado, L and Gutierrez, J and Hernandez-Blasco, LM and Jara-Palomares, L and Jaras, MJ and Jimenez, D and Joya, MD and Jou, I and Lalueza, A and Lecumberri, R and Lima, J and Llamas, P and Lobo, JL and Lopez-Jimenez, L and Lopez-Meseguer, M and Lopez-Miguel, P and Lopez-Nunez, JJ and Lopez-Saez, JB and Lorente, MA and Loring, M and Lumbierres, M and Madridano, O and Maestre, A and Marchena, PJ and Martin-Martos, F and Martinez-Baquerizo, C and Martinez-Garcia, MA and Mellado, M and Moises, J and Morales, MV and Munoz-Bianco, A and Nunez, MJ and Olivares, MC and Olivera, PE and ... and RIETE Investigators and the RIETE Investigators
ORPHANET JOURNAL OF RARE DISEASES, ISSN 1750-1172, 08/2019, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp. 196 - 8
Journal Article
by Avnery, O and Martin, M and Bura‐Riviere, A and Barillari, G and Mazzolai, L and Mahé, I and Marchena, P.J and Verhamme, P and Monreal, M and Ellis, M.H and Adarraga, MD and Aibar, MA and Aibar, J and Amado, C and Arcelus, JI and Ballaz, A and Barba, R and Barrón, M and Barrón‐Andrés, B and Bascuñana, J and ina, A and Camon, AM and Cañas, I and Carrasco, C and Castro, J and Ancos, C and Toro, J and Demelo, P and Díaz‐Peromingo, JA and Falgá, C and Farfán, AI and Fernández‐Capitán, C and Fernández‐Criado, MC and Fernández‐Núñez, S and Fidalgo, MA and Font, C and Font, L and Freire, M and Gallego, M and García, MA and García‐Bragado, F and García‐Morillo, M and García‐Raso, A and Gavín, O and Gayol, MC and Gil‐Díaz, A and Gómez, V and Gómez‐Cuervo, C and González‐Martínez, J and Grau, E and Gutiérrez, J and Hernández‐Blasco, LM and Iglesias, M and Jara‐Palomares, L and Jaras, MJ and Jiménez, R and Jiménez‐Castro, D and Jiménez‐López, J and Joya, MD and Lima, J and Llamas, P and Lobo, JL and López‐Jiménez, L and López‐Miguel, P and López‐Núñez, JJ and López‐Reyes, R and López‐Sáez, JB and Lorente, MA and Lorenzo, A and Loring, M and Madridano, O and Maestre, A and Martín del Pozo, M and Martín‐Guerra, JM and Martín‐Romero, M and Mellado, M and Morales, MV and Muñoz, N and Nieto‐Cabrera, MA and Nieto‐Rodríguez, JA and Núñez‐Ares, A and Núñez, MJ and Olivares, MC and Otalora, S and Otero, R and Pedrajas, JM and Pellejero, G and Pérez‐Rus, G and Peris, ML and Porras, JA and Rivas, A and Rodríguez‐Dávila, MA and Rodríguez‐Hernández, A and Rubio, CM and Ruiz‐Artacho, P and Ruiz‐Ruiz, J and Ruiz‐Torregrosa, P and Ruiz‐Sada, P and Sahuquillo, JC and Salazar, V and ... and RIETE Investigators and the RIETE Investigators
Journal of Internal Medicine, ISSN 0954-6820, 01/2020, Volume 287, Issue 1, pp. 32 - 41
Background Patients with venous thromboembolism (VTE) secondary to transient risk factors may develop VTE recurrences after discontinuing anticoagulation.... 
provoked venous thromboembolism | d‐dimer | venous thromboembolism recurrence | Pregnancy | Anticoagulants | Therapy | Immobilization | Dimers | Thromboembolism | Health risk assessment | Multivariate analysis | Risk analysis | Risk factors
Journal Article
Journal Article