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transverse momentum dependence (78) 78
astrophysics (74) 74
rapidity dependence (72) 72
top: pair production (70) 70
jet: bottom (68) 68
kinematics (68) 68
mass dependence (68) 68
z0: leptonic decay (68) 68
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index medicus (67) 67
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humans (62) 62
high energy astrophysical phenomena (59) 59
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astronomy & astrophysics (55) 55
quantum chromodynamics: perturbation theory (55) 55
muon: pair production (53) 53
channel cross section: measured (52) 52
jet: transverse momentum (52) 52
differential cross section: measured (50) 50
nuclear physics (50) 50
final state:jet dilepton (49) 49
channel cross section: branching ratio: upper limit (47) 47
electroweak interaction (47) 47
higgs particle: hadroproduction (47) 47
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w: leptonic decay (46) 46
instrumentation and detectors (45) 45
new physics: search for (45) 45
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squark: pair production (42) 42
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sensitivity (40) 40
bottom: pair production (39) 39
mass: lower limit (39) 39
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gravitation (37) 37
rapidity (37) 37
missing-energy [transverse momentum] (36) 36
narrow resonance (36) 36
physics, nuclear (36) 36
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structure (34) 34
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higgs particle: hadronic decay (32) 32
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phase space (31) 31
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by Shao, Yihan and Gan, Zhengting and Epifanovsky, Evgeny and Gilbert, Andrew T.B and Wormit, Michael and Kussmann, Joerg and Lange, Adrian W and Behn, Andrew and Deng, Jia and Feng, Xintian and Ghosh, Debashree and Goldey, Matthew and Horn, Paul R and Jacobson, Leif D and Kaliman, Ilya and Khaliullin, Rustam Z and Kuś, Tomasz and Landau, Arie and Liu, Jie and Proynov, Emil I and Rhee, Young Min and Richard, Ryan M and Rohrdanz, Mary A and Steele, Ryan P and Sundstrom, Eric J and Woodcock, H. Lee and Zimmerman, Paul M and Zuev, Dmitry and Albrecht, Ben and Alguire, Ethan and Austin, Brian and Beran, Gregory J. O and Bernard, Yves A and Berquist, Eric and Brandhorst, Kai and Bravaya, Ksenia B and Brown, Shawn T and Casanova, David and Chang, Chun-Min and Chen, Yunqing and Chien, Siu Hung and Closser, Kristina D and Crittenden, Deborah L and Diedenhofen, Michael and DiStasio, Robert A and Do, Hainam and Dutoi, Anthony D and Edgar, Richard G and Fatehi, Shervin and Fusti-Molnar, Laszlo and Ghysels, An and Golubeva-Zadorozhnaya, Anna and Gomes, Joseph and Hanson-Heine, Magnus W.D and Harbach, Philipp H.P and Hauser, Andreas W and Hohenstein, Edward G and Holden, Zachary C and Jagau, Thomas-C and Ji, Hyunjun and Kaduk, Benjamin and Khistyaev, Kirill and Kim, Jaehoon and Kim, Jihan and King, Rollin A and Klunzinger, Phil and Kosenkov, Dmytro and Kowalczyk, Tim and Krauter, Caroline M and Lao, Ka Un and Laurent, Adèle D and Lawler, Keith V and Levchenko, Sergey V and Lin, Ching Yeh and Liu, Fenglai and Livshits, Ester and Lochan, Rohini C and Luenser, Arne and Manohar, Prashant and Manzer, Samuel F and Mao, Shan-Ping and Mardirossian, Narbe and Marenich, Aleksandr V and Maurer, Simon A and Mayhall, Nicholas J and Neuscamman, Eric and Oana, C. Melania and Olivares-Amaya, Roberto and O'Neill, Darragh P and Parkhill, John A and Perrine, Trilisa M and Peverati, Roberto and Prociuk, Alexander and Rehn, Dirk R and Rosta, Edina and Russ, Nicholas J and Sharada, Shaama M and Sharma, Sandeep and Small, David W and Sodt, Alexander and ...
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Journal Article
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Autophagy, ISSN 1554-8627, 01/2016, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 222
Journal Article