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by Reilmann, Ralf and McGarry, Andrew and Grachev, Igor D and Savola, Juha-Matti and Borowsky, Beth and Eyal, Eli and Gross, Nicholas and Langbehn, Douglas and Schubert, Robin and Wickenberg, Anna Teige and Papapetropoulos, Spyros and Hayden, Michael and Squitieri, Ferdinando and Kieburtz, Karl and Landwehrmeyer, G Bernhard and Agarwal, Pinky and Anderson, Karen E and Aziz, Nasir A and Azulay, Jean-Phillippe and Bachoud-Levi, Anne C and Barker, Roger and Bebak, Agnieszka and Beuth, Markus and Biglan, Kevin and Blin, Stephanie and Bohlen, Stefan and Bonelli, Raphael and Caldwell, Sue and Calvas, Fabienne and Carlos, Jonielyn and Castagliuolo, Simona and Chong, Terrence and Chua, Phyllis and Coleman, Allison and Corey-Bloom, Jody and Cousins, Rebecca and Craufurd, David and Davison, Jill and Decorte, Eric and De Michele, Giuseppe and Dornhege, Laura and Feigin, Andrew and Gallehawk, Stephanie and Gauteul, Pascale and Gonzales, Carey and Griffith, Jane and Gustov, Alexander and Guttman, Mark and Heim, Beatrix and Heller, Hope and Hjermind, Lena and Illarioshkin, Sergey and Ivanko, Larry and Jaynes, Jessica and Jenckes, Mollie and Kaminski, Barbara and Kampstra, Anne and Konkel, Agnieszka and Kopishinskaya, Svetlana and Krystkowiak, Pierre and Komati, Suresh K and Kwako, Alexander and Lakoning, Stefan and Latipova, Guzal and Leavitt, Blair and Loy, Clement and MacFarlane, Cheryl and Madsen, Louise and Marder, Karen and Mason, Sarah and Mendis, Tilak and Mendis, Neila and Nemeth, Andrea and Nevitt, Louise and Norris, Virginia and O'Neill, Christine and Olivier, Audrey and Orth, Michael and Owens, Ashley and Panegyres, Peter and Perlman, Susan and Preston, Joy and Priller, Josef and Puch, Alicja and Quarrell, Oliver and Ragosta, Domenica and Rialland, Amandine and Rickards, Hugh and Romoli, Anna M and Ross, Christopher and Rosser, Anne and Rudzinska, Monika and Russo, Cinzina V and Saft, Carsten and Segro, Victoria and Seppi, Klaus and Shannon, Barbara and Shprecher, David and Simonin, Clemence and Skitt, Zara and ... and European Huntingtons Dis Network and Huntington Study Grp Investigator and European Huntington's Disease Network and Huntington Study Group investigators
The Lancet Neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 02/2019, Volume 18, Issue 2, pp. 165 - 176
Previous trials have shown that pridopidine might reduce motor impairment in patients with Huntington's disease. The aim of this study was to ascertain whether... 
OUTCOME MEASURES | CHOREA | MOBILITY | PERFORMANCE | ACR16 | RATING-SCALE | STABILIZER | PREMANIFEST | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | Analysis | High-definition television | Huntingtons disease | Caregivers | Headache | Pneumonia | Huntingtin | Clinical trials | Nervous system | Rhinopharyngitis | Suicide | Guanine | Sleep disorders | Vomiting | Placebos | Cytosine | Anxiety | Safety | Drug dosages | Dopamine | Adenine | Diarrhea | Nausea | Huntington's disease | Patients | Studies | Poisoning
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