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by Jostins, Luke and Ripke, Stephan and Weersma, Rinse K and Duerr, Richard H and McGovern, Dermot P and Hui, Ken Y and Lee, James C and Schumm, L. Philip and Sharma, Yashoda and Anderson, Carl A and Essers, Jonah and Mitrovic, Mitja and Ning, Kaida and Cleynen, Isabelle and Theatre, Emilie and Spain, Sarah L and Raychaudhuri, Soumya and Goyette, Philippe and Wei, Zhi and Abraham, Clara and Achkar, Jean-Paul and Ahmad, Tariq and Amininejad, Leila and Ananthakrishnan, Ashwin N and Andersen, Vibeke and Anews, Jane M and Baidoo, Leonard and Balschun, Tobias and Bampton, Peter A and Bitton, Alain and Boucher, Gabrielle and Brand, Stephan and Büning, Carsten and Cohain, Ariella and Cichon, Sven and D'Amato, Mauro and de Jong, Dirk and Devaney, Kathy L and Dubinsky, Marla and Edwards, Cathryn and Ellinghaus, David and Ferguson, Lynnette R and Franchimont, Denis and Fransen, Karin and Gearry, Richard and Georges, Michel and Gieger, Christian and Glas, Jürgen and Haritunians, Talin and Hart, Ailsa and Hawkey, Chris and Hedl, Matija and Hu, Xinli and Karlsen, Tom H and Kupcinskas, Limas and Kugathasan, Subra and Latiano, Anna and Laukens, Debby and Lawrance, Ian C and Lees, Charlie W and Louis, Edouard and Mahy, Gillian and Mansfield, John and Morgan, Angharad R and Mowat, Craig and Newman, William and Palmieri, Orazio and Ponsioen, Cyriel Y and Potocnik, Uros and Prescott, Natalie J and Regueiro, Miguel and Rotter, Jerome I and Russell, Richard K and Sanderson, Jeremy D and Sans, Miquel and Satsangi, Jack and Schreiber, Stefan and Simms, Lisa A and Sventoraityte, Jurgita and Targan, Stephan R and Taylor, Kent D and Tremelling, Mark and Verspaget, Hein W and de Vos, Martine and Wijmenga, Cisca and Wilson, David C and Winkelmann, Juliane and Xavier, Ramnik J and Zeissig, Sebastian and Zhang, Bin and Zhang, Clarence K and Zhao, Hongyu and Silverberg, Mark S and Annese, Vito and Hakonarson, Hakon and Brant, Steven R and Radford-Smith, Graham and Mathew, Christopher G and Rioux, John D and Schadt, Eric E and ... and Int IBD Genetics Consortium IIBDGC and International IBD Genetics Consortium (IIBDGC) and The International IBD Genetics Consortium (IIBDGC) and Region Örebro län and Örebro universitet and Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2012, Volume 491, Issue 7422, pp. 119 - 124
Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, the two common forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), affect over 2.5 million people of European ancestry, with... 
HYPER-IGE SYNDROME | RISK LOCI | NETWORK | NUMBER | METAANALYSIS | TUBERCULOSIS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | SUSCEPTIBILITY | MUTATIONS | EXPRESSION | Crohn Disease - genetics | Humans | Inflammatory Bowel Diseases - immunology | Colitis, Ulcerative - genetics | Mycobacterium tuberculosis - immunology | Inflammatory Bowel Diseases - physiopathology | Colitis, Ulcerative - immunology | Host-Pathogen Interactions - immunology | Mycobacterium tuberculosis - pathogenicity | Haplotypes - genetics | Mycobacterium - pathogenicity | Mycobacterium Infections - genetics | Inflammatory Bowel Diseases - genetics | Crohn Disease - microbiology | Mycobacterium Infections - microbiology | Genetic Predisposition to Disease - genetics | Genome-Wide Association Study | Reproducibility of Results | Mycobacterium - immunology | Crohn Disease - immunology | Genome, Human - genetics | Phenotype | Colitis, Ulcerative - microbiology | Host-Pathogen Interactions - genetics | Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide - genetics | Inflammatory Bowel Diseases - microbiology | Crohn Disease - physiopathology | Colitis, Ulcerative - physiopathology | Inflammatory bowel disease | Candidates | Tuberculosis | Architecture | Genetics | Genomes | Diabetes | Gene expression | Health risk assessment | Immune system | Index Medicus | Rheumatology and Autoimmunity | Basic Medicine | Medical Genetics | Medicinsk genetik | Clinical Medicine | Medical and Health Sciences | Medicin och hälsovetenskap | Reumatologi och inflammation | Medicinska och farmaceutiska grundvetenskaper | Klinisk medicin
Journal Article
by Bodea, Corneliu A and Neale, Benjamin M and Ripke, Stephan and Barclay, Murray and Peyrin-Biroulet, Laurent and Chamaillard, Mathias and Colombel, Jean-Frederick and Cottone, Mario and Croft, Anthony and D’Incà, Renata and Halfvarson, Jonas and Hanigan, Katherine and Henderson, Paul and Hugot, Jean-Pierre and Karban, Amir and Kennedy, Nicholas A and Khan, Mohammed Azam and Lémann, Marc and Levine, Arie and Massey, Dunecan and Massey, Dunecan C.O and Milla, Monica and Montgomery, Grant W and Ng, Sok Meng and Ng, Sok Meng Evelyn and Oikonomou, Ioannis and Peeters, Harald and Proctor, Deborah D and Rahier, Jean-Francois and Roberts, Rebecca and Roberts, Rebecca L and Rutgeerts, Paul and Seibold, Frank and Stronati, Laura and Taylor, Kirstin M and Törkvist, Leif and Ublick, Kullak and Van Limbergen, Johan and Van Gossum, André and Van Gossum, Andre and Vatn, Morten H and Zhang, Clarence and Zhang, Hu and Zhang, Wei and Andrews, Jane M and Bampton, Peter A and Florin, Timothy H and Gearry, Richard and Krishnaprasad, Krupa and Lawrance, Ian C and Mahy, Gillian and Radford-Smith, Graham and Simms, Lisa A and Amininijad, Leila and Cleynen, Isabelle and Dewit, Olivier and Franchimont, Denis and Georges, Michel and Laukens, Debby and Theatre, Emilie and Vermeire, Severine and Aumais, Guy and Baidoo, Leonard and Barrie, Arthur M and Beck, Karen and Bernard, Edmond-Jean and Binion, David G and Bitton, Alain and Brant, Steve R and Cho, Judy H and Cohen, Albert and Croitoru, Kenneth and Daly, Mark J and Datta, Lisa W and Deslandres, Colette and Duerr, Richard H and Dutridge, Debra and Ferguson, John and Fultz, Joann and Goyette, Philippe and Greenberg, Gordon R and Haritunians, Talin and Jobin, Gilles and Katz, Seymour and Lahaie, Raymond G and McGovern, Dermot P and Nelson, Linda and Ning, Kaida and Paré, Pierre and Regueiro, Miguel D and Rioux, John D and Ruggiero, Elizabeth and Schumm, L. Philip and Schwartz, Marc and Scott, Carol E and Scott, Richard and Scott, Regan and Sharma, Yashoda and Silverberg, Mark S and Spears, Denise and ... and International IBD Genetics Consortium
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 05/2016, Volume 98, Issue 5, pp. 857 - 868
Journal Article
Journal Article
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2014, Volume 384, Issue 9940, pp. 309 - 318
Journal Article
by Romagnoni, A and Jegou, S and Van Steen, K and Wainrib, G and Hugot, JP and Peyrin-Biroulet, L and Chamaillard, M and Colombel, JF and Cottone, M and D'Amato, M and D'Inca, R and Halfvarson, J and Henderson, P and Karban, A and Kennedy, NA and Khan, MA and Lemann, M and Levine, A and Massey, D and Milla, M and Ng, SME and Oikonomou, I and Peeters, H and Proctor, DD and Rahier, JF and Rutgeerts, P and Seibold, F and Stronati, L and Taylor, KM and Torkvist, L and Ublick, K and Van Limbergen, J and Van Gossum, A and Vatn, MH and Zhang, H and Zhang, W and Andrews, JM and Bampton, PA and Barclay, M and Florin, TH and Gearry, R and Krishnaprasad, K and Lawrance, IC and Mahy, G and Montgomery, GW and Radford-Smith, G and Roberts, RL and Simms, LA and Hanigan, K and Croft, A and Amininijad, L and Cleynen, I and Dewit, O and Franchimont, D and Georges, M and Laukens, D and Theatre, E and Vermeire, S and Aumais, G and Baidoo, L and Barrie, AM and Beck, K and Bernard, EJ and Binion, DG and Bitton, A and Brant, SR and Cho, JH and Cohen, A and Croitoru, K and Daly, MJ and Datta, LW and Deslandres, C and Duerr, RH and Dutridge, D and Ferguson, J and Fultz, J and Goyette, P and Greenberg, GR and Haritunians, T and Jobin, G and Katz, S and Lahaie, RG and McGovern, DP and Nelson, L and Ng, SM and Ning, K and Pare, P and Regueiro, MD and Rioux, JD and Ruggiero, E and Schumm, LP and Schwartz, M and Scott, R and Sharma, Y and Silverberg, MS and Spears, D and Steinhart, AH and Stempak, JM and Swoger, JM and Tsagarelis, C and ... and Int Inflammatory Bowel Dis Genetic and International Inflammatory Bowel Disease Genetics Consortium (IIBDGC)
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, ISSN 2045-2322, 07/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 18
Crohn Disease (CD) is a complex genetic disorder for which more than 140 genes have been identified using genome wide association studies (GWAS). However, the... 
LOCI | INFLAMMATORY-BOWEL-DISEASE | RISK PREDICTION | ASSOCIATION | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | Inflammatory bowel diseases | Complementarity | Epistasis | Genomes | Genetic variance | Learning algorithms | Genetic markers | Genotyping | Intestine | Neural networks | Machine learning | Quality control | Artificial intelligence | Genotypes
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 02/2004, Volume 350, Issue 9, pp. 876 - 885
Journal Article
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2008, Volume 371, Issue 9613, pp. 660 - 667
Journal Article