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by Muriel Anderson Rose and NORMAN B. SCHARER and GEORGIANA HARDY and HOWARD E. WILSON and BERNICE BAXTER and William McCord and LOIS KNOWLES and SYLVIA VOPNI and Gladys Coryell and Roberta Shine and Dorothy May Abbott and Edith L. Ball and Shata L. Ling and Muriel A. Rose and Marion E. Wiles and M. Adeline Olson and M. Virginia Biggy and Carmen Johnson and Frances Hamilton and May V. Seagoe and Verna Wulfekammer and Marjorie B. Detlor and Julia Trowbridge and Martha J. Kuhlmann and Maude A. Stewart and Flora Irene Mata and Lucile Burrall and Lois McElveny and Violet Davis and Nancy Snively and Dell Felder and Madge Stanford and Marilyn Horton and Karen M. Wiseman and Barbara Leiner and Geneva McDonald and Olwen M. Jones and Ruth Lofgren and Jeanne Noble and Mary E. Oliverio and Gladys H. Watson and Miriam M. Bryan and Jeanne L. Noble and Mary Ellen Oliverio and Thelma Chisholm and Jane M. Hill and Ola Lee Means and Harriett V. Batie and Anna R. O'Connor and Charlotte D. Elmott and Alice Richardson and Helen Huus and Vivian R. Sweeney and Judy Jack and Georgia Williams and Doris E. Jakubek and Ora Mae Winstead and Helmi Koivisto and Marjorie E. Wolfe and Adele Land and Cherry McGinnis and Evelyn C. Banner and Catherine A. V. Lyons and Jessie L. McGlon and Theresia Nelson and Mary C. Pine and Sylvia Smith and Dorothy J. Welch and Jean A. Yosepian and Anita Allen and Betty Lou Skiles and Beverly Buller and Mary Ann Steele and Ruth Chausse and Betty Unanian and Margaret Walton Clark and Virginia H. Young and Blanche J. Hosack and Alice Rogers and Ruth C. Roberts and Isabel Hiltbrunner and Mariella L. Lenahan and Margaret C. Raabe and Ruth P. Tangeman and Gladys Wilson and Ruth I. Anderson and Elizabeth English and Anna M. Rynne and Helen K. Smith and Panoria Apostol and Barbara Osborn and Martha Pfund and Roberta B. Shine and Alice R. Nelsen and Anna B. Fort and Evelyn M. Nigh and Gladys B. Jensen and Louise C. Eraña and Maxine Dunfee and Margaret Efraemson and ...
Educational Horizons, ISSN 0013-175X, 10/1959, Volume 38, Issue 1, pp. 2 - 109
Journal Article
Annals of the American Thoracic Society, ISSN 2325-6621, 12/2016, Volume 13, Issue 12, pp. 2190 - 2196
Rationale: In the intensive care unit (ICU), complex decision making by clinicians and families requires good communication to ensure that care is consistent... 
Critical care | Palliative care | Intensive care unit costs | Communication | intensive care unit costs | OF-LIFE CARE | CONTROLLED-TRIAL | SCORE | ETHICS CONSULTATIONS | critical care | RANDOMIZED-TRIAL | palliative care | COST | IMPACT | RESPIRATORY SYSTEM | QUALITY-IMPROVEMENT INTERVENTION | ICU | communication
Journal Article
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