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physics - solar and stellar astrophysics (36) 36
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physics - cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics (35) 35
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limited liability companies (29) 29
city managers (28) 28
high energy astrophysical phenomena (28) 28
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meteorology (24) 24
stars: neutron (23) 23
rats (22) 22
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time factors (21) 21
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by Koczkowska, Magdalena and Callens, Tom and Chen, Yunjia and Gomes, Alicia and Hicks, Alesha D and Sharp, Angela and Johns, Eric and Uhas, Kim Armfield and Armstrong, Linlea and Bosanko, Katherine Armstrong and Babovic‐Vuksanovic, Dusica and Baker, Laura and Basel, Donald G and Bengala, Mario and Bennett, James T and Chambers, Chelsea and Clarkson, Lola K and Clementi, Maurizio and Cortés, Fanny M and Cunningham, Mitch and D'Agostino, M. Daniela and Delatycki, Martin B and Digilio, Maria C and Dosa, Laura and Esposito, Silvia and Fox, Stephanie and Freckmann, Mary‐Louise and Fauth, Christine and Giugliano, Teresa and Giustini, Sandra and Goetsch, Allison and Goldberg, Yael and Greenwood, Robert S and Griffis, Cristin and Gripp, Karen W and Gupta, Punita and Haan, Eric and Hachen, Rachel K and Haygarth, Tamara L and Hernández‐Chico, Concepción and Hodge, Katelyn and Hopkin, Robert J and Hudgins, Louanne and Janssens, Sandra and Keller, Kory and Kelly‐Mancuso, Geraldine and Kochhar, Aaina and Korf, Bruce R and Lewis, Andrea M and Liebelt, Jan and Lichty, Angie and Listernick, Robert H and Lyons, Michael J and Maystadt, Isabelle and Martinez Ojeda, Mayra and McDougall, Carey and McGregor, Lesley K and Melis, Daniela and Mendelsohn, Nancy and Nowaczyk, Malgorzata J.M and Ortenberg, June and Panzer, Karin and Pappas, John G and Pierpont, Mary Ella and Piluso, Giulio and Pinna, Valentina and Pivnick, Eniko K and Pond, Dinel A and Powell, Cynthia M and Rogers, Caleb and Ruhrman Shahar, Noa and Rutledge, S. Lane and Saletti, Veronica and Sandaradura, Sarah A and Santoro, Claudia and Schatz, Ulrich A and Schreiber, Allison and Scott, Daryl A and Sellars, Elizabeth A and Sheffer, Ruth and Siqveland, Elizabeth and Slopis, John M and Smith, Rosemarie and Spalice, Alberto and Stockton, David W and Streff, Haley and Theos, Amy and Tomlinson, Gail E and Tran, Grace and Trapane, Pamela L and Trevisson, Eva and Ullrich, Nicole J and Van den Ende, Jenneke and Schrier Vergano, Samantha A and Wallace, Stephanie E and Wangler, Michael F and Weaver, David D and Yohay, Kaleb H and Zackai, Elaine and Zonana, Jonathan and ...
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by Apolzan, John W and Venditti, Elizabeth M and Edelstein, Sharon L and Knowler, William C and Dabelea, Dana and Boyko, Edward J and Pi-Sunyer, Xavier and Kalyani, Rita R and Franks, Paul W and Srikanthan, Preethi and Gadde, Kishore M and Bray, George A and Chatellier, Annie and Arceneaux, Jennifer and Dragg, Amber and Duncan, Crystal and Greenway, Frank L and Levy, Erma and Lockett, Monica and Ryan, Donna H and Ehrmann, David and Matulik, Margaret J and Czech, Kirsten and DeSandre, Catherine and Goldstein, Barry J and Furlong, Kevin and Smith, Kellie A and Wildman, Wendi and Pepe, Constance and Goldberg, Ronald B and Calles, Jeanette and Ojito, Juliet and Castillo-Florez, Sumaya and Florez, Hermes J and Giannella, Anna and Lara, Olga and Veciana, Beth and Haffner, Steven M and Hazuda, Helen P and Montez, Maria G and Hattaway, Kathy and Lorenzo, Carlos and Martinez, Arlene and Walker, Tatiana and Hamman, Richard F and Testaverde, Lisa and Anderson, Denise and Bouffard, Alexis and Jenkins, Tonya and Lenz, Dione and Perreault, Leigh and Price, David W and Steinke, Sheila C and Horton, Edward S and Poirier, Catherine S and Swift, Kati and Caballero, Enrique and Fargnoli, Barbara and Guidi, Ashley and Guido, Mathew and Jackson, Sharon D and Lambert, Lori and Lawton, Kathleen E and Ledbury, Sarah and Sansoucy, Jessica and Spellman, Jeanne and Kahn, Steven E and Montgomery, Brenda K and Fujimoto, Wilfred and Knopp, Robert H and Lipkin, Edward W and Morgan-Taggart, Ivy and Murillo, Anne and Taylor, Lonnese and Thomas, April and Tsai, Elaine C and Trence, Dace and Kitabchi, Abbas E and Dagogo-Jack, Samuel and Murphy, Mary E and Taylor, Laura and Dolgoff, Jennifer and Clark, Debra and Ibebuogu, Uzoma and Lambeth, Helen and Ricks, Harriet and Rutledge, Lily M.K and Soberman, Judith E and Molitch, Mark E and Metzger, Boyd E and Johnson, Mariana K and Giles, Mimi M and Larsen, Diane and Pen, Samsam C and Nathan, David M and Larkin, Mary and McKitrick, Charles and Turgeon, Heather and Anderson, Ellen and Bissett, Laurie and ... and Diabet Prevention Program Res Grp and Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group and for the Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group
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Journal Article
Genetics in Medicine, ISSN 1098-3600, 04/2019, Volume 21, Issue 4, pp. 867 - 876
Journal Article
by McHugh, David M. S and Cameron, Cynthia A and Abdenur, Jose E and Abdulrahman, Mahera and Adair, Ona and Al Nuaimi, Shahira Ahmed and Ahlman, Henrik and Allen, Jennifer J and Antonozzi, Italo and Archer, Shaina and Au, Sylvia and Auray-Blais, Christiane and Baker, Mei and Bamforth, Fiona and Beckmann, Kinga and Pino, Gessi Bentz and Berberich, Stanton L and Binard, Robert and Boemer, Francois and Bonham, Jim and Breen, Nancy N and Bryant, Sana C and Caggana, Michele and Caldwell, S. Graham and Camilot, Marta and Campbell, Carlene and Carducci, Claudia and Cariappa, Rohit and Carlisle, Clover and Caruso, Ubaldo and Cassanello, Michela and Miren Castilla, Ane and Castineiras Ramos, Daisy E and Chakraborty, Pranesh and Chanasekar, Ram and Ramos, Alfredo Chardon and Cheillan, David and Chien, Yin-Hsiu and Childs, Thomas A and Chrastina, Petr and Sica, Yuri Cleverthon and Cocho de Juan, Jose Angel and Elena Colane, Maria and Cornejo Espinoza, Veronica and Corso, Gaetano and Currier, Robert and Cyr, Denis and Czuczy, Noemi and D'Apolito, Oceania and Davis, Tim and de Sain-Van der Velden, Monique G and Delgado Pecellin, Carmen and Di Gangi, Iole Maria and Di Stefano, Cristina Maria and Dotsikas, Yannis and Downing, Melanie and Downs, Stephen M and Dy, Bonifacio and Dymerski, Mark and Rueda, Inmaculada and Elvers, Bert and Eaton, Roger and Eckerd, Barbara M and El Mougy, Fatma and Eroh, Sarah and Espada, Mercedes and Evans, Catherine and Fawbush, Sandy and Fijolek, Kristel F and Fisher, Lawrence and Franzson, Leifur and Frazier, Dianne M and Garcia, Luciana R. C and Garcia-Valdecasas Bermejo, Maria Sierra and Gavrilov, Dimitar and Gerace, Rosemarie and Giordano, Giuseppe and Irazabal, Yolanda Gonzalez and Greed, Lawrence C and Grier, Robert and Grycki, Elyse and Gu, Xuefan and Gulamali-Majid, Fizza and Hagar, Arthur F and Han, Lianshu and Hannon, W. Harry and Haslip, Christa and Hassan, Fayza Abdelhamid and He, Miao and Hietala, Amy and Himstedt, Leslie and Hoffman, Gary L and Hoffman, William and Hoggatt, Philis and Hopkins, Patrick V and Hougaard, David M and Hughes, Kerie and Hunt, Patricia R and Hwu, Wuh-Liang and Hynes, June and ...
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Journal Article