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BMC genomics, 10/2016, Volume 17, Issue 1, p. 835
The East African riverine cichlid species Astatotilapia burtoni serves as an important laboratory model for sexually dimorphic physiology and behavior, and... 
Inheritance Patterns | Animals | Genetic Association Studies | Sex Determination Processes - genetics | Female | Male | Penetrance | Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide | Cichlids - genetics | Evolution, Molecular | Genetic Linkage | Sex Ratio
Journal Article
PLoS Pathogens, ISSN 1553-7366, 03/2012, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp. e1002529 - e1002529
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 04/2016, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp. e0154556 - e0154556
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Leung, Wilson and Shaffer, Christopher D and Reed, Laura K and Smith, Sheryl T and Barshop, William and Dirkes, William and Dothager, Matthew and Lee, Paul and Wong, Jeannette and Xiong, David and Yuan, Han and Bedard, James E.J and Machone, Joshua F and Patterson, Seantay D and Price, Amber L and Turner, Bryce A and Robic, Srebrenka and Luippold, Erin K and McCartha, Shannon R and Walji, Tezin A and Walker, Chelsea A and Saville, Kenneth and Abrams, Marita K and Armstrong, Andrew R and Armstrong, William and Bailey, Robert J and Barberi, Chelsea R and Beck, Lauren R and Blaker, Amanda L and Blunden, Christopher E and Brand, Jordan P and Brock, Ethan J and Brooks, Dana W and Brown, Marie and Butzler, Sarah C and Clark, Eric M and Clark, Nicole B and Collins, Ashley A and Cotteleer, Rebecca J and Cullimore, Peterson R and Dawson, Seth G and Docking, Carter T and Dorsett, Sasha L and Dougherty, Grace A and Downey, Kaitlyn A and Drake, Andrew P and Earl, Erica K and Floyd, Trevor G and Forsyth, Joshua D and Foust, Jonathan D and Franchi, Spencer L and Geary, James F and Hanson, Cynthia K and Harding, Taylor S and Harris, Cameron B and Heckman, Jonathan M and Holderness, Heather L and Howey, Nicole A and Jacobs, Dontae A and Jewell, Elizabeth S and Kaisler, Maria and Karaska, Elizabeth A and Kehoe, James L and Koaches, Hannah C and Koehler, Jessica and Koenig, Dana and Kujawski, Alexander J and Kus, Jordan E and Lammers, Jennifer A and Leads, Rachel R and Leatherman, Emily C and Lippert, Rachel N and Messenger, Gregory S and Morrow, Adam T and NewcombVictoria, Haley J and Plasman, Plasman and Potocny, Stephanie J and Powers, Michelle K and Reem, Rachel M and Rennhack, Jonathan P and Reynolds, Katherine R and Reynolds, Lyndsey A and Rhee, Dong K and Rivard, Allyson B and Ronk, Adam J and Rooney, Meghan B and Rubin, Lainey S and Salbert, Luke R and Saluja, Rasleen K and Schauder, Taylor and Schneiter, Allison R and Schulz, Robert W and Smith, Karl E and Spencer, Sarah and Swanson, Bryant R and Tache, Melissa A and Tewilliager, Ashley A and Tilot, Amanda K and VanEck, Eve and Villerot, Matthew M and ... and Participating Students Fac Genomic
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, ISSN 2160-1836, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp. 719 - 740
Journal Article
by Leung, Wilson and Shaffer, Christopher D and Chen, Elizabeth J and Quisenberry, Thomas J and Ko, Kevin and Braverman, John M and Giarla, Thomas C and Mortimer, Nathan T and Reed, Laura K and Smith, Sheryl T and Robic, Srebrenka and McCartha, Shannon R and Perry, Danielle R and Prescod, Lindsay M and Sheppard, Zenyth A and Saville, Ken J and McClish, Allison and Morlock, Emily A and Sochor, Victoria R and Stanton, Brittney and Veysey-White, Isaac C and Revie, Dennis and Jimenez, Luis A and Palomino, Jennifer J and Patao, Melissa D and Patao, Shane M and Himelblau, Edward T and Campbell, Jaclyn D and Hertz, Alexandra L and McEvilly, Maddison F and Wagner, Allison R and Youngblom, James and Bedi, Baljit and Bettincourt, Jeffery and Duso, Erin and Her, Maiye and Hilton, William and House, Samantha and Karimi, Masud and Kumimoto, Kevin and Lee, Rebekah and Lopez, Darryl and Odisho, George and Prasad, Ricky and Robbins, Holly Lyn and Sandhu, Tanveer and Selfridge, Tracy and Tsukashima, Kara and Yosif, Hani and Kokan, Nighat P and Britt, Latia and Zoellner, Alycia and Spana, Eric P and Chlebina, Ben T and Chong, Insun and Friedman, Harrison and Mammo, Danny A and Ng, Chun L and Nikam, Vinayak S and Schwartz, Nicholas U and Xu, Thomas Q and Burg, Martin G and Batten, Spencer M and Corbeill, Lindsay M and Enoch, Erica and Ensign, Jesse J and Franks, Mary E and Haiker, Breanna and Ingles, Judith A and Kirkland, Lyndsay D and Lorenz-Guertin, Joshua M and Matthews, Jordan and Mittig, Cody M and Monsma, Nicholaus and Olson, Katherine J and Perez-Aragon, Guillermo and Ramic, Alen and Ramirez, Jordan R and Scheiber, Christopher and Schneider, Patrick A and Schultz, Devon E and Simon, Matthew and Spencer, Eric and Wernette, Adam C and Wykle, Maxine E and Zavala-Arellano, Elizabeth and McDonald, Mitchell J and Ostby, Kristine and Wendland, Peter and DiAngelo, Justin R and Ceasrine, Alexis M and Cox, Amanda H and Docherty, James E.B and Gingras, Robert M and Grieb, Stephanie M and Pavia, Michael J and Personius, Casey L and Polak, Grzegorz L and Beach, Dale L and Cerritos, Heaven L and ... and Participating Students Fac
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, ISSN 2160-1836, 2017, Volume 7, Issue 8, pp. 2439 - 2460
Journal Article
Astronomical Journal, ISSN 0004-6256, 02/2016, Volume 151, Issue 2, p. 45
Journal Article
by Klinger, Rebecca Y and James, Olga G and Borges-Neto, Salvador and Bisanar, Tiffany and Li, Yi-Ju and Qi, Wenjing and Berger, Miles and Terrando, Niccolò and Newman, Mark F and Doraiswamy, P Murali and Mathew, Joseph P and Weiner, Michael W and Aisen, Paul and Weiner, Michael and Petersen, Ronald and Jack, Clifford R and Jagust, William and Trojanowki, John Q and Toga, Arthur W and Beckett, Laurel and Green, Robert C and Saykin, Andrew J and Morris, John and Shaw, Leslie M and Khachaturian, Zaven and Sorensen, Greg and Carrillo, Maria and Kuller, Lew and Raichle, Marc and Paul, Steven and Davies, Peter and Fillit, Howard and Hefti, Franz and Holtzman, David and Mesulam, M Marcel and Potter, William and Snyder, Peter and Schwartz, Adam and Montine, Tom and Thomas, Ronald G and Donohue, Michael and Walter, Sarah and Gessert, Devon and Sather, Tamie and Jiminez, Gus and Balasubramanian, Archana B and Mason, Jennifer and Sim, Iris and Harvey, Danielle and Bernstein, Matthew and Fox, Nick and Thompson, Paul and Schuff, Norbert and DeCArli, Charles and Borowski, Bret and Gunter, Jeff and Senjem, Matt and Vemuri, Prashanthi and Jones, David and Kantarci, Kejal and Ward, Chad and Koeppe, Robert A and Foster, Norm and Reiman, Eric M and Chen, Kewei and Mathis, Chet and Landau, Susan and Morris, John C and Cairns, Louis Nigel J and Franklin, Erin and Taylor-Reinwald, Lisa and Lee, Virginia and Korecka, Magdalena and Figurski, Michal and Crawford, Karen and Neu, Scott and Foroud, Tatiana M and Potkin, Steven and Shen, Li and Faber, Kelley and Kim, Sungeun and Nho, Kwangsik and Thal, Lean and Thal, Leon and Buckholtz, Neil and Snyder, Peter J and Albert, Marilyn and Frank, Richard and Hsiao, John and Kaye, Jeffrey and Quinn, Joseph and Silbert, Lisa and Lind, Betty and Carter, Raina and Dolen, Sara and Schneider, Lon S and Pawluczyk, Sonia and Becerra, Mauricio and Teodoro, Liberty and Spann, Bryan M and ... and Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) Study Group and Neurologic Outcomes Research Group (NORG)
Anesthesiology, ISSN 0003-3022, 04/2018, Volume 128, Issue 4, pp. 728 - 744
BACKGROUND:Amyloid deposition is a potential contributor to postoperative cognitive dysfunction. The authors hypothesized that 6-week global cortical amyloid... 
Journal Article