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1987, ISBN 9780241120248, xii, 308 p., [3] p. of plates
by Erich D. Jarvis and Siavash Mirarab and Andre J. Aberer and Bo Li and Peter Houde and Cai Li and Simon Y. W. Ho and Brant C. Faircloth and Benoit Nabholz and Jason T. Howard and Alexander Suh and Claudia C. Weber and Rute R. da Fonseca and Jianwen Li and Fang Zhang and Hui Li and Long Zhou and Nitish Narula and Liang Liu and Ganesh Ganapathy and Bastien Boussau and Md. Shamsuzzoha Bayzid and Volodymyr Zavidovych and Sankar Subramanian and Toni Gabaldón and Salvador Capella-Gutiérrez and Jaime Huerta-Cepas and Bhanu Rekepalli and Kasper Munch and Mikkel Schierup and Bent Lindow and Wesley C. Warren and David Ray and Richard E. Green and Michael W. Bruford and Xiangjiang Zhan and Andrew Dixon and Shengbin Li and Ning Li and Yinhua Huang and Elizabeth P. Derryberry and Mads Frost Bertelsen and Frederick H. Sheldon and Robb T. Brumfield and Claudio V. Mello and Peter V. Lovell and Morgan Wirthlin and Maria Paula Cruz Schneider and Francisco Prosdocimi and José Alfredo Samaniego and Amhed Missael Vargas Velazquez and Alonzo Alfaro-Núñez and Paula F. Campos and Bent Petersen and Thomas Sicheritz-Ponten and An Pas and Tom Bailey and Paul Scofield and Michael Bunce and David M. Lambert and Qi Zhou and Polina Perelman and Amy C. Driskell and Beth Shapiro and Zijun Xiong and Yongli Zeng and Shiping Liu and Zhenyu Li and Binghang Liu and Kui Wu and Jin Xiao and Xiong Yinqi and Qiuemei Zheng and Yong Zhang and Huanming Yang and Jian Wang and Linnea Smeds and Frank E. Rheindt and Michael Braun and Jon Fjeldsa and Ludovic Orlando and F. Keith Barker and Knud Andreas Jønsson and Warren Johnson and Klaus-Peter Koepfli and Stephen O'Brien and David Haussler and Oliver A. Ryder and Carsten Rahbek and Eske Willerslev and Gary R. Graves and Travis C. Glenn and John McCormack and Dave Burt and Hans Ellegren and Per Alström and Scott V. Edwards and Alexandros Stamatakis and David P. Mindell and Joel Cracraft and ...
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 12/2014, Volume 346, Issue 6215, pp. 1320 - 1331
Journal Article
The Journal of heredity, ISSN 0022-1503, 03/2019, Volume 110, Issue 2, pp. 257 - 259
Journal Article
by De Angelis, Martin Hrabě and Nicholson, George and Selloum, Mohammed and White, Jacqueline K and Morgan, Hugh and Ramirez-Solis, Ramiro and Sorg, Tania and Wells, Sara and Fuchs, Helmut and Fray, Martin and Adams, David J and Adams, Niels C and Adler, Thure and Aguilar-Pimentel, Antonio and Ali-Hadji, Dalila and Amann, Gregory and André, Philippe and Atkins, Sarah and Auburtin, Aurelie and Ayadi, Abdel and Becker, Julien and Becker, Lore and Bedu, Elodie and Bekeredjian, Raffi and Birling, Marie-Christine and Blake, Andrew and Bottomley, Joanna and Bowl, Michael R and Brault, Véronique and Busch, Dirk H and Bussell, James N and Calzada-Wack, Julia and Cater, Heather and Champy, Marie-France and Charles, Philippe and Chevalier, Claire and Chiani, Francesco and Codner, Gemma F and Combe, Roy and Cox, Roger and Dalloneau, Emilie and Dierich, André and Di Fenza, Armida and Doe, Brendan and Duchon, Arnaud and Eickelberg, Oliver and Esapa, Chris T and Fertak, Lahcen El and Feigel, Tanja and Emelyanova, Irina and Estabel, Jeanne and Favor, Jack and Flenniken, Ann and Gambadoro, Alessia and Garrett, Lilian and Gates, Hilary and Gerdin, Anna-Karin and Gkoutos, George and Greenaway, Simon and Glasl, Lisa and Goetz, Patrice and Da Cruz, Isabelle Goncalves and Götz, Alexander and Graw, Jochen and Guimond, Alain and Hans, Wolfgang and Hicks, Geoff and Hölter, Sabine M and Höfler, Heinz and Hancock, John M and Hoehndorf, Robert and Hough, Tertius and Houghton, Richard and Hurt, Anja and Ivandic, Boris and Jacobs, Hughes and Jacquot, Sylvie and Jones, Nora and Karp, Natasha A and Katus, Hugo A and Kitchen, Sharon and Klein-Rodewald, Tanja and Klingenspor, Martin and Klopstock, Thomas and Lalanne, Valerie and Leblanc, Sophie and Lengger, Christoph and Le Marchand, Elise and Ludwig, Tonia and Lux, Aline and McKerlie, Colin and Maier, Holger and Mandel, Jean-Louis and Marschall, Susan and Mark, Manuel and Melvin, David G and Meziane, Hamid and Micklich, Kateryna and Mittelhauser, Christophe and Monassier, Laurent and ... and EUMODIC Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 08/2015, Volume 47, Issue 9, pp. 969 - 978
Journal Article
by Feng, Shaohong and Stiller, Josefin and Deng, Yuan and Armstrong, Joel and Fang, Qi and Reeve, Anew Hart and Xie, Duo and Chen, Guangji and Guo, Chunxue and Faircloth, Brant C and Petersen, Bent and Wang, Zongji and Zhou, Qi and Diekhans, Mark and Chen, Wanjun and Aneu-Sánchez, Sergio and Margaryan, Ashot and Howard, Jason Travis and Parent, Carole and Pacheco, George and Sinding, Mikkel-Holger S and Puetz, Lara and Cavill, Emily and Ribeiro, Ângela M and Eckhart, Leopold and Fjeldså, Jon and Hosner, Peter A and Brumfield, Robb T and Christidis, Les and Bertelsen, Mads F and Sicheritz-Ponten, Thomas and Tietze, Dieter Thomas and Robertson, Bruce C and Song, Gang and Borgia, Gerald and Claramunt, Santiago and Lovette, Irby J and Cowen, Saul J and Njoroge, Peter and Dumbacher, John Philip and Ryder, Oliver A and Fuchs, Jérôme and Bunce, Michael and Burt, David W and Cracraft, Joel and Meng, Guanliang and Hackett, Shannon J and Ryan, Peter G and Jønsson, Knud Aneas and Jamieson, Ian G and da Fonseca, Rute R and Braun, Edward L and Houde, Peter and Mirarab, Siavash and Suh, Alexander and Hansson, Bengt and Ponnikas, Suvi and Sigeman, Hanna and Stervander, Martin and Frandsen, Paul B and van der Zwan, Henriette and van der Sluis, Rencia and Visser, Carina and Balakrishnan, Christopher N and Clark, Anew G and Fitzpatrick, John W and Bowman, Reed and Chen, Nancy and Cloutier, Alison and Sackton, Timothy B and Edwards, Scott V and Foote, Dustin J and Shakya, Subir B and Sheldon, Frederick H and Vignal, Alain and Soares, Ané E R and Shapiro, Beth and González-Solís, Jacob and Ferrer-Obiol, Joan and Rozas, Julio and Riutort, Marta and Tigano, Anna and Friesen, Vicki and Dalén, Love and Urrutia, Araxi O and Székely, Tamás and Liu, Yang and Campana, Michael G and Corvelo, Ané and Fleischer, Robert C and Rutherford, Kim M and Gemmell, Neil J and Dussex, Nicolas and Mouritsen, Henrik and Thiele, Nadine and Delmore, Kira and Liedvogel, Miriam and Franke, Ane and Hoeppner, Marc P and Krone, Oliver and ... and et al
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2020, Volume 587, Issue 7833, pp. 252 - 257
Journal Article