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Pediatrics week, ISSN 1944-2637, 02/2009, p. 13
Newspaper Article
by Ansoldi, S and Antonelli, L.A and Babic, A and Barceló, M and Barrio, J.A and Becerra González, J and Bednarek, W and Biland, A and Blanch, O and Bonnoli, G and Bretz, T and Carosi, A and Colombo, E and Cortina, J and Covino, S and Da Vela, P and De Angelis, A and De Caneva, G and De Lotto, B and de Oña Wilhelmi, E and Dettlaff, A and Dominis Prester, D and Dorner, D and Doro, M and Eisenacher, D and Elsaesser, D and Fidalgo, D and Fink, D and Fonseca, M.V and Font, L and Fruck, C and Garrido Terrats, D and Giavitto, G and González Muñoz, A and Gozzini, S.R and Haberer, W and Hadasch, D and Hayashida, M and Hildebrand, D and Hose, J and Hrupec, D and Idec, W and Illa, J.M and Kellermann, H and Knoetig, M.L and Konno, Y and Krause, J and Kubo, H and Kushida, J and La Barbera, A and Lelas, D and Lewandowska, N and Longo, F and López, M and López-Oramas, A and Lorca, A and Lozano, I and Makariev, M and Mankuzhiyil, N and Mannheim, K and Maraschi, L and Marcote, B and Mariotti, M and Martínez, M and Mirzoyan, R and Munar-Adrover, P and Neustroev, V and Niedzwiecki, A and Noda, K and Orito, R and Overkemping, A and Paiano, S and Paneque, D and Paredes, J.M and Paredes-Fortuny, X and Prada Moroni, P.G and Prandini, E and Puljak, I and Reinthal, R and Ribó, M and Saito, K and Scalzotto, V and Schultz, C and Schlammer, J and Schweizer, T and Shore, S.N and Sillanpää, A and Snidaric, I and Spanier, F and Stamerra, A and Storz, J and Strzys, M and Takami, H and Tejedor, L.A and Temnikov, P and Thaele, J and Tibolla, O and Vogler, P and Wetteskind, H and Will, M
Astroparticle physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 01/2016, Volume 72, pp. 76 - 94
Journal Article
by Ahnen, M.L and Ansoldi, S and Babic, A and Barrio, J.A and Bernardini, E and Biasuzzi, B and Biland, A and Blanch, O and Bonnoli, G and Borracci, F and Bretz, T and Carmona, E and Chatterjee, A and Clavero, R and Cortina, J and Covino, S and Da Vela, P and Dazzi, F and De Lotto, B and De Oña Wilhelmi, E and Delgado Mendez, C and Dorner, D and Doro, M and Einecke, S and Elsaesser, D and Fernández-Barral, A and Fidalgo, D and Font, L and Galindo, D and Garrido Terrats, D and Gaug, M and Godinović, N and Guberman, D and Hahn, A and Hanabata, Y and Hrupec, D and Hughes, G and Idec, W and Kodani, K and Konno, Y and Kubo, H and Kushida, J and La Barbera, A and Lelas, D and Lindfors, E and Lombardi, S and Longo, F and López, M and López-Coto, R and Majumdar, P and Makariev, M and Mallot, K and Maneva, G and Manganaro, M and Mannheim, K and Marcote, B and Mariotti, M and Martínez, M and Menzel, U and Miranda, J.M and Mirzoyan, R and Moralejo, A and Neustroev, V and Niedzwiecki, A and Nievas Rosillo, M and Nilsson, K and Noda, K and Paiano, S and Palacio, J and Paneque, D and Paredes-Fortuny, X and Persic, M and Poutanen, J and Prada Moroni, P.G and Prandini, E and Puljak, I and Rodriguez Garcia, J and Saito, T and Schweizer, T and Shore, S.N and Sillanpää, A and Sitarek, J and Snidaric, I and Sobczynska, D and Stamerra, A and Takalo, L and Tavecchio, F and Temnikov, P and Terzić, T and Tescaro, D and Teshima, M and Toyama, T and Treves, A and Vovk, I and Ward, J.E and Will, M and Wu, M.H and Aleksić, J and Anderson, B and Mazziotta, M.N and MAGIC Collaboration and MAGIC collaboration and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
Journal of cosmology and astroparticle physics, ISSN 1475-7516, 02/2016, Volume 2016, Issue 2, pp. 39 - 39
Journal Article
Classical and quantum gravity, ISSN 0264-9381, 12/2002, Volume 19, Issue 24, pp. 6321 - 6344
Journal Article
by S. Ansoldi and L. A. Antonelli and P. Antoranz and J. Becerra González and E. Bernardini and B. Biasuzzi and A. Biland and G. Bonnoli and F. Borracci and T. Bretz and A. Carosi and E. Colombo and J. Cortina and P. Da Vela and F. Dazzi and A. De Angelis and G. De Caneva and C. Delgado Mendez and D. Dominis Prester and M. Doro and S. Einecke and D. Eisenacher and M. V. Fonseca and L. Font and K. Frantzen and D. Galindo and R. J. García López and M. Garczarczyk and D. Garrido Terrats and M. Gaug and A. González Muñoz and S. R. Gozzini and Y. Hanabata and J. Herrera and D. Hildebrand and D. Hrupec and H. Kellermann and K. Kodani and J. Kushida and A. La Barbera and N. Lewandowska and E. Lindfors and S. Lombardi and M. López and A. López-Oramas and E. Lorenz and M. Makariev and K. Mallot and K. Mannheim and L. Maraschi and M. Martínez and D. Mazin and U. Menzel and J. M. Miranda and P. Munar-Adrover and A. Niedzwiecki and K. Nilsson and K. Nishijima and K. Noda and R. Orito and A. Overkemping and S. Paiano and M. Palatiello and R. Paoletti and J. M. Paredes and M. Persic and P. G. Prada Moroni and E. Prandini and I. Puljak and R. Reinthal and M. Ribó and J. Rico and S. Rügamer and T. Saito and K. Saito and K. Satalecka and V. Scalzotto and C. Schultz and T. Schweizer and A. Sillanpää and J. Sitarek and I. Snidaric and F. Spanier and A. Stamerra and T. Steinbring and J. Storz and M. Strzys and H. Takami and F. Tavecchio and P. Temnikov and T. Terzić and M. Teshima and O. Tibolla and D. F. Torres and T. Toyama and A. Treves and M. Uellenbeck and P. Vogler and E. Ros and U. Bach
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 11/2014, Volume 346, Issue 6213, pp. 1080 - 1084
Journal Article
by Acciari, V. A and Ansoldi, S and Baack, D and Babic, A and Banerjee, B and Barrio, J. A and Bednarek, W and Bellizzi, L and Bernardini, E and Bigongiari, C and Biland, A and Blanch, O and Bonnoli, G and Busetto, G and Ceribella, G and Chilingaryan, A and Cikota, S and Colin, U and Covino, S and D'Elia and Da Vela, P and De Angelis, A and De Lotto, B and Delgado, J and Di Venere, L and Do Souto Espineira, E and Prester, D. Dominis and Ramazani, V. Fallah and Fattorini, A and Ferrara, G and Fidalgo, D and Fonseca, M and Fruck, C and Fukami, S and Garcia Lopez, R. J and Gasparyan, S and Giglietto, N and Godinovic, N and Hadasch, D and Hahn, A and Herrera, J and Hoang, J and Hrupec, D and Inoue, S and Ishio, K and Iwamura, Y and Kushida, J and Lelas, D and Leone, F and Lombardi, S and Longo, F and Loporchio, S and Machado de Oliveira Fraga, B and Maggio, C and Majumdar, P and Mallamaci, M and Maneva, G and Manganaro, M and Maraschi, L and Martinez, M and Masuda, S and Minev, M and Miranda, J. M and Mirzoyan, R and Molina, E and Moretti, E and Neustroev and Nishijima, K and Noda, K and Nozaki, S and Palatiello, M and Paneque, D and Paoletti, R and Paredes, J. M and Persic, M and Moroni, P. G. Prada and Prandini, E and Rhode, W and Ribo, M and Rugliancich, A and Saha, L and Saito, T and Sakurai, S and Satalecka, K and Schmidt, K and Snidaric and Sobczynska, D and Stamerra, A and Strom, D and Suda, Y and Tavecchio, F and Tosti, L and Vagelli, V and Vanzo, G and Vazquez Acosta, M and Vigorito, C. F and Vitale, V and Vovk and Will, M and Zaric, D and MAGIC Collaboration
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2019, Volume 575, Issue 7783, pp. 455 - 458
Journal Article