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by Xiong, David and Walker, Chelsea A and Brown, Marie and Butzler, Sarah C and Drake, Andrew P and Koenig, Dana and Leads, Rachel R and Lippert, Rachel N and Rubin, Lainey S and Tache, Melissa A and Pasierb, Brittany D and DeMichele, Gabriella A and Newman, Alyssa M and Morris, William M and Rossi, Franca G and Sparks, Ciani J and Bryant, Ashley and Farrar, Cassandra and Kaur, Sukhjit and Bushhouse, Kelsey T and Cesko, Lejla and Dauphin, Cory M and Faber, Hayley M and Rose, Jenny L and Tenney, Jenna C and Vue, Samantha and Boham, Sampson K and Dobbe, Ali and Ramirez, Roman E and Wande, Lucia and Bartling, Justina R and Christiansen, Lena and Kung, Faith and Enoch, Erica and Shallman, Devon and Wendland, Pete and Kaehler, Marian M and Cyrankowski, Olivia and Kusner, Matt and McFarland, Darryl and Neutzling, William and Nietmann, Jana and Penn, Jessica and Reed, Emily and Schmidt, Lasse and Yarrington, Bryan and Carney, Jordan E and Chavez, Ramiro A and Minnick, Phillip J and Noynaert, Joseph W and Ogden, Bradley J and Unzicker, Matthew R and Lopez, Lenin and LeaRekai, Jade and Stagaard, Erica and Parry, Kesley and Regisford, E. Gloria C and Moran, Joseph V and Puetz, William J and Timko, Ashley S and Paetkau, Don W and Dowd, Rose M and Meier, Anne C and Ramsey, Kimberley and Reilly, Mary T and Roecklein-Canfield, Jennifer A and Yang, Bib and Boudreaux, Lauren R and Hammett, Deborah and Khayrullina, Guzal and Mandelbaum, Max and Watson, Reece and Strelitz, Jean M and Gross, Meleah J and Kocsisova, Zuzana and Ghavam, Nazanin and Greiner-Sosanko, Elizabeth S and Gines-Rosario, Mariela and Martinez-Rodriguez, Javier O and Velázquez-Soto, Karla I and Defendini-Ávila, Marianna and Irizarry-González, Lourdes N and Ortiz-Ortiz, Patricia and Rodríguez-Echevarría, Brian O and Rojas-Vargas, Michael L and Huang, Henry and Reddy, Himabindu and Stein, Andrew P and Sundaram, Varun and Venkataram, Sandeep and Donegan, Megan and Kadlec, Lisa and Crawford, Justin and Barnard, Brianna K and Cheramie, Martin N and Eime, Anne M and Kampmeier, Jessica A and Peairs, Julia C and Watson, Lucas A and Toorie, Anika and Participating Students Fac Genomic
G3 (Bethesda, Md.), ISSN 2160-1836, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp. 719 - 740
Journal Article
by Dirkes, William and Lee, Paul and Abrams, Marita K and Blunden, Christopher E and Koaches, Hannah C and Powers, Michelle K and Schauder, Taylor and Smith, Karl E and Kelley, Colleen V and Revie, Dennis and Weaver, Jennifer A and El-Adaimi, Jad and Grove, Ryan A and Morlock, Elaine V and Morris, William M and Olson, Nicole C and Soliterman, Eugenia A and Carranza, David and Cifelli, Alyssa and Delacruz, Noelle and Heslop, Michelle and Membreno, Nelson and Nguyen, San Francisco and Rodela, Laura and Rodriguez, Priscilla and Sparks, Jeri and Armistead, Isaac O and Cohen, Heather and Felzer-Kim, Isabella T and Tenney, Jenna C and VanderVennen, Marielle and Thompson, Jeffrey S and Keny, Lauren J and Fitzgibbons, John D and Ng, Chun Leung and Pham, Philip and Xu, Thomas Q and Shallman, Devon and Robertson, Gregory M and Smith, Samuel I and Alvarez, Consuelo J and Misch, Jonathan and Jones, Melissa and Elder, Darcie D and Lane, Curtiss E and Minnick, Phillip J and Fefelova, Nadezhda and Marra, Jonathan and Onsarigo, Eric Nyabeta and DeFazio, Steve and Shaw, Mary E and Glenn, Omolara and Davis-Reyes, Brionna and Ibarra, Sharon and Ovu, Steven and Caesar, Nicole M and Minton, Thomas F and Eckardt, Alexandra K and Ehret, Sharon C and Perella, Mallory and Starkey, Kristin M and Rauf, Sabya A and Benitez, Pedro and Helmreich, Eric and Ochoa, Andrea and Seydoux, Marie-Isabelle B and Guadron, Leslie and Mazzeo, Cheryl and Johnson, Diana E and Gaur, Shailly and Hammett, Deborah and Kandahari, Adrese and Savell, Christopher D and Bilinski, Paul and Castillo, Rostislav and Horton, Lanor S and Manghelli, Joshua L and Ogawa, Emmy E and Bailey, Cheryl and Bermudez-Capo, Armando G and Rivera, Elisandra and Rivera-Vicéns, Ramón E and Rojas-Vargas, Michael L and Burkhardt, Joshua and Giarla, Thomas and Gostelow, Marcus and Lee, Ryan and Nylander, Andrew and Sundaram, Varun and Waldman, Leah and Azarewicz, Julie and Carr, Thomas J and Gardner, Bob and Lytle, Stacey and Montgomery, Andrew and Polen, Mike and Cheramie, Martin N and Kern, Cody D and Bagaeva, Kate and Elgin, Sarah C. R
G3 (Bethesda, Md.), ISSN 2160-1836, 05/2015, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp. 719 - 740
Journal Article
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