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by Boscari, F and Messori, M and Rabbone, I and Rabbone, I and Bonfanti, R and Sabbion, A and Iafusco, D and Schiaffini, R and Visentin, R and Visentin, R and Calore, R and Leal, Y and Galasso, S and Galasso, S and Galderisi, A and Vallone, V and Di Palma, F and Losiouk, E and Lanzola, G and Tinti, T and Rigamonti, A and Marigliano, M and Zanfardino, A and Rapini, N and Avogaro, A and Chernavvsky, D and Magni, L and Cobelli, C and Bruttomesso, D and Kovatchev, B and Barnard, K and Bergenstal, R and Laffel, L and Weissberg-Benchell, J and Hood, K and Heinemann, L and Sullivan, S and Miller, K.M and Frontino, G and Rigamonti, A and Bonura, C and Favalli, V and Breton, M and Lepore, G and Bonfanti, R and Bonfanti, R and Bozzetto, L and Di Blasi, V and Girelli, A and Grassi, G and Iafusco, D and Rabbone, I and Schiaffini, R and Laviola, L and Minuto, N and Ignaccolo, G and Iafusco, D and Lombardo, F and Cherubini, V and Frongia, A.P and Pistorio, A and Marigliano, M and Toni, S and Scaramuzza, A.E and Forlenza, G and Wadwa, R.P and Messer, L and Bequette, B.W and Cameron, F and Howsmon, D and Huyett, L and Dassau, E and Doyle, F.J and Patek, S and Schertz, E and Mauritzen, E and Mandell, A and DeSalvo, D and Ly, T.T and Buckingham, B.A and Festa, C and Bongiovanni, M and Mattei, L and Colatrella, A and Stewart, Z and Pate, T and Danne, T and Kordonouri, O and Kordonouri, O and Kordonouri, O and Lange, K and Spaniolas, K and Wohlgemuth, S.D and Stefan, D and Homan, M and Orel, R and Battelino, T and Sinha-Gregory, S and Gerber, L and Ferrari, M and ...
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
by Block, Keith I and Gyllenhaal, Charlotte and Lowe, Leroy and Amedei, Amedeo and Amin, A.R.M. Ruhul and Amin, Amr and Aquilano, Katia and Arbiser, Jack and Arreola, Alexandra and Arzumanyan, Alla and Ashraf, S. Salman and Azmi, Asfar S and Benencia, Fabian and Bhakta, Dipita and Bilsland, Alan and Bishayee, Anupam and Blain, Stacy W and Block, Penny B and Boosani, Chandra S and Carey, Thomas E and Carnero, Amancio and Carotenuto, Marianeve and Casey, Stephanie C and Chakrabarti, Mrinmay and Chaturvedi, Rupesh and Chen, Georgia Zhuo and Chen, Helen and Chen, Sophie and Chen, Yi Charlie and Choi, Beom K and Ciriolo, Maria Rosa and Coley, Helen M and Collins, Andrew R and Connell, Marisa and Crawford, Sarah and Curran, Colleen S and Dabrosin, Charlotta and Damia, Giovanna and Dasgupta, Santanu and DeBerardinis, Ralph J and Decker, William K and Dhawan, Punita and Diehl, Anna Mae E and Dong, Jin-Tang and Dou, Q. Ping and Drew, Janice E and Elkord, Eyad and El-Rayes, Bassel and Feitelson, Mark A and Felsher, Dean W and Ferguson, Lynnette R and Fimognari, Carmela and Firestone, Gary L and Frezza, Christian and Fujii, Hiromasa and Fuster, Mark M and Generali, Daniele and Georgakilas, Alexandros G and Gieseler, Frank and Gilbertson, Michael and Green, Michelle F and Grue, Brendan and Guha, Gunjan and Halicka, Dorota and Helferich, William G and Heneberg, Petr and Hentosh, Patricia and Hirschey, Matthew D and Hofseth, Lorne J and Holcombe, Randall F and Honoki, Kanya and Hsu, Hsue-Yin and Huang, Gloria S and Jensen, Lasse D and Jiang, Wen G and Jones, Lee W and Karpowicz, Phillip A and Keith, W. Nicol and Kerkar, Sid P and Khan, Gazala N and Khatami, Mahin and Ko, Young H and Kucuk, Omer and Kulathinal, Rob J and Kumar, Nagi B and Kwon, Byoung S and Le, Anne and Lea, Michael A and Lee, Ho-Young and Lichtor, Terry and Lin, Liang-Tzung and Locasale, Jason W and Lokeshwar, Bal L and Longo, Valter D and Lyssiotis, Costas A and MacKenzie, Karen L and Malhotra, Meenakshi and Marino, Maria and Martinez-Chantar, Maria L and Matheu, Ander and ... and Medicinska fakulteten and Region Östergötland and Avdelningen för kardiovaskulär medicin and Linköpings universitet and Institutionen för klinisk och experimentell medicin and Onkologiska kliniken US and Avdelningen för kliniska vetenskaper and Centrum för kirurgi, ortopedi och cancervård and Institutionen för medicin och hälsa
Seminars in Cancer Biology, ISSN 1044-579X, 2015, Volume 35, pp. S276 - S304
Journal Article