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hiv patients (4) 4
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antiviral agents (1) 1
antiviral therapy (1) 1
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Journal Article
PloS one, ISSN 1932-6203, 2018, Volume 13, Issue 6, pp. e0198768 - e0198768
Background Long-term combination antiretroviral therapy often results in toxicity/tolerability problems, which are one of the main reasons for switching... 
TREATMENT-NAIVE | SAFETY | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | NON-INFERIORITY TRIAL | ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY | OPEN-LABEL | DOLUTEGRAVIR | TOXICITY | TENOFOVIR | BOOSTED PROTEASE INHIBITOR | HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS | HIV-1 | Raltegravir Potassium - adverse effects | Follow-Up Studies | Anti-HIV Agents - adverse effects | Humans | Middle Aged | Raltegravir Potassium - therapeutic use | Male | Treatment Outcome | Lamivudine - adverse effects | Lamivudine - therapeutic use | Anti-HIV Agents - therapeutic use | Female | HIV Infections - drug therapy | Dideoxynucleosides - adverse effects | Dideoxynucleosides - therapeutic use | Retrospective Studies | Drug Therapy, Combination | Drug Combinations | Treatment outcome | Analysis | Abacavir | Lamivudine | Dosage and administration | Drug therapy | Comparative analysis | HIV infection | Raltegravir | Slopes | Antiretroviral drugs | Toxicity | Medical services | Clinical trials | Population studies | Infections | FDA approval | Males | Ribonucleic acid--RNA | Medical diagnosis | Patients | Antiretroviral therapy | Switching | CD4 antigen | Acquired immune deficiency syndrome--AIDS | Antiretroviral agents | Safety engineering | Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV | Clinical medicine | Failure | Index Medicus | RNA | Acquired immune deficiency syndrome | Ribonucleic acid | AIDS | HIV | Human immunodeficiency virus
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 11/2012, Volume 7, Issue 11, p. e47725
Background and Aims: This was a safety and efficacy pharmacogenetic study of a previously performed randomized trial which compared the effectiveness of... 
HAPLOTYPE RECONSTRUCTION | VIRUS-INFECTION | SUSTAINED RESPONSE | ANTIVIRAL THERAPY | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | CHRONIC HEPATITIS-C | PEGYLATED INTERFERON | VIROLOGICAL RESPONSE | INOSINE TRIPHOSPHATASE GENE | INTERFERON PLUS RIBAVIRIN | GENOME-WIDE ASSOCIATION | Interferon-alpha - metabolism | Pharmacogenetics - methods | Hepatitis C - drug therapy | HIV Infections - genetics | Humans | Genotype | Hepatitis C - genetics | Male | Models, Statistical | Polymorphism, Genetic | Genetic Variation | Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling 3 Protein | Phenotype | Gene Expression Regulation, Viral | HIV Infections - complications | Adult | Female | HIV Infections - drug therapy | Hepatitis C - complications | Models, Genetic | Interleukins - biosynthesis | Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling Proteins - biosynthesis | Ribavirin - pharmacology | Medical research | Pharmacogenetics | Anemia | Comorbidity | Genes | Interferon alpha | HIV patients | Biological response modifiers | HIV (Viruses) | Genetic polymorphisms | Virus diseases | Infection | Tumor necrosis factor | Medicine, Experimental | Genetic aspects | Comparative analysis | Drug therapy | Hepatitis C virus | Health aspects | Viruses | Genomes | Infections | Mental depression | Multivariate analysis | Gene polymorphism | Ribavirin | Interleukin 6 | Hepatitis | α-Interferon | CTLA-4 protein | Hepatology | Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV | Gastroenterology | Interleukin 1 | Chi square analysis | Safety | Neutropenia | Thrombocytopenia | Gold | Effectiveness | Statistical analysis | Pharmacology | Regression analysis | Tumor necrosis factor-α | Patients | ITPA gene | Studies | Polymerase chain reaction | Genetic variance | Genotyping | γ-Interferon | Disturbances | Interleukin 10 | Interferon | Hepatitis C | Viral infections | Polymorphism | VIH (Virus) | Genètica humana | Farmacogenètica | Human genetics | HIV | Human immunodeficiency virus
Journal Article
by Suárez-García, Inés and Ruiz-Algueró, Marta and García Yubero, Cristina and Moreno, Cristina and Belza, María José and Estébanez, Miriam and de los Santos, Ignacio and Masiá, Mar and Samperiz Abad, Gloria and Muñoz Sánchez, Josefa and Omar, Mohamed and Jarrín, Inma and Moreno, Santiago and Jarrín, Inma and Dalmau, David and Navarro, Maria Luisa and González, Maria Isabel and Garcia, Federico and Poveda, Eva and Iribarren, Jose Antonio and Gutiérrez, Félix and Rubio, Rafael and Vidal, Francesc and Berenguer, Juan and González, Juan and Muñoz-Fernández, M Ángeles and Jarrin, Inmaculada and Alejos, Belén and Moreno, Cristina and Iniesta, Carlos and Sousa, Luis Miguel Garcia and Perez, Nieves Sanz and Rava, Marta and Muñoz-Fernández, M’Ángeles and Fernández, Irene Consuegra and Merino, Esperanza and García, Gema and Portilla, Irene and Agea, Iván and Portilla, Joaquín and Sánchez-Payá, José and Rodríguez, Juan Carlos and Gimeno, Lina and Giner, Livia and Díez, Marcos and Carreres, Melissa and Reus, Sergio and Boix, Vicente and Torrús, Diego and Lirola, Ana López and García, Dácil and Díaz-Flores, Felicitas and Gómez, Juan Luis and del Mar Alonso, María and Pelazas, Ricardo and Hernández, Jehovana and Alemán, María Remedios and Hernández, María Inmaculada and Asensi, Víctor and Valle, Eulalia and Carmenado, María Eugenia Rivas and Secades, Tomás Suárez-Zarracina and Pérez Is, Laura and Pulido, Federico and Bisbal, Otilia and Hernando, Asunción and Domínguez, Lourdes and Crestelo, David Rial and Bermejo, Laura and Santacreu, Mireia and Iribarren, JoséAntonio and Arrizabalaga, Julio and Aramburu, María José and Camino, Xabier and Rodríguez-Arrondo, Francisco and von Wichmann, Miguel Ángel and Tomé, Lidia Pascual and Goenaga, Miguel Ángel and Bustinduy, Ma Jesús and Azkune, Harkaitz and Ibarguren, Maialen and Lizardi, Aitziber and Kortajarena, Xabier and Oyaga, Ma PilarCarmona and Igartua, Maitane Umerez and Masiá, Mar and Padilla, Sergio and Robledano, Catalina and Colomé, Joan Gregori and Adsuar, Araceli and Pascual, Rafael and Fernández, Marta and García, JoséAlberto and Barber, Xavier and Agullo Re, Vanessa and Abellán, Javier Garcia and Pérez, Reyes Pascual and Roca, María and Muga, Roberto and Sanvisens, Arantza and ... and the Cohort of the Spanish HIV/AIDS Research Network (CoRIS)
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, ISSN 0305-7453, 10/2019
Abstract Objectives To assess the attitudes and opinions about generic antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) and single-tablet regimen (STR) de-simplification among... 
Journal Article
Journal of the International AIDS Society, ISSN 1758-2652, 10/2016, Volume 19, Issue 8(Suppl 7), pp. 21487 - n/a
Journal Article
by Suárez‐García, I and Alejos, B and Delgado, E and Rivero, M and Pineda, JA and Jarrin, I and Moreno, Santiago and del Amo, Julia and Dalmau, David and Navarro, Maria Luisa and González, Maria Isabel and Blanco, Jose Luis and Garcia, Federico and Rubio, Rafael and Iribarren, Jose Antonio and Gutiérrez, Félix and Vidal, Francesc and Berenguer, Juan and González, Juan and Jarrín, Inma and Hernando, Victoria and Sanz, Nieves and Moreno, Cristina and Muñoz‐Fernández, M Ángeles and Consuegra Fernández, Irene and Jiménez Fuentes, Jose Luis and Gómez Rico, Coral and Gallego de la Fuente, Jorge and Palau Concejo, Paula and Mauleón Azpilicueta, Elba and Portilla, Joaquín and Merino, Esperanza and Reus, Sergio and Boix, Vicente and Giner, Livia and Gadea, Carmen and Portilla, Irene and Pampliega, Maria and Díez, Marcos and Rodríguez, Juan Carlos and Sánchez‐Payá, Jose and Gómez, Juan Luis and Hernández, Jehovana and Alemán, María Remedios and del Mar Alonso, María and Hernández, María Inmaculada and Díaz‐Flores, Felicitas and García, Dácil and Pelazas, Ricardo and Lirola, Ana López and Asensi, Victor and Valle, Eulalia and Cartón, José Antonio and Rivas Carmenado, Maria Eugenia and Pulido, Federico and Bisbal, Otilia and Hernando, Asunción and Lagarde, Maria and Matarranz, Mariano and Dominguez, Lourdes and Bermejo, Laura and Santacreu, Mireia and Iribarren, José Antonio and Arrizabalaga, Julio and Aramburu, María José and Camino, Xabier and Rodríguez‐Arrondo, Francisco and von Wichmann, Miguel Ángel and Pascual Tomé, Lidia and Goenaga, Miguel Ángel and Bustinduy, Mª Jesús and Galparsoro, Harkaitz Azkune and Ibarguren, Maialen and Umerez, Maitane and Masiá, Mar and Padilla, Sergio and Navarro, Andrés and Montolio, Fernando and Robledano, Catalina and Colomé, Joan Gregori and Adsuar, Araceli and Pascual, Rafael and Fernández, Marta and García, Elena and García, Jose Alberto and Barber, Xavier and Muga, Roberto and Sanvisens, Arantza and Fuster, Daniel and Carlos López Bernaldo de Quirós, Juan and Miralles, Pilar and Gutiérrez, Isabel and Ramírez, Margarita and Padilla, Belén and Gijón, Paloma and Carrero, Ana and Aldamiz‐Echevarría, Teresa and Tejerina, Francisco and Parras, Francisco Jose and Balsalobre, Pascual and ... and the Cohort of the Spanish HIV/AIDS Network (CoRIS) study group
HIV Medicine, ISSN 1464-2662, 11/2019
Journal Article
by Fuentes, HE and Tafur, AJ and Caprini, JA and Alatri, A and Trujillo-santos, J and Farge-bancel, D and Rosa, V and Font, L and Vilaseca, A and Monreal, M and Adarraga, MD and Aibar, MA and Aibar, J and Amado, C and Aranda, C and Arcelus, JI and Ballaz, A and Barba, R and Barillari, G and Barron, M and Barron-Andres, B and Bascunana, J and Benzidia, I and Bertoletti, L and Blanco-Molina, A and Bilora, F and Bortoluzzi, C and Bosevski, M and Bounameaux, H and Braester, A and Brandolin, B and Brenner, B and Bucherini, E and Bui, HM and Bura-Riviere, A and Camon, AM and Carrasco, C and Castro, J and Cesta, A and Ciammaichella, M and Cruz, JA and de Ancos, C and del Toro, J and Demelo, P and Dentali, F and Diaz-pedroche, MD and Diaz-Peromingo, JA and Di Micco, P and Di Pangrazio, M and Ellis, M and Encabo, M and Falga, C and Falvo, N and Farfan, AI and Fernandez-Capitan, C and Fidalgo, MA and Font, C and Fresa, M and Furest, I and Garcia, MA and Garcia-Braoado, F and Garcia-Morillo, M and Garcia-Raso, A and Gavin, O and Gil-Diaz, A and Gomez, V and Gomez-Cuervo, C and Gonzalez-Martinez, J and Grandone, E and Grau, E and Guijarro, R and Gutierrez, J and Gutierrez, P and Hernandez-Blasco, L and Hu, A and Hirmerova, J and Imbalzano, E and Jara-Palomares, L and Jaras, MJ and Jimenez, D and Jou, I and Joya, MD and Krstevski, G and Lessiani, G and Lima, J and Llamas, P and Lobo, JL and Lopez-Jimenez, L and Lopez-Miguel, P and Lopez-Nunez, JJ and Lopez-Reyes, R and Lopez-Saez, JB and Lorente, MA and Lorenzo, A and Loring, M and Lumbierres, M and Mahe, I and Maida, R and Maly, R and Manrique-Abos, I and ... and RIETE Investigators
INTERNATIONAL ANGIOLOGY, ISSN 0392-9590, 06/2019, Volume 38, Issue 3, pp. 173 - 184
Background: Proper risk stratification of patients for early mortality after cancer-associated thrombosis may lead to personalized anticoagulation protocols.... 
Journal Article
by Alejos, B and Suarez-Garcia, I and Bisbal, O and Iribarren, JA and Asensi, V and Gorgolas, M and Muga, R and Moreno, S and Jarrin, I and Dalmau, D and Navarro, ML and Gonzalez, MI and Blanco, JL and Garcia, F and Rubio, R and Gutierrez, F and Vidal, F and Berenguer, J and Gonzalez, J and Hernando, V and Moreno, C and Iniesta, C and Sousa, LMG and Perez, NS and Munoz-Fernandez, MA and Garcia-Merino, IM and Fernandez, IC and Rico, CG and De la Fuente, JG and Concejo, PP and Portilla, J and Merino, E and Reus, S and Boix, V and Giner, L and Gadea, C and Portilla, I and Pampliega, M and Diez, M and Rodriguez, JC and Sanchez-Paya, J and Gomez, JL and Hernandez, J and Aleman, MR and Alonso, MD and Hernandez, MI and Diaz-Flores, F and Garcia, D and Pelazas, R and Lirola, AL and Moreno, JS and Caso, AA and Gutierrez, CH and Mena, MN and Pulido, F and Hernando, A and Dominguez, L and Crestelo, DR and Bermejo, L and Santacreu, M and Arrizabalaga, J and Aramburu, MJ and Camino, X and Rodriguez-Arrondo, F and von Wichmann, MA and Tome, LP and Goenaga, MA and Bustin-Duy, MJ and Azkune, H and Ibarguren, M and Lizardi, A and Kortajarena, X and Masia, M and Padilla, S and Navarro, A and Montolio, F and Robledano, C and Colome, JG and Adsuar, A and Pascual, R and Fernandez, M and Garcia, E and Garcia, JA and Barber, X and Sanvisens, A and Fuster, D and de Quiros, JCLB and Gutierrez, I and Ramirez, M and Padilla, B and Gijon, P and Aldamiz-Echevarria, T and Tejerina, F and Parras, FJ and Balsalobre, P and Diez, C and Latorre, LP and Peraire, J and Vilades, C and Veloso, S and ... and CoRIS Cohort and CoRIS cohort
PLOS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 08/2019, Volume 14, Issue 8, p. e0221598
Journal Article
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