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by Hollingworth, P and Harold, D and Sims, R and Gerrish, A and Lambert, J.C and Carrasquillo, M.M and Abraham, R and Hamshere, M.L and Pahwa, J.S and Moskvina, V and Dowzell, K and Jones, N and Stretton, A and Thomas, C and Richards, A and Ivanov, D and Widdowson, C and Chapman, J and Lovestone, S and Powell, J and Proitsi, P and Lupton, M.K and Brayne, C and Rubinsztein, D.C and Gill, M and Lawlor, B and Lynch, A and Brown, K.S and Passmore, P.A and Craig, D and McGuinness, B and Todd, S and Holmes, C and Mann, D and Smith, A.D and Beaumont, H and Warden, D and Wilcock, G and Love, S and Kehoe, P.G and Hooper, N.M and Vardy, E.R.L.C and Hardy, J and Mead, S and Fox, N.C and Rossor, M and Collinge, J and Maier, W and Jessen, F and Ruther, E and Schurmann, B and Heun, R and Kolsch, H and van den Bussche, H and Heuser, I and Kornhuber, J and Wiltfang, J and Dichgans, M and Frolich, L and Hampel, H and Gallacher, J and Hull, M and Rujescu, D and Giegling, I and Goate, A.M and Kauwe, J.S.K and Cruchaga, C and Nowotny, P and Morris, J.C and Mayo, K and Sleegers, K and Bettens, K and Engelborghs, S and de Deyn, P.P and Van Broeckhoven, C and Livingston, G and Bass, N.J and Gurling, H and McQuillin, A and Gwilliam, R and Deloukas, P and Al-Chalabi, A and Shaw, C.E and Tsolaki, M and Singleton, A.B and Guerreiro, R and Muhleisen, T. W and Nothen, M. M and Moebus, S and Jockel, K.H and Klopp, N and Wichmann, H. E and Pankratz, V.S and Sando, S.B and Aasly, J.O and Barcikowska, M and Wszolek, Z.K and Dickson, D.W and Graff-Radford, N.R. and others and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging and EADI1 Consortium and CHARGE Consortium and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative and EADI1 consortium and CHARGE consortium and the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
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Journal Article
Journal Article
Neurobiology of Aging, ISSN 0197-4580, 2008, Volume 31, Issue 6, pp. 901 - 909
Journal Article
by Quarrell, Oliver W and Handley, Olivia and O’Donovan, Kirsty and Dumoulin, Christine and Ramos-Arroyo, Maria and Biunno, Ida and Bauer, Peter and Kline, Margaret and Landwehrmeyer, G. Bernhard and Barth, Katrin and Correia Guedes, Leonor and Finisterra, Ana Maria and Garde, Monica Bascunãna and Bos, R and Ecker, Daniel and Held, Christine and Koppers, Kerstin and Laurà, Mathilde and Descals, Asunción Martínez and McLean, Tim and Mestre, Tiago and Minster, Sara and Monza, Daniela and Townhill, Jenny and Orth, Michael and Padieu, Helene and Paterski, Laurent and Peppa, Nadia and Koivisto, Susana Pro and Rialland, Amandine and Røren, Ninni and Šašinková, Pavla and Trigo Cubillo, Patricia and van Walsem, Marlene R and Witjes-Ané, Marie-Noelle and Yudina, Elizaveta and Zielonka, Daniel and Zielonka, Eugeniusz and Zinzi, Paola and Bachoud-Lévi, A.-C and Bentivoglio, A.R and Biunno, I and Bonelli, R and Burgunder, J.-M and Dunnett, S.B and Ferreira, J.J and Handley, O.J and Heiberg, A and Illmann, T and Landwehrmeyer, G.B and Levey, J and Nielsen, J.E and Päivärinta, M and Roos, R.A.C and Rojo Sebastián, A and Tabrizi, S.J and Vandenberghe, W and Verellen-Dumoulin, C and Zaremba, J and Uhrova, T and Wahlström, J and Bonelli, Raphael M and Herranhof, Brigitte and Holl, Anna and Kapfhammer, Hans-Peter and Koppitz, Michael and Magnet, Markus and Otti, Daniela and Painold, Annamaria and Reisinger, Karin and Scheibl, Monika and Hecht, Karen and Lilek, Sabine and Müller, Nicole and Schöggl, Helmut and Ullah, Jasmin and Brugger, Florian and Hepperger, Caroline and Hotter, Anna and Mahlknecht, Philipp and Nocker, Michael and Seppi, Klaus and Wenning, Gregor and Buratti, Lisa and Hametner, Eva-Maria and Holas, Christiane and Hussl, Anna and Mair, Katharina and Poewe, Werner and Wolf, Elisabeth and Zangerl, Anja and Braunwarth, Eva-Maria and Ribaï, Pascale and Flamez, Anja and Morez, V and de Raedt, Sylvie and Boogaerts, Andrea and Vandenberghe, Wim and van Reijen, Dimphna and Klempíř, Jiř and ...
European Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 1018-4813, 2012, Volume 20, Issue 1, pp. 20 - 26
Journal Article
by Vittori, Angelica and Vittori, Angelica and Orth, Michael and Orth, Michael and Roos, Raymund A. C and Roos, Raymund A C and Outeiro, Tiago F and Outeiro, Tiago F and Giorgini, Flaviano and Giorgini, Flaviano and Hollox, Edward J and Hollox, Edward J and Bachoud-Lévi, A.-C and Registry investigators of the European Huntington's Disease Network, investigators of the European Huntington's Disease Network and Bentivoglio, A.R and Biunno, I and Bonelli, R.M and Burgunder, J.-M and Dunnett, S.B and Ferreira, J.J and Heiberg, A and Illmann, T and Landwehrmeyer, G.B and Levey, J and Martinez-Jaurrieta, M.D and Nielsen, J.E and Pro Koivisto, S and Päivärinta, M and Rojo Sebastián, A and Tabrizi, S.J and Vandenberghe, W and Verellen-Dumoulin, C and Zaremba, J and Uhrova, T and Wahlström, J and Barth, K and Correia-Guedes, L and Finisterra, A.-M and Bascuñana Garde, M and Betz, S and Bos, R and Ecker, D and Handley, O.J and Held, C and Koppers, K and Laurá, M and Martínez Descals, A and Mestre, T and Monza, D and Townhill, J and Padieu, H and Paterski, L and Peppa, N and Rialland, A and Røren, N and Sasinková, P and Trigo Cubillo, P and van Walsem, M and Witjes-Ané, M.-N and Yudina, E and Zielonka, D and Zielonka, E and Zinzi, P and Bonelli, Raphael M and Herranhof, Brigitte and Hödl, Anna and Kapfhammer, Hans-Peter and Koppitz, Michael and Magnet, Markus and Otti, Daniela and Painold, Annamaria and Reisinge, Karin and Scheibl, Monika and Hecht, Karen and Lilek, Sabine and Müller, Nicole and Schöggl, Helmut and Ullah, Jasmin and Ribaï, Pascale and Verellen-Dumoulin, Christine and Klempír, Jirí and Majerová, Veronika and Roth, Jan and Hjermind, Lena E and Jakobsen, Oda and Vinthev-Jensen, Tua and Larsen, Ida Unmack and Nielsen, Jørgen E and Stokholm, Jette and Hiivola, Heli and Martikainen, Kirsti and Tuuha, Katri and Santala, Maire and Milkereit, Eva and Kosinski, Christoph Michael and Probst, Daniela and Reetz, Kathrin and Sass, Christian and Schiefer, Johannes and Schlangen, Christiane and ...
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
by Hollingworth, Paul and Harold, Denise and Sims, Rebecca and Gerrish, Amy and Lambert, Jean-Charles and Carrasquillo, Minerva M and Abraham, Richard and Hamshere, Marian L and Pahwa, Jaspreet Singh and Moskvina, Valentina and Dowzell, Kimberley and Jones, Nicola and Stretton, Alexandra and Thomas, Charlene and Richards, Alex and Ivanov, Dobril and Widdowson, Caroline and Chapman, Jade and Lovestone, Simon and Powell, John and Proitsi, Petroula and Lupton, Michelle K and Brayne, Carol and Rubinsztein, David C and Gill, Michael and Lawlor, Brian and Lynch, Aoibhinn and Brown, Kristelle S and Passmore, Peter A and Craig, David and McGuinness, Bernadette and Todd, Stephen and Holmes, Clive and Mann, David and Smith, A David and Beaumont, Helen and Warden, Donald and Wilcock, Gordon and Love, Seth and Kehoe, Patrick G and Hooper, Nigel M and Vardy, Emma R. L. C and Hardy, John and Mead, Simon and Fox, Nick C and Rossor, Martin and Collinge, John and Maier, Wolfgang and Jessen, Frank and Schürmann, Britta and Rüther, Eckart and Heun, Reiner and Kölsch, Heike and van den Bussche, Hendrik and Heuser, Isabella and Kornhuber, Johannes and Wiltfang, Jens and Dichgans, Martin and Frölich, Lutz and Hampel, Harald and Hüll, Michael and Gallacher, John and Rujescu, Dan and Giegling, Ina and Goate, Alison M and Kauwe, John S K and Cruchaga, Carlos and Nowotny, Petra and Morris, John C and Mayo, Kevin and Sleegers, Kristel and Bettens, Karolien and Engelborghs, Sebastiaan and De Deyn, Peter P and Van Broeckhoven, Christine and Livingston, Gill and Bass, Nicholas J and Gurling, Hugh and McQuillin, Andrew and Gwilliam, Rhian and Deloukas, Panagiotis and Al-Chalabi, Ammar and Shaw, Christopher E and Tsolaki, Magda and Singleton, Andrew B and Guerreiro, Rita and Mühleisen, Thomas W and Nöthen, Markus M and Moebus, Susanne and Jöckel, Karl-Heinz and Klopp, Norman and Wichmann, H-Erich and Pankratz, V Shane and Sando, Sigrid B and Aasly, Jan O and Barcikowska, Maria and Wszolek, Zbigniew K and Dickson, Dennis W and Graff-Radford, Neill R and Petersen, Ronald C and ...
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 5/2011, Volume 43, Issue 5, pp. 429 - 435
We sought to identify new susceptibility loci for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) through a staged association study (GERAD+) and by testing suggestive loci reported... 
Journal Article
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 05/2015, Volume 47, Issue 5, pp. 445 - 447
Journal Article
1998, ISBN 0940666391, xi, 324
This book tells the stories of over 30 political leaders, educators, and artists who took part in the events that have shaped Pueblo Indian life. It aims to... 
History | Ethnic identity | Pueblo Indians | Activism |