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by Niculae, Cristian-Mihail and Manea, Eliza and Jipa, Raluca and Merisor, Simona and Moroti, Ruxandra and Benea, Serban and Hristea, Adriana and Neguț, Alina Cristina and Săndulescu, Oana and Streinu-Cercel, Anca and Mărculescu, Dana and Andrei, Magdalena Lorena and Ilie, Veronica and Popa, Marcela and Bleotu, Coralia and Chifiriuc, Carmen and Popa, Mircea Ioan and Streinu-Cercel, Adrian and Orfanu, Alina and Popescu, Cristina and Leuștean, Anca and Catană, Remulus and Negru, Anca and Badea, Alexandra and Orfanu, Radu and Tilișcan, Cătălin and Aramă, Victoria and Aramă, Ştefan Sorin and Vișan, Constanța-Angelica and Drăgănescu, Anca-Cristina and Bilașco, Anuța and Kouris, Camelia and Merișescu, Mădălina and Vasile, Magdalena and Slavu, Diana-Maria and Vintilă, Sabina and Osman, Endis and Oprea, Alina and Sandu, Sabina and Luminos, Monica and Leuştean, Anca and Popescu, Gabriel Adrian and Stanculete, Ramona Georgiana and Enoiu, Ana Vaduva and Marinescu, Adelina Raluca and Lazureanu, Voichita and Marinescu, Adelina-Raluca and Crișan, Alexandru and Lăzureanu, Voichița and Musta, Virgil and Nicolescu, Narcisa and Laza, Ruxandra and Negru, Anca-Ruxandra and Munteanu, Daniela-Ioana and Mihăilescu, Raluca and Dorobăț, Olga and Rafila, Alexandru and Căpraru, Emilia and Niculescu, Marius and Marinescu, Rodica and Lupescu, Olivera and Predescu, Vlad and Tălăpan, Daniela and Popescu, Ramona Ștefania and Bradu, Luminița and Florea, Dragoș and Leca, Daniela Anicuta and Bunea, Elena and Teodor, Andra and Miftode, Egidia and Jugulete, Gheorghiță and Dobrotă, Anamaria and Ilie, Adina and Preoțescu, Liliana Lucia and Irimescu, Nicoleta and Panait, Irina and Niculae, Cristian and Gavriliu, Liana Cătălina and Benea, Otilia Elisabeta and Benea, Șerban and Popoiu, Mona and Dragonu, Livia and Cupşa, Augustin and Diaconescu, Iulian and Niculescu, Irina and Giubelan, Lucian and Dumitrescu, Florentina and Stoian, Andreea Cristina and Guţă, Camelia and Puiu, Simona and Irina, Bunescu and Vallée, Marilyse and Huletsky, Ann and Boudreau, Dominique K and Bérubé, Ève and Giroux, Richard and Longtin, Jean and Longtin, Yves and Bergeron, Michel G and Roșculeț, Cleo Nicoleta and ...
BMC Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1471-2334, 11/2016, Volume 16, Issue S4, pp. 31 - 76
Journal Article
by Cristian-Mihail Niculae and Eliza Manea and Raluca Jipa and Simona Merisor and Ruxandra Moroti and Serban Benea and Adriana Hristea and Alina Cristina Neguț and Oana Săndulescu and Anca Streinu-Cercel and Dana Mărculescu and Magdalena Lorena Andrei and Veronica Ilie and Marcela Popa and Coralia Bleotu and Carmen Chifiriuc and Mircea Ioan Popa and Adrian Streinu-Cercel and Alina Orfanu and Cristina Popescu and Anca Leuștean and Remulus Catană and Anca Negru and Alexandra Badea and Radu Orfanu and Cătălin Tilișcan and Victoria Aramă and Ştefan Sorin Aramă and Constanța-Angelica Vișan and Anca-Cristina Drăgănescu and Anuța Bilașco and Camelia Kouris and Mădălina Merișescu and Magdalena Vasile and Diana-Maria Slavu and Sabina Vintilă and Endis Osman and Alina Oprea and Sabina Sandu and Monica Luminos and Alina Orfanu and Victoria Aramă and Ştefan Sorin Aramă and Anca Leuştean and Remulus Catană and Anca Negru and Gabriel Adrian Popescu and Cristina Popescu and Ramona Georgiana Stanculete and Ana Vaduva Enoiu and Adelina Raluca Marinescu and Voichita Lazureanu and Adelina-Raluca Marinescu and Alexandru Crișan and Voichița Lăzureanu and Virgil Musta and Narcisa Nicolescu and Ruxandra Laza and Anca-Ruxandra Negru and Daniela-Ioana Munteanu and Raluca Mihăilescu and Remulus Catană and Olga Dorobăț and Alexandru Rafila and Emilia Căpraru and Marius Niculescu and Rodica Marinescu and Olivera Lupescu and Vlad Predescu and Adrian Streinu-Cercel and Victoria Aramă and Daniela Tălăpan and Ramona Ștefania Popescu and Luminița Bradu and Dragoș Florea and Adrian Streinu-Cercel and Daniela Anicuta Leca and Elena Bunea and Andra Teodor and Egidia Miftode and Mădălina Merișescu and Gheorghiță Jugulete and Adrian Streinu-Cercel and Dragoș Florea and Monica Luminos and Ramona Ștefania Popescu and Anamaria Dobrotă and Adina Ilie and Liliana Lucia Preoțescu and Adriana Hristea and Raluca Jipa and Nicoleta Irimescu and Irina Panait and Eliza Manea and Simona Merisor and Cristian Niculae and Daniela Tălăpan and Liana Cătălina Gavriliu and Otilia Elisabeta Benea and Șerban Benea and ...
BMC Infectious Diseases, 11/2016, Volume 16, Issue S4, pp. 31 - 76
Table of contents A1 The outcome of patients with recurrent versus non-recurrent pneumococcal meningitis in a tertiary health-care hospital in Bucharest... 
Respiratory Syncytial Virus | Clostridium Difficile Infection | Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy | Cerebral Spinal Fluid | Fecal Microbiota Transplantation
Journal Article
Revista de Chimie, ISSN 0034-7752, 2016, Volume 67, Issue 5, pp. 974 - 977
Metal complexes of amyloid-beta peptides (A(3), associated with Alzheimer's disease (AD), are increasingly investigated, being involved in toxic oligomer... 
Fluorescence | Fibrillogenesis | Heavy metal ions | Amyloid-βpeptide | Glycyl-l- Tryptophan | DRUG | CLIOQUINOL | fibrillogenesis | heavy metal ions | ALZHEIMERS-DISEASE | COMPLEXES | amyloid-beta peptide | CHEMISTRY, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | ENGINEERING, CHEMICAL | fluorescence | glycyl-L-tryptophan | A-BETA | AGGREGATION | BRAIN
Journal Article
British Journal of Anaesthesia, ISSN 0007-0912, 02/2016, Volume 116, Issue 2, pp. 255 - 261,261i,261ii,261iii,261iv,261v,261vi,261vii,261viii
Journal Article
International Journal of Environment & Pollution, ISSN 0957-4352, 04/2003, Volume 19, Issue 4, p. 367
  Two models frequently used to simulate the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere have been compared. This is necessary because only a well-tested and... 
Studies | Simulation | Air pollution | Models | Comparative analysis | Environmental monitoring
Journal Article
International Journal of Environment and Pollution, ISSN 0957-4352, 01/2003, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp. 367 - 367
Data from the European Tracer Experiment (ETEX), conducted in 1994, were used to evaluate two dispersion models, the Hybrid Single-Particle Lagrangian... 
Journal Article
International Journal of Environment and Pollution, ISSN 0957-4352, 01/2003, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp. 367 - 389.
Two models frequently used to simulate the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere have been compared. This is necessary because only a well-tested and... 
Journal Article
International Journal of Environment and Pollution, ISSN 0957-4352, 2003, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp. 367 - 389
Two models frequently used to simulate the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere have been compared. This is necessary because only a well-tested and... 
Statistical parameters | Air pollution | Models | European Tracer Experiment (ETEX) | models | statistical parameters | ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES | air pollution
Journal Article
Analele Universităţii de Vest din Timişoara.Seria ştiinţe filologice, ISSN 1224-967X, 2015, Issue 53, pp. 167 - 173
The research of the great poetic creation from the Greek-Roman Antiquity is incomplete, if not flawed, without the study of the origins, both in what the... 
Literary Texts
Journal Article
Analele Universităţii din Bucureşti. Seria Ştiinţe Politice, ISSN 1582-2486, 2008, Volume X, Issue 10, pp. 19 - 30
The article shows the way in which the journal Conservatorul Constanþei illustrated the main subject of local political debate in 1909-1912: the issue of the... 
Journal Article
Congresul International de Muzicologie, ISSN 2285-6269, 2014, Volume 1, Issue 2, pp. 17 - 27
Journal Article
Études balkaniques, ISSN 2534-8574, 2001, Issue 2-3, pp. 174 - 187
Journal Article
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