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by DePamphilis, Claude W and Palmer, Jeffrey D and Rounsley, Steve and Sankoff, David and Schuster, Stephan C and Ammiraju, Jetty S. S and Barbazuk, W. Bradley and Chamala, Srikar and Chanderbali, Andre S and Determann, Ronald and Hong, Ma and Ralph, Paula and Talag, Jason and Tomsho, Lynn and Walts, Brandon and Wanke, Stefan and Wing, Rod A and Chang, Tien-Hao and Lan, Tianying and Soltis, Douglas E and Arikit, Siwaret and Axtell, Michael J and Ayyampalayam, Saravanaraj and Burnette III, James M and De Paoli, Emanuele and Farrell, Nina P and Harkess, Alex and Jiao, Yuannian and Leebens-Mack, James and Liu, Kun and Mei, Wenbin and Meyers, Blake C and Shahid, Saima and Wafula, Eric and Wessler, Susan R and Zhai, Jixian and Zhang, Xiaoyu and Albert, Victor A and Carretero-Paulet, Lorenzo and Lyons, Eric and Tang, Haibao and Zheng, Chunfang and Altman, Naomi S and Chen, Feng and Chen, Jian-Qun and Chiang, Vincent and Der, Joshua P and Fogliani, Bruno and Guo, Chunce and Harholt, Jesper and Job, Claudette and Job, Dominique and Kim, Sangtae and Kong, Hongzhi and Li, Guanglin and Li, N and Liu, Jie and Park, Jongsun and Qi, Xinshuai and Rajjou, Loïc and Burtet-Sarramegna, Valérie and Sederoff, Ron and Sun, Ying-Hsuan and Ulvskov, Peter and Villegente, Matthieu and Xue, Jia-Yu and Yeh, Ting-Feng and Yu, Xianxian and Acosta, Juan J and Bruenn, Riva A and De Kochko, Alexandre and Herrera-Estrella, Luis R and Ibarra-Laclette, Enrique and Kirst, Matias and Pissis, Solon P and Poncet, Valérie and Soltis, Pamela S and Amborella Genome Project
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 12/2013, Volume 342, Issue 6165, pp. 1467 - 1467
Journal Article
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 12/2015, Volume 47, Issue 12, pp. 1435 - 1442
Journal Article
by Zhang, Jisen and Zhang, Xingtan and Tang, Haibao and Zhang, Qing and Hua, Xiuting and Ma, Xiaokai and Zhu, Fan and Jones, Tyler and Zhu, Xinguang and Bowers, John and Wai, Ching Man and Zheng, Chunfang and Shi, Yan and Chen, Shuai and Xu, Xiuming and Yue, Jingjing and Nelson, David R and Huang, Lixian and Li, Zhen and Xu, Huimin and Zhou, Dong and Wang, Yongjun and Hu, Weichang and Lin, Jishan and Deng, Youjin and Pandey, Neha and Mancini, Melina and Zerpa, Dessireé and Nguyen, Julie K and Wang, Liming and Yu, Liang and Xin, Yinghui and Ge, Liangfa and Arro, Jie and Han, Jennifer O and Chakrabarty, Setu and Pushko, Marija and Zhang, Wenping and Ma, Yanhong and Ma, Panpan and Lv, Mingju and Chen, Faming and Zheng, Guangyong and Xu, Jingsheng and Yang, Zhenhui and Deng, Fang and Chen, Xuequn and Liao, Zhenyang and Zhang, Xunxiao and Lin, Zhicong and Lin, Hai and Yan, Hansong and Kuang, Zheng and Zhong, Weimin and Liang, Pingping and Wang, Guofeng and Yuan, Yuan and Shi, Jiaxian and Hou, Jinxiang and Lin, Jingxian and Jin, Jingjing and Cao, Peijian and Shen, Qiaochu and Jiang, Qing and Zhou, Ping and Ma, Yaying and Zhang, Xiaodan and Xu, Rongrong and Liu, Juan and Zhou, Yongmei and Jia, Haifeng and Ma, Qing and Qi, Rui and Zhang, Zhiliang and Fang, Jingping and Fang, Hongkun and Song, Jinjin and Wang, Mengjuan and Dong, Guangrui and Wang, Gang and Chen, Zheng and Ma, Teng and Liu, Hong and Dhungana, Singha R and Huss, Sarah E and Yang, Xiping and Sharma, Anupma and Trujillo, Jhon H and Martinez, Maria C and Hudson, Matthew and Riascos, John J and Schuler, Mary and Chen, Li-Qing and Braun, David M and Li, Lei and Yu, Qingyi and Wang, Jianping and Wang, Kai and Schatz, Michael C and Heckerman, David and ... and Center for Advanced Bioenergy and Bioproducts Innovation (CABBI), Urbana, IL (United States)
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 11/2018, Volume 50, Issue 11, pp. 1565 - 1573
Journal Article
NATURE GENETICS, ISSN 1061-4036, 12/2018, Volume 50, Issue 12, pp. 1754 - 1754
Journal Article
2011, 2nd ed., ISBN 0779837029, lvi, 187
by Denoeud, France and Carretero-Paulet, Lorenzo and Carretero-Paulet, Lorenzo and Dereeper, Alexis and Dereeper, Alexis and Droc, Gaëtan and Droc, Gaëtan and Guyot, Romain and Guyot, Romain and Pietrella, Marco and Pietrella, Marco and Zheng, Chunfang and Alberti, Adriana and Anthony, François and Anthony, François and Aprea, Giuseppe and Aprea, Giuseppe and Aury, Jean-Marc and Bento, Pascal and Bernard, Maria and Bocs, Stéphanie and Bocs, Stéphanie and Campa, Claudine and Campa, Claudine and Cenci, Alberto and Cenci, Alberto and Combes, Marie-Christine and Combes, Marie-Christine and Crouzillat, Dominique and Da Silva, Corinne and Daddiego, Loretta and De Bellis, Fabien and De Bellis, Fabien and Dussert, Stéphane and Dussert, Stéphane and Garsmeur, Olivier and Garsmeur, Olivier and Gayraud, Thomas and Gayraud, Thomas and Guignon, Valentin and Guignon, Valentin and Jahn, Katharina and Jahn, Katharina and Jamilloux, Véronique and Joët, Thierry and Joët, Thierry and Labadie, Karine and Lan, Tianying and Lan, Tianying and Leclercq, Julie and Leclercq, Julie and Lepelley, Maud and Leroy, Thierry and Leroy, Thierry and Li, Lei-Ting and Li, Lei-Ting and Librado, Pablo and Librado, Pablo and Lopez, Loredana and Muñoz, Adriana and Muñoz, Adriana and Noel, Benjamin and Pallavicini, Alberto and Perrotta, Gaetano and Perrotta, Gaetano and Poncet, Valérie and Poncet, Valérie and Pot, David and Pot, David and Priyono, Priyono and Priyono, P and Rigoreau, Michel and Rouard, Mathieu and Rouard, Mathieu and Rozas, Julio and Rozas, Julio and Tranchant-Dubreuil, Christine and Tranchant-Dubreuil, Christine and VanBuren, Robert and Zhang, Qiong and Zhang, Qiong and Andrade, Alan C and Andrade, Alan C and Argout, Xavier and Argout, Xavier and Bertrand, Benoît and De Kochko, Alexandre and De Kochko, Alexandre and Graziosi, Giorgio and Henry, Robert J and Jayarama, J and Jayarama, Jayarama and Ming, Ray and Nagai, Chifumi and Nagai, Chifumi and Rounsley, Steve and Sankoff, David and Giuliano, Giovanni and Giuliano, Giovanni and Albert, Victor A and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 09/2014, Volume 345, Issue 6201, pp. 1181 - 1184
Journal Article
2015, ISBN 9781552213827, xiii, 362 pages
Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law provides an important new contribution to the debate on the legal status and treatment of animals in Canada.... 
Law and legislation | Animal welfare | Animals | Agricultural law | Canada | Animals - Law and legislation - Canada | Animal welfare - Law and legislation - Canada | Law | Environment law
Journal Article
by Abbo, L and Casiano-Colon, A and Tysiak, M and Hooton, T. M and Stiles, J and Fagan, R and Gualandi, N and Beldavs, Z. G and Dumyati, G and Kainer, M and Lynfield, R and Maloney, M and Min, J.-Y and Nadle, J and Ray, S. M and Richards, K and Fridkin, S and Magill, S. S and Uganski, K and Bucher, K and Deyoung, G. R and Egwuatu, N and Weise, A and Prusa, J and Dumkow, L and Andrzejewski, C and Shutt, K and Freedy, H and Galang, G and Yassin, M and Doron, S and Mcelroy, N and Salem-Schatz, S and Griswold, P and Pallin, D and Kandel, R and Mchale, E and Simmons, N and Demaria, A and Chironda, B and Powis, J and Hoffmann, C and Sydnor, E and Brundige, M. L and Patel, S and Evans, C and Rightmier, E and Staicu, M and Felsen, C and Ashley, E. D and Miller, L and Kahn, K and Eells, S. J and Choi, S and Riva, M and Go-Wheeler, M and Hossain, T and Grein, J and Geide, T and Ignacio, M and Thompson, J. C and Talledo, K and Ka-Ming, L and Amado, C and Blair, P and Siegel, M and Keiser, J and Haas, M and Knepper, B and Kaucher, K and Shihadeh, K and Sankoff, J and Jenkins, T and Waters, D and Bryan, B and Evans, D and Kasbekar, N and O'donnell, J and Dougherty, T and Maniglia, R and Boedec, C and Edwards, C and Binkley, A and Mcdonough, K and Shafi, S and Mammen-Prasad, E and Finkel, D and Shah, K and Cook, P and Lee, T and Ashraf, M. S and Christie, J and Fang, X and Rashid, M.-U and Weintraub, A and Nord, C. E and Rolek, K and Talati, N and Binkley, S and Timko, D and ... and The CDC Prenvention Epicenters Program and IDCRP TIDOS working group and for the CDC Prevention Epicenters Program and The CDC Prevention Epicenters Program and The EMERGEncy ID NET Study Group and Latin American FIDEC Streptococcus Pneumoniae Working Group and Colombian Nosocomial Resistance Study Group and The Antibiotic Stewardship Corridor and Infection Prevention and Control Canada and Illinois Collaborative for Healthcare Antimicrobial Stewardship Enhancement (ICHASE) and rLP2086 B1971011 Study Team and The ResPECT Study Team and AHRQ DEcIDE Network and Healthcare-Associated Infections Program and CDC Prevention Epicenters Program and The Belgian Study Group for Varicella and CMV and Hearing Multicenter Screening (CHIMES) Study and Study Team (NCT01337167) and Toronto Invasive Bacterial Diseases Network and Portuguese Group for the Study of Streptococcal Infections and Korean Nosocomial Infections Surveillance System
Open Forum Infectious Diseases, ISSN 2328-8957, 12/2014, Volume 1, Issue suppl_1, pp. S70 - S472
Journal Article
2006, ISBN 9780459243838, xxiv, 157
2009, 4th ed., ISBN 0433456205, lxxxi, 1228
1991, ISBN 9780459349318, 1 v. (loose-leaf)
American Journal of Emergency Medicine, ISSN 0735-6757, 04/2019, Volume 37, Issue 4, pp. 733 - 736
Alcohol withdrawal treatment varies widely. Benzodiazepines are the standard of care, with rapid onset and long durations of action. Recent drug shortages... 
Lorazepam | Phenobarbital | Benzodiazepines | Diazepam | Alcohol withdrawal | MANAGEMENT | DELIRIUM | EMERGENCY MEDICINE | Physician and patient | Care and treatment |