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01/2006, Volume 58, Issue 1-2, 2
Let it just be said here that the first four essays (by Elza Tamez, Jorge Pixley, José Miguez Bonino and Pablo Richard) are grouped under the heading Political... 
RELIGION | Theology | Economics | Nonfiction | Latin American history | Religion | Bible
Book Review
by Bairoch, A and Bougueleret, L and Altairac, S and Amendolia, V and Auchincloss, A and Puy, GA and Axelsen, K and Baratin, D and Blatter, MC and Boeckmann, B and Bollondi, L and Boutet, E and Quintaje, SB and Breuza, L and Bridge, A and deCastro, E and Coral, D and Coudert, E and Cusin, I and Dobrokhotov, P and Dornevil, D and Duvaud, S and Estreicher, A and Famiglietti, L and Feuermann, M and Gehant, S and Farriol-Mathis, N and Ferro, S and Gasteiger, E and Gateau, A and Gerritsen, V and Gos, A and Gruaz-Gumowski, N and Hinz, U and Hulo, C and Hulo, N and Ioannidis, V and Ivanyi, I and James, J and Jain, E and Jimenez, S and Jungo, F and Junker, V and Keller, G and Lachaize, C and Lane-Guermonprez, L and Langendijk-Genevaux, P and Lara, V and Lemercier, P and Le Saux, V and Lieberherr, D and Lima, TD and Mangold, V and Martin, X and Michoud, K and Moinat, M and Moreira, C and Morgat, A and Nicolas, M and Ohji, S and Paesano, S and Pedruzzi, I and Perret, D and Phan, I and Pilbout, S and Pillet, V and Poux, S and Redaschi, N and Reynaud, S and Rivoire, C and Roechert, B and Sapsezian, C and Schneider, M and Sigrist, C and da Silva, M and Sonesson, K and Stutz, A and Sundaram, S and Tognolli, M and Verbregue, L and Veuthey, AL and Vitorello, C and Yip, L and Apweiler, R and Alam-Faruque, Y and Barrell, D and Bower, L and Browne, P and Chan, WM and Daugherty, L and Donate, ES and Eberhardt, R and Fedotov, A and Foulger, R and Fraser, G and Frigerio, G and Garavelli, J and Golin, R and Horne, A and Jacobsen, J and ... and UniProt Consortium and The UniProt Consortium
Nucleic Acids Research, ISSN 0305-1048, 01/2007, Volume 35, Issue 1, pp. D193 - D197
The ability to store and interconnect all available information on proteins is crucial to modern biological research. Accordingly, the Universal Protein... 
ANNOTATION | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | Proteins - genetics | Amino Acid Sequence | Proteins - physiology | User-Computer Interface | Databases, Protein | Systems Integration | Internet | Proteins - chemistry
Journal Article
Nucleic Acids Research, ISSN 0305-1048, 1/2008, Volume 36, Issue suppl_1, pp. D190 - D195
The Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) provides a stable, comprehensive, freely accessible, central resource on protein sequences and functional annotation.... 
DATABASE | ANNOTATION | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | Proteins - genetics | Proteins - physiology | Sequence Analysis, Protein | User-Computer Interface | Viral Proteins - chemistry | Databases, Protein | Genomics | Systems Integration | Proteins - analysis | Internet
Journal Article
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