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by Bradnam, Keith R and Fass, Joseph N and Alexandrov, Anton and Baranay, Paul and Bechner, Michael and Birol, Inanç and Boisvert, Sébastien and Chapman, Jarrod A and Chapuis, Guillaume and Chikhi, Rayan and Chitsaz, Hamidreza and Chou, Wen-Chi and Corbeil, Jacques and Fabbro, Cristian Del and Docking, Roderick and Durbin, Richard and Earl, Dent and Emrich, Scott and Fedotov, Pavel and Fonseca, Nuno A and Ganapathy, Ganeshkumar and Gibbs, Richard A and Gnerre, Sante and Godzaridis, Élénie and Goldstein, Steve and Haimel, Matthias and Hall, Giles and Haussler, David and Hiatt, Joseph B and Ho, Isaac Y and Howard, Jason and Hunt, Martin and Jackman, Shaun D and Jaffe, David B and Jarvis, Erich D and Jiang, Huaiyang and Kazakov, Sergey and Kersey, Paul J and Kitzman, Jacob O and Knight, James R and Koren, Sergey and Lam, Tak-Wah and Lavenier, Dominique and Laviolette, François and Li, Yingrui and Li, Zhenyu and Liu, Binghang and Liu, Yue and Luo, Ruibang and MacCallum, Iain and MacManes, Matthew D and Maillet, Nicolas and Melnikov, Sergey and Naquin, Delphine and Ning, Zemin and Otto, Thomas D and Paten, Benedict and Paulo, Octávio S and Phillippy, Adam M and Pina-Martins, Francisco and Place, Michael and Przybylski, Dariusz and Qin, Xiang and Qu, Carson and Ribeiro, Filipe J and Richards, Stephen and Rokhsar, Daniel S and Ruby, J Graham and Scalabrin, Simone and Schatz, Michael C and Schwartz, David C and Sergushichev, Alexey and Sharpe, Ted and Shaw, Timothy I and Shendure, Jay and Shi, Yujian and Simpson, Jared T and Song, Henry and Tsarev, Fedor and Vezzi, Francesco and Vicedomini, Riccardo and Vieira, Bruno M and Wang, Jun and Worley, Kim C and Yin, Shuangye and Yiu, Siu-Ming and Yuan, Jianying and Zhang, Guojie and Zhang, Hao and Zhou, Shiguo and Korf, Ian F and Science for Life Laboratory, SciLifeLab and KTH and Centra
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