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gastroenterology. liver. pancreas. abdomen (95) 95
gene expression (93) 93
genetic aspects (93) 93
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pediatrics (73) 73
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mathematical models (71) 71
physiological aspects (70) 70
quality of life (70) 70
immunology (69) 69
mechanics (68) 68
neoplasm staging (68) 68
environmental sciences & ecology (67) 67
urology (67) 67
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Library Location Library Location
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by Batley, J.R and Kalmus, G and Lazzeroni, C and Munday, D.J and Slater, M.W and Wotton, S.A and Arcidiacono, R and Bocquet, G and Cabibbo, N and Ceccucci, A and Cundy, D and Falaleev, V and Fidecaro, M and Gatignon, L and Gonidec, A and Kubischta, W and Maier, A and Norton, A and Patel, M and Peters, A and Balev, S and Frabetti, P.L and Gersabeck, E and Goudzovski, E and Hristov, P and Kekelidze, V and Kozhuharov, V and Litov, L and Madigozhin, D and Molokanova, N and Polenkevich, I and Potrebenikov, Yu and Shkarovskiy, S and Stoynev, S and Zinchenko, A and Monnier, E and Swallow, E and Winston, R and Rubin, P and Walker, A and Dalpiaz, P and Damiani, C and Fiorini, M and Martini, M and Petrucci, F and Savrié, M and Scarpa, M and Wahl, H and Baldini, W and Cotta Ramusino, A and Gianoli, A and Calvetti, M and Celeghini, E and Iacopini, E and Lenti, M and Ruggiero, G and Bizzeti, A and Veltri, M and Behler, M and Eppard, K and Hita-Hochgesand, M and Kleinknecht, K and Marouelli, P and Masetti, L and Moosbrugger, U and Morales Morales, C and Renk, B and Wache, M and Wanke, R and Winhart, A and Coward, D and Dabrowski, A and Fonseca Martin, T and Shieh, M and Szleper, M and Velasco, M and Wood, M.D and Anzivino, G and Imbergamo, E and Nappi, A and Piccini, M and Raggi, M and Valdata-Nappi, M and Cenci, P and Pepe, M and Petrucci, M.C and Costantini, F and Doble, N and Fiorini, L and Giudici, S and Pierazzini, G and Sozzi, M and Venditti, S and Collazuol, G and DiLella, L and Lamanna, G and Mannelli, I and Michetti, A and Cerri, C and Fantechi, R and ... and NA48 2 Collaboration and The NA48/2 collaboration and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States)
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Journal Article
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 2020, Volume 578, Issue 7793, pp. 82 - 93
Journal Article
by Roncaglioni, Maria Carla and Barlera, Simona and Tombesi, Massimo and Tognoni, Gianni and Nicolis, E.B and Casola, C and Marrocco, W and Franzosi, M.G and Alli, C and Beghi, E and Bertele', V and Baviera, M and Monesi, L and Scarano, M and Marfisi, R.M and Macino, L and Ferri, B and Pera, C and Abbatino, D and Acquati, M and Addorisio, G and Adinolfi, D and Adreani, L and Agneta, A and Agostini, N and Agostino, G and Airò, A and Alecci, G and Alfè, L and Ancora, A and Andreatta, E and Annicchiarico, C and Aprea, R and Aprile, A and Aprile, E and Aprile, I and Aprile, L and Arnetoli, M and Aronica, A and Bacca, G and Bacci, M and Baglio, G and Baiano, A and Baldari, A and Ballarini, L and Bandera, R and Bandini, F and Barbieri Vita, A and Barlocchi, M and Baron, P and Bartoli, M and Basile, F and Battaggia, A and Battaglia, A and Beconcini, G and Belfiore, P.A and Bellamoli, S and Bellini, C and Benetollo, C and Bertaso, F.G and Bettelli, G and Biagiotti, G and Bianchi, S and Bisanti, G and Boidi, E and Boldrin, G and Bollati, A and Bolzan, L and Bolzonella, S and Bonissone, D and Bonollo, E and Borghi, M and Borioli, N and Borsatto, M and Bosco, T and Bosisio Pioltelli, M and Botarelli, C and Bova, G and Bozzani, A and Braglia, M and Bramati, E and Breglia, G and Brescia, A and Brocchi, A and Buscaglia, E and Bussotti, A and Buzzaccarini, F and Buzzatti, A and Caccamo, G and Cacciavillani, C and Caggiano, G and Calciano, F.P and Calienno, S and Campanaro, M and Campanella, G.B and Canali, G and Candiani, D.E and Canino, A and Capotosto, P and Cappelli, B and ... and The Risk and Prevention Study Collaborative Group and Risk Prevention Study Collaborativ and Risk and Prevention Study Collaborative Group
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 05/2013, Volume 368, Issue 19, pp. 1800 - 1808
Journal Article
by Avanzini, F and Tognoni, G and Tombesi, M and Tombesi, M and Tognoni, G and Massa, E and Micalella, M and Avanzini, F and Geraci, E and Giansiracusa, N and Rocchetti, L and Monesi, L and Marzona, I and Baviera, M and Clerici, F and Palumbo, A and Sgaroni, G and Silletta, M. G and Pioggiarella, R and Flamminio, A and Polidoro, A and Acquati, M and Adreani, L and Agostini, N and Airo, A and Alaimo, N and Albano, M and Albano, N and Alemanno, S and Alfarano, M and Alonzo, N and Andiloro, S and Angeli, S and Angilletti, V and Annicchiarico, C and Aprea, R and Aprile, E and Aprile, I and Autiero, V and Ballarini, L and Bandini, F and Barbieri, A and Barlocchi, M and Bartoli, M and Basile, A and Basile, S and Bau, A and Belicchi, M and Bellamoli, S and Bellomo, M and Benetti, R and Beretta, E and Bertalero, P and Bertaso, F. G and Bettelli, G and Bianchi, S and Bianco, G and Biccari, F and Bigioli, F and Bisanti, G and Bitetti, E. M and Blasetti, M. P and Boato, V and Boga, S and Boidi, E and Boldrin, G and Bollati, A and Bolzan, L and Bonardi, P and Bonfitto, G and Bono, L and Bonollo, E and Borioli, N and Bosco, T and Pioltelli, M. Bosisio and Botarelli, C and Bottini, F and Bova, V and Braga, V. T and Braglia, M and Bramati, E and Brazzoli, C and Breglia, G and Brigato, G and Brocchi, A and Brosio, F. A and Bussotti, A and Buzzaccarini, F and Buzzatti, A and Cacciavillani, C and Caggiano, G and Caimi, V and Calderisi, M and Canali, G and Carano, Q and Carcaterra, V and Carriero, D and Cartanese, M and Casalena, M and Casarola, M and ... and Rischio Prevenzione Investigators and Rischio and Prevenzione Investigators
Trials, ISSN 1745-6215, 05/2010, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 68 - 68
Journal Article