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by S. Molinari and B. Swinyard and J. Bally and M. Barlow and J.-P. Bernard and P. Martin and T. Moore and A. Noriega-Crespo and R. Plume and L. Testi and A. Zavagno and A. Abergel and B. Ali and P. André and J.-P. Baluteau and M. Benedettini and O. Berné and N. P. Billot and J. Blommaert and S. Bontemps and F. Boulanger and J. Brand and C. Brunt and M. Burton and L. Campeggio and S. Carey and P. Caselli and R. Cesaroni and J. Cernicharo and S. Chakrabarti and A. Chrysostomou and C. Codella and M. Cohen and M. Compiegne and C. J. Davis and P. de Bernardis and G. de Gasperis and J. Di Francesco and A. M. di Giorgio and D. Elia and F. Faustini and J. F. Fischera and Y. Fukui and G. A. Fuller and K. Ganga and P. Garcia-Lario and M. Giard and G. Giardino and J: Glenn and P. Goldsmith and M. Griffin and M. Hoare and M. Huang and B. Jiang and C. Joblin and G. Joncas and M. Juvela and J. Kirk and G. Lagache and J. Z. Li and T. L. Lim and S. D. Lord and P. W. Lucas and B. Maiolo and M. Marengo and D. Marshall and S. Masi and F. Massi and M. Matsuura and C. Meny and V. Minier and M.-A. Miville-Deschênes and L. Montier and F. Motte and T. G. Müller and P. Natoli and J. Neves and L. Olmi and R. Paladini and D. Paradis and M. Pestalozzi and S. Pezzuto and F. Piacentini and M. Pomarès and C. C. Popescu and W. T. Reach and J. Richer and I. Ristorcelli and A. Roy and P. Royer and D. Russeil and P. Saraceno and M. Sauvage and P. Schilke and N. Schneider-Bontemps and F. Schuller and B. Schultz and D. S. Shepherd and B. Sibthorpe and H. A. Smith and ...
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, ISSN 0004-6280, 03/2010, Volume 122, Issue 889, pp. 314 - 325
Journal Article
by Molinari, S and Swinyard, B and Bally, J and Barlow, M and Bernard, J.-P and Martin, P and Moore, T and Noriega-Crespo, A and Plume, R and Testi, L and Zavagno, A and Abergel, A and Ali, B and Anderson, L and André, P and Baluteau, J.-P and Battersby, C and Beltrán, M.T and Benedettini, M and Billot, N and Blommaert, J and Bontemps, S and Boulanger, F and Brand, J and Brunt, C and Burton, M and Calzoletti, L and Carey, S and Caselli, P and Cesaroni, R and Cernicharo, J and Chakrabarti, S and Chrysostomou, A and Cohen, M and Compiegne, M and De Bernardis, P and De Gasperis, G and Di Giorgio, A.M and Elia, D and Faustini, F and Flagey, N and Fukui, Y and Fuller, G.A and Ganga, K and Garcia-Lario, P and Glenn, J and Goldsmith, P.F and Griffin, M and Hoare, M and Huang, M and Ikhenaode, D and Joblin, C and Joncas, G and Juvela, M and Kirk, J.M and Lagache, G and Li, J.Z and Lim, T.L and Lord, S.D and Marengo, M and Marshall, D.J and Masi, S and Massi, F and Matsuura, M and Minier, V and Miville-Deschênes, M.-A and Montier, L.A and Morgan, L and Motte, F and Mottram, J.C and Müller, T.G and Natoli, P and Neves, J and Olmi, L and Paladini, R and Paradis, D and Parsons, H and Peretto, N and Pestalozzi, M and Pezzuto, S and Piacentini, F and Piazzo, L and Polychroni, D and Pomarès, M and Popescu, C.C and Reach, W.T and Ristorcelli, I and Robitaille, J.-F and Robitaille, T and Rodón, J.A and Roy, A and Royer, P and Russeil, D and Saraceno, P and Sauvage, M and Schilke, P and Schisano, E and Schneider, N and Schuller, F and Schulz, B and ...
Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN 0004-6361, 2010, Volume 518, Issue 8, p. L100
We present the first results from the science demonstration phase for the Hi-GAL survey, the Herschel key program that will map the inner Galactic plane of the... 
ISM: clouds | Stars: formation | Galaxy: general | ISM: structure | stars: formation | MOLECULAR CLOUDS | GALACTIC PLANE | ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS | MU-M | Physics - Astrophysics of Galaxies | Solar and Stellar Astrophysics | Sciences of the Universe | Astrophysics | Physics
Journal Article
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, ISSN 0035-8711, 10/2017, Volume 471, Issue 1, pp. 100 - 143
Journal Article
Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN 0004-6361, 05/2017, Volume 601, p. A124
Journal Article
by Lis, D. C and Pearson, J. C and Neufeld, D. A and Schilke, P and Mueller, H. S. P and Gupta, H and Bell, T. A and Comito, C and Phillips, T. G and Bergin, E. A and Ceccarelli, C and Goldsmith, P. F and Blake, G.A and Bacmann, A and Bauy, A and Benedettini, M and Benz, A and Black, J and Boogert, A and Bottinelli, S and Cabrit, S and Caselli, P and Castets, A and Caux, E and Cernicharo, J and Codella, C and Coutens, A and Crimier, N and Crockett, N. R and Daniel, F and Demyk, K and Dominic, C and Dubernet, M. -L and Emprechtinger, M and Encrenaz, P and Falgarone, E and Fuente, A and Gerin, M and Giesen, T. F and Goicoechea, J. R and Helmich, F and Hennebelle, P and Henning, Th and Herbst, E and Hily-Blant, P and Hjalmarson, A and Hollenbach, D and Jack, T and Joblin, C and Johnstone, D and Kahane, C and Kama, M and Kaufman, M and Klotz, A and Langer, W. D and Larsson, B and Le Bourlot, J and Lefloch, B and Le Petit, F and Li, D and Liseau, R and Lord, S. D and Lorenzani, A and Maret, S and Martin, P. G and Melnick, G. J and Menten, K. M and Morris, P and Murphy, J. A and Nagy, Z and Nisini, B and Ossenkopf, V and Pacheco, S and Pagani, L and Parise, B and Perault, M and Plume, R and Qin, S.-L and Roueff, E and Salez, M and Sandqvist, A and Saraceno, P and Schlemmer, S and Schuster, K and Snell, R and Stutzki, J and Tielens, A and Trappe, N and van der Tak, F. F. S and van der Wiel, M. H. D and van Dishoeck, E and Vastel, C and Viti, S and Wakelam, V and Walters, A and Wang, S and Wyrowski, F and Yorke, H. W and Yu, S and Zmuidzinas, J and ... and Stockholms universitet and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Institutionen för astronomi
Astronomy & astrophysics, ISSN 0004-6361, 10/2010, Volume 521, Issue 1, p. L9
Journal Article
Astronomy and astrophysics, ISSN 1432-0746, 10/2010, Volume 521, Issue 1, p. L20
We present initial results from the Herschel GT key program: Herschel observations of EXtra-Ordinary Sources (HEXOS) and outline the promise and potential of... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN 0004-6361, 2016, Volume 591
Aims. We present the first public release of high-quality data products (DR1) from Hi-GAL, the Herschel infrared Galactic Plane Survey. Hi-GAL is the keystone... 
stars: formation | infrared: ISM | dust, extinction | Galaxy: disk | methods: data analysis | techniques: photometric | Planes | Infrared | Images | Space telescopes | Catalogues | Aerial surveys | Longitude | Photometry | Physics - Astrophysics of Galaxies
Journal Article
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, ISSN 0022-2852, 09/2016, Volume 327, pp. 95 - 104
The Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy, CDMS, was founded 1998 to provide in its catalog section line lists of mostly molecular species which are or... 
Database | Astrochemistry | Radio astronomy | Line identification | Rotational spectroscopy | Hamiltonian | MILLIMETER | STATES | FORMATE | PHYSICS, ATOMIC, MOLECULAR & CHEMICAL | ROTATIONAL SPECTRUM | GLOBAL ANALYSIS | TERAHERTZ SPECTROSCOPY | PARAMETERS | EARLY SCIENCE | SPECTROSCOPY | SUBMILLIMETER | TRANSITIONS | Databases | Analysis | Spectrum analysis | Astronomy
Journal Article
by ALMA Partnership, [Unknown] and Fomalont, E. B and Vlahakis, C and Corder, S and Remijan, A and Barkats, D and Lucas, R and Hunter, T. R and Brogan, C. L and Asaki, Y and Matsushita, S and Dent, W. R. F and Hills, R. E and Phillips, N and Richards, A. M. S and Cox, P and Amestica, R and Broguiere, D and Cotton, W and Hales, A. S and Hiriart, R and Hirota, A and Hodge, J. A and Impellizzeri, C. M. V and Kern, J and Kneissl, R and Liuzzo, E and Marcelino, N and Marson, R and Mignano, A and Nakanishi, K and Nikolic, B and Perez, J. E and Pérez, L. M and Toledo, I and Alao, R and Butler, B and Cortes, J and Cortes, P and Dhawan, V and Di Francesco, J and Espada, D and Galarza, F and Garcia-Appadoo, D and Guzman-Ramirez, L and Humphreys, E. M and Jung, T and Kameno, S and Laing, R. A and Leon, S and Mangum, J and Marconi, G and Nagai, H and Nyman, L.-A and Radiszcz, M and Rodón, J. A and Sawada, T and Takahashi, S and Tilanus, R. P. J and van Kempen, T and Vila Vilaro, B and Watson, L. C and Wiklind, T and Gueth, F and Tatematsu, K and Wootten, A and Castro-Carrizo, A and Chapillon, E and Dumas, G and de Gregorio-Monsalvo, I and Francke, H and Gallardo, J and Garcia, J and Gonzalez, S and Hibbard, J. E and Hill, T and Kaminski, T and Karim, A and Krips, M and Kurono, Y and Lopez, C and Martin, S and Maud, L and Morales, F and Pietu, V and Plarre, K and Schieven, G and Testi, L and Videla, L and Villard, E and Whyborn, N and Alves, F and Aneani, P and Avison, A and Barta, M and Bedosti, F and Bendo, G. J and Bertoldi, F and Bethermin, M and Biggs, A and ... and ALMA Partnership
Astrophysical Journal Letters, ISSN 2041-8205, 07/2015, Volume 808, Issue 1, pp. L1 - 11
Journal Article