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Gynakologe, ISSN 0017-5994, 05/2018, Volume 51, Issue 5, pp. 403 - 408
Journal Article
Bundesgesundheitsblatt - Gesundheitsforschung - Gesundheitsschutz, ISSN 1436-9990, 3/2014, Volume 57, Issue 3, pp. 307 - 311
Die für Frauen der Allgemeinbevölkerung ohne ein familiär erhöhtes Brustkrebsrisiko zur Verfügung stehenden Brustkrebsfrüherkennungsuntersuchungen sind für die... 
Public Health | Familiäres Mammakarzinom | Medicine & Public Health | Surveillance | BRCA2 gene | General Practice / Family Medicine | Hereditary breast cancer | BRCA1 | BRCA2 | BRCA1 gene | Früherkennung
Journal Article
Onkologe, ISSN 0947-8965, 03/2015, Volume 21, Issue 3, pp. 202 - 210
Journal Article
Bundesgesundheitsblatt - Gesundheitsforschung - Gesundheitsschutz, ISSN 1436-9990, 03/2014, Volume 57, Issue 3, p. 307
Breast cancer surveillance programs for the general population are not adequate for the small number of women with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer... 
Diagnosis | Cancer | Ovarian cancer
Journal Article
Der Onkologe, ISSN 0947-8965, 03/2015, Volume 21, Issue 3, p. 202
Hintergrund It has now become obvious that specific genotypes are associated with specific tumor phenotypes. Breast cancers of BRCA1 mutation carriers are... 
Gene mutations | Health aspects
Journal Article
Der Gynäkologe, ISSN 0017-5994, 10/2014, Volume 47, Issue 10, pp. 769 - 772
Beim erblichen Mamma- und Ovarialkarzinom ist in etwa 50 % der Fälle die Ursache der Erkrankung eine Mutation in den Genen BRCA1 oder BRCA2, die Mitte der... 
PARP-Inhibitoren | Poly ADP ribose polymerase inhibitor | Familial breast and ovarian cancer | Targeted therapy | Gene mutation | Gynecology | Familiärer Brust- und Eierstockkrebs | Chemotherapie | Chemotherapy | Medicine & Public Health | Obstetrics/Perinatology | Zielgerichtete Therapie | Endocrinology | Genmutation
Journal Article
Der Gynakologe, ISSN 0017-5994, 10/2014, Volume 47, Issue 10, p. 769
Hintergrund Approximately one half of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer cases are due to mutations in the high risk genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 which were... 
Gene mutations | Sugars | Monosaccharides | Ovarian cancer
Journal Article
Forum, ISSN 0947-0255, 03/2015, Volume 30, Issue 2, pp. 139 - 142
Journal Article
Forum, ISSN 0947-0255, 11/2013, Volume 28, Issue 6, pp. 431 - 435
Bei etwa jeder 500. Frau der Allgemeinbevölkerung liegt eine erbliche Krebsbelastung mit Veränderungen in einem Hochrisiko-Gen (BRCA1 und BRCA2) vor.Als... 
Hematology | Gynecology | Oncology | Internal Medicine | Radikale Mastektomie | Salpingo-oophorectomy | Präventivmaßnahmen | Radical mastectomy | Medicine & Public Health | BRCA1 -Gen | BRCA2 gene | BRCA2 -Gen | Salpingoophorektomie | Surgical Oncology | BRCA1 gene | Preventive measures
Journal Article
by Mavaddat, N and Barrowdale, D and Anulis, I.L and Domchek, S.M and Eccles, D and Nevanlinna, H and Ramus, S.J and Spurdle, A and Robson, M and Sherman, M and Mulligan, A.M and Couch, F.J and Engel, C and McGuffog, L and Healey, S and Sinilnikova, O.M and Southey, M.C and Terry, M.B and Goldgar, D and O'Malley, F and John, E.M and Janavicius, R and Tihomirova, L and Hansen, T.V and Nielsen, F.C and Osorio, A and Stavropoulou, A and Benitez, J and Manoukian, S and Peissel, B and Barile, M and Volorio, S and Pasini, B and Dolcetti, R and Putignano, A.L and Ottini, L and Radice, P and Hamann, U and Rashid, M.U and Hogervorst, F.B.L and Kriege, M and Luijt, R.B. van der and Peock, S and Frost, D and Evans, D.G and Brewer, C and Walker, L and Rogers, M.T and Side, L.E and Houghton, C and Weaver, J and Godwin, A.K and Schmutzler, R.K and Wappenschmidt, B and Meindl, A and Kast, K and Arnold, N and Niederacher, D and Sutter, C and Deissler, H and Gadzicki, D and Preisler-Adams, S and Varon-Mateeva, R and Schonbuchner, I and Gevensleben, H and Stoppa-Lyonnet, D and Belotti, M and Barjhoux, L and Isaacs, C and Peshkin, B.N and Caldes, T and Hoya, M. de la and Canadas, C and Heikkinen, T and Heikkila, P and Aittomaki, K and Blanco, I and Lazaro, C and Brunet, J and Agnarsson, B.A and Arason, A and Barkardottir, R.B and Dumont, M and Simard, J and Montagna, M and Agata, S and D'Anea, E and Yan, M and Fox, S and Rebbeck, T.R and Rubinstein, W and Tung, N and Garber, J.E and Wang, X and Fredericksen, Z and Pankratz, V.S and Lindor, N.M and Szabo, C and Offit, K and Sakr, R and ... and kConFab Investigators and HEBON and EMBRACE and GEMO Study Collaborators and SWE-BRCA Collaborators and Consortium Investigators Modifiers and Consortium of Investigators of Modifiers of BRCA1/2 and for EMBRACE and for HEBON and for the Consortium of Investigators of Modifiers of BRCA1/2 and for SWE-BRCA Collaborators and for kConFab Investigators and for GEMO Study Collaborators and Onkologi och Patologi, MV and EpiHealth: Epidemiology for Health and Lund University and Oncology and Pathology, MV and Lunds universitet
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, ISSN 1055-9965, 2012, Volume 21, Issue 1, pp. 134 - 147
Journal Article
Der Gynakologe, ISSN 0017-5994, 01/2010, Volume 43, Issue 1, p. 79
Mammakarzinome sind uberwiegend sporadischen Ursprungs, wahrend 5--10% erblich bedingt sind. Von diesen sind etwa 50% mit Mutationen in den Brustkrebsgenen... 
Genetic counseling | Gene mutations | Analysis | Health aspects
Journal Article
Der Gynäkologe, ISSN 0017-5994, 1/2010, Volume 43, Issue 1, pp. 79 - 86
Mammakarzinome sind überwiegend sporadischen Ursprungs, während 5–10% erblich bedingt sind. Von diesen sind etwa 50% mit Mutationen in den Brustkrebsgenen... 
Prophylaktische Operationen | Mutationsträgerinnen | PARP-Inhibitoren | Familial breast cancer | BRCA -Gene | Prophylactic surgery | Gynecology | PARP inhibitors | Familiäres Mammakarzinom | Medicine & Public Health | Obstetrics/Perinatology | BRCA genes | Mutation carriers | Endocrinology
Journal Article
Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde, ISSN 0016-5751, 2012, Volume 72, Issue 9, pp. 833 - 839
Journal Article
JAMA : Journal of the American Medical Association, ISSN 0098-7484, 2017, Volume 317, pp. 2402 - 2416
Importance: The clinical management of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers requires accurate, prospective cancer risk estimates. Objectives: To estimate... 
Journal Article
by Peterlongo, P and Chang-Claude, J and Moysich, K.B and Rudolph, A and Schmutzler, R.K and Simard, J and Soucy, P and Eeles, R.A and Easton, D.F and Hamann, U and Wilkening, S and Chen, B and Rookus, M.A and Schmidt, M.K and Baan, F.H. van der and Spurdle, A.B and Walker, L.C and Lose, F and Maia, A.T and Montagna, M and Matricardi, L and Lubinski, J and Jakubowska, A and Garcia, E.B and Olopade, O.I and Nussbaum, R.L and Nathanson, K.L and Domchek, S.M and Rebbeck, T.R and Arun, B.K and Karlan, B.Y and Orsulic, S and Lester, J and Chung, W.K and Miron, A and Southey, M.C and Goldgar, D.E and Buys, S.S and Janavicius, R and Dorfling, C.M and Rensburg, E.J. van and Ding, Y.C and Neuhausen, S.L and Hansen, T.V and Gerdes, A.M and Ejlertsen, B and Jonson, L and Osorio, A and Martinez-Bouzas, C and Benitez, J and Conway, E.E and Blazer, K.R and Weitzel, J.N and Manoukian, S and Peissel, B and Zaffaroni, D and Scuvera, G and Barile, M and Ficarazzi, F and Mariette, F and Fortuzzi, S and Viel, A and Giannini, G and Papi, L and Martayan, A and Tibiletti, M.G and Radice, P and Vratimos, A and Fostira, F and Garber, J.E and Donaldson, A and Brewer, C and Foo, C and Evans, D.G and Frost, D and Eccles, D and Brady, A and Cook, J and Tischkowitz, M and Adlard, J and Barwell, J and Walker, L and Izatt, L and Side, L.E and Kennedy, M.J and Rogers, M.T and Porteous, M.E and Morrison, P.J and Platte, R and Davidson, R and Hodgson, S.V and Ellis, S and Cole, T and Godwin, A.K and Claes, K and Maerken, T. Van and Meindl, A and Gehrig, A and Sutter, C and Engel, C and ... and KConFab Investigators and HEBON and EMBRACE and GEMO Study Collaborators and on behalf of HEBON and on behalf of KConFab Investigators and on behalf of EMBRACE and on behalf of GEMO Study Collaborators and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Institutionen för immunologi, genetik och patologi and Uppsala universitet
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, ISSN 1055-9965, 2015, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp. 308 - 316
Journal Article
Clinical Oncology, ISSN 0936-6555, 2009, Volume 21, Issue 6, pp. 448 - 450
Journal Article
Verhandlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Pathologie, ISSN 0070-4113, 2005, Volume 89, pp. 25 - 34
Journal Article
medizinische genetik, ISSN 0936-5931, 6/2013, Volume 25, Issue 2, pp. 259 - 277
Während mit der Entdeckung der Hochrisikogene „breast cancer 1“ (BRCA1) und „breast cancer 2“ (BRCA2) in den Jahren 1994/1995 die Erforschung des hereditären... 
Human Genetics | Prognose | Pediatrics | Genetische Beratung | Prognosis | Neoplasms | Sekundärprävention | Genetik | Biomedicine | Genetic counseling | Obstetrics/Perinatology | Neoplasien | Secondary prevention | Genetics | Reproductive Medicine
Journal Article
by Dunning, A.M and Michailidou, K and Kuchenbaecker, K.B and Thompson, D and French, J.D and Beesley, J and Healey, C.S and Kar, S and Pooley, K.A and Lopez-Knowles, E and Dicks, E and Barrowdale, D and Sinnott-Armstrong, N.A and Sallari, R.C and Hillman, K.M and Kaufmann, S and Sivakumaran, H and Marjaneh, M. Moradi and Lee, J.S and Hills, M and Jarosz, M and ry, S and Canisius, S and Bolla, M.K and Dennis, J and Wang, Q and Hopper, J.L and Southey, M.C and Broeks, A and Schmidt, M.K and Lophatananon, A and Muir, K and Beckmann, M.W and Fasching, P.A and Dos-Santos-Silva, I and Peto, J and Sawyer, E.J and Tomlinson, I and Burwinkel, B and Marme, F and Guenel, P and Truong, T and Bojesen, S.E and Flyger, H and Gonzalez-Neira, A and Perez, J.I and Anton-Culver, H and Eunjung, L and Arndt, V and Brenner, H and Meindl, A and Schmutzler, R.K and Brauch, H and Hamann, U and Aittomaki, K and Blomqvist, C and Ito, H and Matsuo, K and Bogdanova, N and Dork, T and Lindblom, A and Margolin, S and Kosma, V.M and Mannermaa, A and Tseng, C.C and Wu, A.H and Lambrechts, D and Wildiers, H and Chang-Claude, J and Rudolph, A and Peterlongo, P and Radice, P and Olson, J.E and Giles, G.G and Milne, R.L and Haiman, C.A and Henderson, B.E and Goldberg, M.S and Teo, S.H and Yip, C.H and Nord, S and Borresen-Dale, A.L and Kristensen, V and Long, J and Zheng, W and Pylkas, K and Winqvist, R and Anulis, I.L and Knight, J.A and Devilee, P and Seynaeve, C and Figueroa, J and Sherman, M.E and Czene, K and Darabi, H and Hollestelle, A and Ouweland, A.M. van den and Humphreys, K and Gao, Y.T and Shu, X.O and ... and Lund University and Division of Clinical Genetics and Kemisk fysik and Avdelningen för klinisk genetik and BioCARE: Biomarkers in Cancer Medicine improving Health Care, Education and Innovation and Lunds universitet and Chemical Physics
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2016, Volume 48, pp. 374 - 386
We analyzed 3,872 common genetic variants across the ESR1 locus (encoding estrogen receptor alpha) in 118,816 subjects from three international consortia. We... 
Clinical Medicine | Medical and Health Sciences | Klinisk medicin | Cancer and Oncology | Medicin och hälsovetenskap | Cancer och onkologi
Journal Article
Der Gynakologe, ISSN 0017-5994, 11/2009, Volume 42, Issue 11, p. 847
Die Bedeutung eines familiar erhohten Risikos fur Mamma- und Ovarialkarzinom ruckt immer mehr ins Bewusstsein von Betroffenen und Leistungserbringern im... 
Chemotherapy | Genetic counseling | Analysis | Medical genetics | Genetic screening | Cancer
Journal Article
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