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2015, ISBN 9781137365804, xiii, 196
Public Credit Rating Agencies argues for the creation of national public credit rating agencies, offering the first in-depth discussion of its implied role and... 
Business cycles | Capital investments | Credit bureaus
Journal of Economic Issues, ISSN 0021-3624, 04/2019, Volume 53, Issue 2, pp. 433 - 439
The choice of value theory reflects one's vision of how markets function within a capitalist market economy. This choice is crucial for understanding how... 
heterodox | analytical political economy | vision | pluralism | value | ECONOMICS
Journal Article
Journal of Economic Issues, ISSN 0021-3624, 04/2016, Volume 50, Issue 2, pp. 549 - 556
Depending on one's vision as to the inherent stability or instability of a market economy, credit either enhances stability or promotes instability. As such,... 
E5 | capital | B4 | B5 | fragility | monetary policy | stability | ECONOMICS | Market economies | Monetary policy | Social policy
Journal Article
11/2013, 2014, ISBN 9783642361203, Volume 9783642361210, 271
Political economy focuses on issues that are fundamental to individual and collective well-being and rests on the proposition that economic phenomena do not... 
Economics/Management Science | Economic Policy | Public Finance & Economics | Political Economy | Economics
11/2013, ISBN 9783642361203, 270
Political economy focuses on issues that are fundamental to individual and collective well-being and rests on the proposition that economic phenomena do not... 
Stilwell, Frank J. B | Moral and ethical aspects | Economic policy | Australia | Neoliberalism | Free enterprise | Comparative economics
Survey of Anesthesiology, ISSN 0039-6206, 02/2016, Volume 60, Issue 1, p. 26
Journal Article
Journal of the National Cancer Institute, ISSN 0027-8874, 06/2015, Volume 107, Issue 6, p. 1
  Several treatment strategies target the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) in breast carcinomas, including monoclonal antibodies directed... 
Molecules | Epidermal growth factor | Monoclonal antibodies | Amino acids | Mutation | Cells
Journal Article
Journal Article
Review of Radical Political Economics, ISSN 0486-6134, 9/2018, Volume 50, Issue 3, pp. 549 - 575
The Review of Radical Political Economics (RRPE) continues to offer cutting-edge contributions to radical political economics and, as such, is considered to be... 
B12 | B24 | crisis | B14 | neoliberal | heterodox | political economy | theory of value | B51 | B41 | TRANSFORMATION PROBLEM | ECONOMICS | NEOLIBERAL CAPITALISM | Radicalism | Contributions (Donations)
Journal Article
Journal of Economic Surveys, ISSN 0950-0804, 07/2008, Volume 22, Issue 3, pp. 498 - 535
This paper surveys the history and current status of country risk assessment. The motivation is to understand why it is that country risk assessors have such a... 
Country risk | Financial crises | Risk assessment | Ratings | risk assessment | OF-PAYMENTS CRISES | CREDIT RATINGS | MODELS | ratings | ECONOMICS | DEBT SERVICING CAPACITY | financial crises | country risk | Studies | Economic theory | Economic crisis
Journal Article
by Klinger, Rebecca Y and James, Olga G and Borges-Neto, Salvador and Bisanar, Tiffany and Li, Yi-Ju and Qi, Wenjing and Berger, Miles and Terrando, Niccolò and Newman, Mark F and Doraiswamy, P Murali and Mathew, Joseph P and Weiner, Michael W and Aisen, Paul and Weiner, Michael and Petersen, Ronald and Jack, Clifford R and Jagust, William and Trojanowki, John Q and Toga, Arthur W and Beckett, Laurel and Green, Robert C and Saykin, Andrew J and Morris, John and Shaw, Leslie M and Khachaturian, Zaven and Sorensen, Greg and Carrillo, Maria and Kuller, Lew and Raichle, Marc and Paul, Steven and Davies, Peter and Fillit, Howard and Hefti, Franz and Holtzman, David and Mesulam, M Marcel and Potter, William and Snyder, Peter and Schwartz, Adam and Montine, Tom and Thomas, Ronald G and Donohue, Michael and Walter, Sarah and Gessert, Devon and Sather, Tamie and Jiminez, Gus and Balasubramanian, Archana B and Mason, Jennifer and Sim, Iris and Harvey, Danielle and Bernstein, Matthew and Fox, Nick and Thompson, Paul and Schuff, Norbert and DeCArli, Charles and Borowski, Bret and Gunter, Jeff and Senjem, Matt and Vemuri, Prashanthi and Jones, David and Kantarci, Kejal and Ward, Chad and Koeppe, Robert A and Foster, Norm and Reiman, Eric M and Chen, Kewei and Mathis, Chet and Landau, Susan and Morris, John C and Cairns, Louis Nigel J and Franklin, Erin and Taylor-Reinwald, Lisa and Lee, Virginia and Korecka, Magdalena and Figurski, Michal and Crawford, Karen and Neu, Scott and Foroud, Tatiana M and Potkin, Steven and Shen, Li and Faber, Kelley and Kim, Sungeun and Nho, Kwangsik and Thal, Lean and Thal, Leon and Buckholtz, Neil and Snyder, Peter J and Albert, Marilyn and Frank, Richard and Hsiao, John and Kaye, Jeffrey and Quinn, Joseph and Silbert, Lisa and Lind, Betty and Carter, Raina and Dolen, Sara and Schneider, Lon S and Pawluczyk, Sonia and Becerra, Mauricio and Teodoro, Liberty and Spann, Bryan M and ... and Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) Study Group and Neurologic Outcomes Research Group (NORG)
Anesthesiology, ISSN 0003-3022, 04/2018, Volume 128, Issue 4, pp. 728 - 744
BACKGROUND:Amyloid deposition is a potential contributor to postoperative cognitive dysfunction. The authors hypothesized that 6-week global cortical amyloid... 
Journal Article
04/2016, Handbooks of Research Methods and Applications series, ISBN 9781782548454, 15
Business cycles are a notoriously elusive phenomenon for theorists, practitioners, and policy-makers. They are just one of a multitude of cyclical behaviors... 
History of Economic Thought | Research Methods in Economics | Methodology of Economics | Radical and Feminist Economics | Post-Keynesian Economics
Book Chapter
Journal of the American College of Radiology, ISSN 1546-1440, 05/2019, Volume 16, Issue 5, pp. S300 - S314
There are a wide variety of diseases that affect the thyroid gland ranging from hyperplastic to neoplastic, autoimmune, or inflammatory. They can present with... 
Papillary | Thyroid malignancy | Hyperthyroidism | Appropriate Use Criteria | Thyroid nodule | Medullary | Appropriateness Criteria | AUC | Thyroid
Journal Article
11/2014, ISBN 3642361218, Volume 9783642361210
Book Chapter
by Tejinder S Chhina and Harry Lapierre and Zane S Jackson and Howard M Leong-Poi and Jerome M Teitel and David A Latter and Bradley H Strauss and Peter L Gross and C David Mazer and Richard Brull and Colin J L McCartney and Sherif Abbas and Hugo Nova and Regan Rawson and Vincent W S Chan and Joel Katz and Brent Graham and Dimitri Anastakis and Herbert von Schroeder and Alexandre Lallo and Pierre Drolet and Mélanie Lacroix and Kong E You-Ten and Valerie B Caraiscos and Erin M Elliot and Victor Y Cheng and John F MacDonald and Beverley A Orser and Bertrand Lau and Ban C H Tsui and Heather L Mollison and William P S McKay and Rajesh Patel and Vance Chow and October Negraeff and Rana Karam and H Yang and K Raymer and R Butler and J Parlow and R Roberts and David C Campbell and Terrance W Breen and Stephen Halpern and Holly Muir and Robert Nunn and Rita Katznelson and Keyvan Karkouti and Mohammed Ghannam and Esam Abdelnaem and Jo Carroll and Stuart McCluskey and Terrence M Yau and Jacek Karski and Gregory M T Hare and Xiamao Li and Rong Qu and May S M Cheung and Carla Coackley and Andrew J Baker and Michael Ronayne and Dajun Song and Frances Chung and Barnaby Ward and Suntheralingam Yogendran and Carolyn Sibbick and Lisa C Silcox and Ted L Ashbury and Brian Milne and Elizabeth G VanDen Kerkhof and Pamela J Morgan and Doreen Cleave-Hogg and Susan DeSousa and Louie Wang and Jelka Lujic and Niamh I Donnelly and Clint J Torok-Both and Barry Finegan and Michael J Jacka and Barry A Finegan and Rajiv Chawla and Ravi K Agrawal and Mahendra Kumar and David H Goldstein and James E Paul and Monakshi Sawhney and W Scott Beattie and Richard F McLean and Joel L Parlow and Deborah A Tod and Dmitri Souzdalnitski and Elena Sourovtseva and Donald Livingstone and Gil Faclier and Jason Sawyer and Joseph Kay and Arsenio Avila and Mrinalini Balki and Pirjo H Manninen and Karolinah Lukitto and ...
Canadian Journal of Anesthesia, ISSN 0832-610X, 06/2004, Volume 51, p. A59
Journal Article
by Chhina, Tejinder S and Lapierre, Harry and Jackson, Zane S and Leong-Poi, Howard M and Teitel, Jerome M and Latter, David A and Strauss, Bradley H and Gross, Peter L and Mazer, C David and Brull, Richard and McCartney, Colin J. L and Abbas, Sherif and Nova, Hugo and Rawson, Regan and Chan, Vincent W. S and Katz, Joel and Graham, Brent and Anastakis, Dimitri and von Schroeder, Herbert and Lallo, Alexandre and Drolet, Pierre and Lacroix, Mélanie and You-Ten, Kong E and Caraiscos, Valerie B and Elliot, Erin M and Cheng, Victor Y and MacDonald, John F and Orser, Beverley A and Lau, Bertrand and Tsui, Ban C. H and Mollison, Heather L and McKay, William P. S and Patel, Rajesh and Chow, Vance and Negraeff, October and Karam, Rana and Yang, H and Raymer, K and Butler, R and Parlow, J and Roberts, R and Campbell, David C and Breen, Terrance W and Halpern, Stephen and Muir, Holly and Nunn, Robert and Katznelson, Rita and Karkouti, Keyvan and Ghannam, Mohammed and Abdelnaem, Esam and Carroll, Jo and McCluskey, Stuart and Yau, Terrence M and Karski, Jacek and Hare, Gregory M. T and Li, Xiamao and Qu, Rong and Cheung, May S. M and Coackley, Carla and Baker, Andrew J and Ronayne, Michael and Song, Dajun and Chung, Frances and Ward, Barnaby and Yogendran, Suntheralingam and Sibbick, Carolyn and Silcox, Lisa C and Ashbury, Ted L and Milne, Brian and VanDen Kerkhof, Elizabeth G and Morgan, Pamela J and Cleave-Hogg, Doreen and DeSousa, Susan and Wang, Louie and Lujic, Jelka and Donnelly, Niamh I and Torok-Both, Clint J and Finegan, Barry and Jacka, Michael J and Finegan, Barry A and Chawla, Rajiv and Agrawal, Ravi K and Kumar, Mahendra and Goldstein, David H and Paul, James E and Sawhney, Monakshi and Beattie, W Scott and McLean, Richard F and Parlow, Joel L and Tod, Deborah A and Souzdalnitski, Dmitri and Sourovtseva, Elena and Livingstone, Donald and Faclier, Gil and Sawyer, Jason and Kay, Joseph and Avila, Arsenio and Balki, Mrinalini and Manninen, Pirjo H and Lukitto, Karolinah and ...
Canadian Journal of Anesthesia, ISSN 0832-610X, 6/2004, Volume 51, Issue S1, pp. A1 - A98
Journal Article