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International Journal of Surgery, ISSN 1743-9191, 2014, Volume 12, pp. S76 - S76
Journal Article
by Glasbey, James C and Harries, Rhiannon L and Beamish, Andrew J and Gokani, Vimal J and Mohan, Helen and Williams, Adam P and Fleming, Simon and Chai, Aaron and Singh, Abhinav and Stoneham, Adam C.S and Lunt, Adam J and Rehman, Adeeb H and Dhahri, Adeel A and Yvon, Adrien R.A and Dutta, Agneish and Abou-Foul, Ahmad K and Abdelrahman, Ahmed and Daoub, Ahmed and Sanalla, Ahmed and de Gea Rico, Aitor and Konarski, Alastair and Ward, Alex E and Wilkin, Alex J and Winter, Alexandra K and Arnaout, Ali and Bakhsh, Ali and Esfandiari, Alireza and Hardy, Alistair W and Khan, Amad N and Thacoor, Amitabh and Gavrila, Ana D and Nedea, Anca-Mihaela and Fontalis, Andreas and Hall, Andrew J and Williamson, Andrew J and Kosti, Angeliki and Harlinska, Anna and Adimonye, Anthony and Egglestone, Anthony and Thaventhiran, Anthony J and Myatt, Antonia and Vusirikala, Anuhya and Rawashdeh, Arab S and Paramasivan, Arjun C and Cotton, Arthur E and Scrimshire, Ashley B and Ramesh, Ashwanth C and Krishnamoorthy, Ashwin K and Ahmed, Asif and Abdul-Hamid, Ayeshah and Khan, Ayushah and Oremule, Babatunde and Ho, Beatrice and Barkham, Ben and Collard, Ben and Edgar, Ben F and Drake, Benjamin and John, Bethan E and Gordon, Catherine R and Rossborough, Catherine and Park, Chang Y and Seretis, Charalampos and Johnson, Charles H.N and Gill, Charn and Serino, Chiara and Ogbuokiri, Chinomso I and Swords, Chloe and Kang, Chong Y and McKinnon, Chris and Brown, Christopher E and Manning, Christopher J and Marusza, Christopher J and Jones, Christopher P and Forde, Cillian T and Wilson, Claire L and Koh, Claudia and Horgan, Conal and Lin, Daniel J and Ashmore, Daniel L and Ness, Daniel and Akhtar, Daniel O and Doherty, Daniel T and Scholfield, Daniel W and Ensor, David C and Bratt, David G and Spence, David J.R and Thomson, David R and Ferguson, David W and Apparau, Denish and Navaratnam, Devaraj M and Mai, Dinh and Rutherford, Duncan G and Karam, Edward and Wu, Eiling and Zimmermann, Eleanor F and Douka, Eleftheria and Flatt, Elinor and Kane, Elizabeth G and Thornhill, Elizabeth L and Gammeri, Emanuele and ... and Writing group and Project steering group and ASiT/BOTA Lost Tribe Study Group and Project Steering Grp and ASiT BOTA Lost Tribe Study Grp and Writing Grp
International Journal of Surgery, ISSN 1743-9191, 04/2018, Volume 52, pp. 376 - 382
Journal Article
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