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Journal of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry, ISSN 0022-3050, 12/2020
Journal Article
by Masliah, Eliezer and Spillantini, Maria Grazia and Welsh-Bohmer, Kathleen A and Hulette, Christine Marie and Hardy, John and Halliday, Glenda M and Hamilton, Ronald L and Mesulam, Marsel and Kretzschmar, Hans A and Growdon, John H and Alafuzoff, Irina and Wang, Li-San and Seelaar, Harro and Woltjer, Randall L and Cummings, Jeffrey and Ferrer, Isidro and Kumar-Singh, Samir and Rademakers, Rosa and Levey, Allan I and Hartikainen, Päivi and Mackenzie, Ian R A and Woodruff, Bryan K and Lee, Virginia M-Y and Spina, Salvatore and Hodges, John and Schellenberg, Gerard D and DeCarli, Charles and Heutink, Peter and Rohrer, Jonathan D and Mann, David M A and van der Zee, Julie and van Swieten, John C and Grafman, Jordan and al-Sarraj, Safa and Ellis, William G and McKee, Ann C and Riederer, Peter F and Vonsattel, Jean Paul G and Lah, James J and Van Broeckhoven, Christine and Lladó, Albert and Vinters, Harry V and Lieberman, Andrew P and Frosch, Matthew P and Graff-Radford, Neill R and Grossman, Murray and Bogdanovic, Nenad and Trojanowski, John Q and Seilhean, Danielle and Reiman, Eric M and Cairns, Nigel J and Schneider, Julie A and Dickson, Dennis W and Alzualde, Ainhoa and Bennett, David A and Kwok, John B J and Neumann, Manuela and de Munain, Adolfo Lopez and Miller, Carol A and Van Deerlin, Vivianna M and McLean, Catriona Ann and Tuñón, M Teresa and Ghetti, Bernardino and Freeman, Stefanie H and Gilman, Sid and Rosenberg, Roger N and Dekosky, Steven T and Sleiman, Patrick M A and Mayeux, Richard and Gearing, Marla and Cotman, Carl W and Sano, Mary and Martinez-Lage, Maria and Murrell, Jill R and Marson, Daniel and Kaye, Jeffrey A and Martínez, M Cristina Caballero and Pickering-Brown, Stuart M and Kril, Jillian J and Boeve, Bradley F and Arnold, Steven E and Troncoso, Juan C and Munoz, David G and Beach, Thomas G and Ince, Paul G and Miller, Bruce L and Bird, Thomas D and Chen-Plotkin, Alice and Perl, Daniel P and Galasko, Douglas and Troakes, Claire and Lashley, Tammaryn and Shaw, Pamela J and White, Charles L and Bigio, Eileen H and Carroll, Steven L and Morris, John C and Chui, Helena C and Hakonarson, Hakon and Feldman, Howard H
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 03/2010, Volume 42, Issue 3, pp. 234 - 239
Journal Article
Journal of neurology, ISSN 0340-5354, 05/2010, Volume 257, Issue 5, pp. 747 - 753
Journal Article
by Pottier, Cyril and Zhou, Xiaolai and Perkerson, Ralph B and Baker, Matt and Jenkins, Gregory D and Serie, Daniel J and Ghidoni, Roberta and Benussi, Luisa and Binetti, Giuliano and López de Munain, Adolfo and Zulaica, Miren and Moreno, Fermin and Le Ber, Isabelle and Pasquier, Florence and Hannequin, Didier and Sánchez-Valle, Raquel and Antonell, Anna and Lladó, Albert and Parsons, Tammee M and Finch, NiCole A and Finger, Elizabeth C and Lippa, Carol F and Huey, Edward D and Neumann, Manuela and Heutink, Peter and Synofzik, Matthis and Wilke, Carlo and Rissman, Robert A and Slawek, Jaroslaw and Sitek, Emilia and Johannsen, Peter and Nielsen, Jørgen E and Ren, Yingxue and van Blitterswijk, Marka and DeJesus-Hernandez, Mariely and Christopher, Elizabeth and Murray, Melissa E and Bieniek, Kevin F and Evers, Bret M and Ferrari, Camilla and Rollinson, Sara and Richardson, Anna and Scarpini, Elio and Fumagalli, Giorgio G and Padovani, Alessandro and Hardy, John and Momeni, Parastoo and Ferrari, Raffaele and Frangipane, Francesca and Maletta, Raffaele and Anfossi, Maria and Gallo, Maura and Petrucelli, Leonard and Suh, EunRan and Lopez, Oscar L and Wong, Tsz H and van Rooij, Jeroen G J and Seelaar, Harro and Mead, Simon and Caselli, Richard J and Reiman, Eric M and Noel Sabbagh, Marwan and Kjolby, Mads and Nykjaer, Anders and Karydas, Anna M and Boxer, Adam L and Grinberg, Lea T and Grafman, Jordan and Spina, Salvatore and Oblak, Adrian and Mesulam, M-Marsel and Weintraub, Sandra and Geula, Changiz and Hodges, John R and Piguet, Olivier and Brooks, William S and Irwin, David J and Trojanowski, John Q and Lee, Edward B and Josephs, Keith A and Parisi, Joseph E and Ertekin-Taner, Nilüfer and Knopman, David S and Nacmias, Benedetta and Piaceri, Irene and Bagnoli, Silvia and Sorbi, Sandro and Gearing, Marla and Glass, Jonathan and Beach, Thomas G and Black, Sandra E and Masellis, Mario and Rogaeva, Ekaterina and Vonsattel, Jean-Paul and Honig, Lawrence S and Kofler, Julia and Bruni, Amalia C and Snowden, Julie and Mann, David and Pickering-Brown, Stuart and ...
Lancet neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 06/2018, Volume 17, Issue 6, pp. 548 - 558
Journal Article
by Bergeron, David and Gorno-Tempini, Maria L and Rabinovici, Gil D and Santos-Santos, Miguel A and Seeley, William and Miller, Bruce L and Pijnenburg, Yolande and Keulen, M. Antoinette and Groot, Colin and van Berckel, Bart N. M and van der Flier, Wiesje M and Scheltens, Philip and Rohrer, Jonathan D and Warren, Jason D and Schott, Jonathan M and Fox, Nick C and Sanchez-Valle, Raquel and Grau-Rivera, Oriol and Gelpi, Ellen and Seelaar, Harro and Papma, Janne M and van Swieten, John C and Hodges, John R and Leyton, Cristian E and Piguet, Olivier and Rogalski, Emily J and Mesulam, Marsel M and Koric, Lejla and Nora, Kristensen and Pariente, Jeereemie and Dickerson, Bradford and Mackenzie, Ian R and Hsiung, Ging-Yuek R and Belliard, Serge and Irwin, David J and Wolk, David A and Grossman, Murray and Jones, Matthew and Harris, Jennifer and Mann, David and Snowden, Julie S and Chrem-Mendez, Patricio and Calani, Ismael L and Amengual, Alejana A and Miguet-Alfonsi, Carole and Magnin, Eloi and Magnani, Giuseppe and Santangelo, Roberto and Deramecourt, Vincent and Pasquier, Florence and Mattsson, Niklas and Nilsson, Christer and Hansson, Oskar and Keith, Julia and Masellis, Mario and Black, Sana E and Matias-Guiu, Jordi A and Cabrera-Martin, Maria-Nieves and Paquet, Claire and Dumurgier, Julien and Teichmann, Marc and Sarazin, Marie and Bottlaender, Michel and Dubois, Bruno and Rowe, Christopher C and Villemagne, Victor L and Vandenberghe, Rik and Granadillo, Elias and Teng, Edmond and Mendez, Mario and Meyer, Philipp T and Frings, Lars and Lleo, Alberto and Blesa, Rafael and Fortea, Juan and Seo, Sang Won and Diehl-Schmid, Janine and Grimmer, Timo and Frederiksen, Kristian Steen and Sanchez-Juan, Pascual and Chetelat, Gael and Jansen, Willemijn and Bouchard, Remi W and Laforce, Robert Jr and Visser, Pieter Jelle and Ossenkoppele, Rik and et al
Annals of neurology, ISSN 0364-5134, 11/2018, Volume 84, Issue 5, pp. 729 - 740
Journal Article