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Neural Computation, ISSN 0899-7667, 10/2016, Volume 28, Issue 10, p. 2063
  Large multiscale neuronal network simulations are of increasing value as more big data are gathered about brain wiring and organization under the auspices of... 
Brain | Neurosciences | Simulation | Neural networks | Neurons
Journal Article
BMC Neuroscience, ISSN 1471-2202, 12/2015, Volume 16, Issue S1
Journal Article
Neural Computation, ISSN 1530-888X, 10/2016, Volume 28, Issue 10, pp. 2063 - 2090
Large multiscale neuronal network simulations are of increasing value as more big data are gathered about brain wiring and organization under the auspices of a... 
Letters | MODEL | NEUROSCIENCES | INTEROPERABILITY | COMPUTER SCIENCE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE | Networks | Brain | Computer simulation | Data management | Computation | Neural networks | Neurons | Mathematical models | Software | High Performance Computing | Simulation neurotechnology | Neuronal networks
Journal Article
by Newton, Adam J. H and Seidenstein, Alexandra H and McDougal, Robert A and Pérez-Cervera, Alberto and Huguet, Gemma and M-Seara, Tere and Haimerl, Caroline and Angulo-Garcia, David and Torcini, Alessandro and Cossart, Rosa and Malvache, Arnaud and Skiker, Kaoutar and Maouene, Mounir and Ragognetti, Gianmarco and Lorusso, Letizia and Viggiano, Andrea and Marcelli, Angelo and Senatore, Rosa and Parziale, Antonio and Stramaglia, S and Pellicoro, M and Angelini, L and Amico, E and Aerts, H and Cortés, J and Laureys, S and Marinazzo, D and Bassez, I and Faes, L and Almgren, Hannes and Razi, Adeel and Van de Steen, Frederik and Krebs, Ruth and Aerts, Hannelore and Kanari, Lida and Dlotko, Pawel and Scolamiero, Martina and Levi, Ran and Shillcock, Julian and de Kock, Christiaan P.J and Hess, Kathryn and Markram, Henry and Ly, Cheng and Marsat, Gary and Gillespie, Tom and Sandström, Malin and Abrams, Mathew and Grethe, Jeffrey S and Martone, Maryann and De Gernier, Robin and Solinas, Sergio and Rössert, Christian and Haelterman, Marc and Massar, Serge and Pasquale, Valentina and Pastore, Vito Paolo and Martinoia, Sergio and Massobrio, Paolo and Capone, Cristiano and Tort-Colet, Núria and Sanchez-Vives, Maria V and Mattia, Maurizio and Almasi, Ali and Cloherty, Shaun L and Grayden, David B and Wong, Yan T and Ibbotson, Michael R and Meffin, Hamish and Prince, Luke Y and Tsaneva-Atanasova, Krasimira and Mellor, Jack R and Mazzoni, Alberto and Rosa, Manuela and Carpaneto, Jacopo and Romito, Luigi M and Priori, Alberto and Micera, Silvestro and Migliore, Rosanna and Lupascu, Carmen Alina and Franchina, Francesco and Bologna, Luca Leonardo and Romani, Armando and Saray, Sára and Van Geit, Werner and Káli, Szabolcs and Thomson, Alex and Mercer, Audrey and Lange, Sigrun and Falck, Joanne and Muller, Eilif and Schürmann, Felix and Todorov, Dmitrii and Capps, Robert and Barnett, William and Molkov, Yaroslav and Devalle, Federico and Pazó, Diego and Montbrió, Ernest and Mochol, Gabriela and Azab, Habiba and ...
BMC Neuroscience, ISSN 1471-2202, 08/2017, Volume 18, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 82
Journal Article
Scholarpedia journal, ISSN 1941-6016, 2015, Volume 10, Issue 3, p. 32015
Journal Article
by Sharpee, Tatyana O and Destexhe, Alain and Kawato, Mitsuo and Sekulić, Vladislav and Skinner, Frances K and Wójcik, Daniel K and Chintaluri, Chaitanya and Cserpán, Dorottya and Somogyvári, Zoltán and Kim, Jae Kyoung and Kilpatrick, Zachary P and Bennett, Matthew R and Josić, Kresimir and Elices, Irene and Arroyo, David and Levi, Rafael and Rodriguez, Francisco B and Varona, Pablo and Hwang, Eunjin and Kim, Bowon and Han, Hio-Been and Kim, Tae and McKenna, James T and Brown, Ritchie E and McCarley, Robert W and Choi, Jee Hyun and Rankin, James and Popp, Pamela Osborn and Rinzel, John and Tabas, Alejandro and Rupp, André and Balaguer-Ballester, Emili and Maturana, Matias I and Grayden, David B and Cloherty, Shaun L and Kameneva, Tatiana and Ibbotson, Michael R and Meffin, Hamish and Koren, Veronika and Lochmann, Timm and Dragoi, Valentin and Obermayer, Klaus and Psarrou, Maria and Schilstra, Maria and Davey, Neil and Torben-Nielsen, Benjamin and Steuber, Volker and Ju, Huiwen and Yu, Jiao and Hines, Michael L and Chen, Liang and Yu, Yuguo and Kim, Jimin and Leahy, Will and Shlizerman, Eli and Birgiolas, Justas and Gerkin, Richard C and Crook, Sharon M and Viriyopase, Atthaphon and Memmesheimer, Raoul-Martin and Gielen, Stan and Dabaghian, Yuri and DeVito, Justin and Perotti, Luca and Kim, Anmo J and Fenk, Lisa M and Cheng, Cheng and Maimon, Gaby and Zhao, Chang and Widmer, Yves and Sprecher, Simon and Senn, Walter and Halnes, Geir and Mäki-Marttunen, Tuomo and Keller, Daniel and Pettersen, Klas H and Andreassen, Ole A and Einevoll, Gaute T and Yamada, Yasunori and Steyn-Ross, Moira L and Alistair Steyn-Ross, D and Mejias, Jorge F and Murray, John D and Kennedy, Henry and Wang, Xiao-Jing and Kruscha, Alexandra and Grewe, Jan and Benda, Jan and Lindner, Benjamin and Badel, Laurent and Ohta, Kazumi and Tsuchimoto, Yoshiko and Kazama, Hokto and Kahng, B and Tam, Nicoladie D and Pollonini, Luca and Zouridakis, George and Soh, Jaehyun and Kim, DaeEun and Yoo, Minsu and ... and the EyeWirers
BMC Neuroscience, ISSN 1471-2202, 08/2016, Volume 17, Issue S1
Journal Article
BMC neuroscience, 08/2016, Volume 17 Suppl 1, p. 54
Journal Article
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