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neurosciences (83) 83
middle aged (69) 69
animals (49) 49
immunology (43) 43
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neurology (37) 37
mice (34) 34
multiple sclerosis, relapsing-remitting - drug therapy (34) 34
multiple-sclerosis (33) 33
treatment outcome (33) 33
experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (31) 31
multiple sclerosis - immunology (28) 28
double-blind method (27) 27
brain - pathology (25) 25
interferon (25) 25
adolescent (24) 24
central-nervous-system (24) 24
abridged index medicus (22) 22
experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (22) 22
young adult (22) 22
cells, cultured (21) 21
clinical trials (21) 21
disability (21) 21
expression (21) 21
multiple sclerosis - pathology (21) 21
double-blind (20) 20
encephalomyelitis, autoimmune, experimental - immunology (19) 19
multiple sclerosis - drug therapy (19) 19
multiple sclerosis - genetics (19) 19
disease (18) 18
recurrence (18) 18
autoimmunity (17) 17
multiple sclerosis - metabolism (17) 17
research (17) 17
care and treatment (16) 16
demyelination (16) 16
lymphocytes (16) 16
analysis (15) 15
disability evaluation (15) 15
disease progression (15) 15
safety (15) 15
therapy (15) 15
cytokines (14) 14
interferon beta-1a (14) 14
t-cells (14) 14
time factors (14) 14
antibodies, monoclonal, humanized - therapeutic use (13) 13
brain (13) 13
dendritic cells (13) 13
factor-alpha (13) 13
gadolinium (13) 13
immunosuppressive agents - therapeutic use (13) 13
medicine, general & internal (13) 13
tumor-necrosis-factor (13) 13
alemtuzumab (12) 12
glatiramer acetate (12) 12
interferon-beta - therapeutic use (12) 12
medicine & public health (12) 12
multiple sclerosis, relapsing-remitting - pathology (12) 12
t-lymphocytes - immunology (12) 12
activation (11) 11
antibodies, monoclonal, humanized - adverse effects (11) 11
dose-response relationship, drug (11) 11
drug therapy (11) 11
encephalomyelitis, autoimmune, experimental - pathology (11) 11
lesions (11) 11
monoclonal antibodies (11) 11
multiple sclerosis - diagnosis (11) 11
myelin basic-protein (11) 11
neuroradiology (11) 11
brain - drug effects (10) 10
case-control studies (10) 10
cells (10) 10
follow-up studies (10) 10
mri (10) 10
patients (10) 10
receptor (10) 10
relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (10) 10
encephalomyelitis, autoimmune, experimental - metabolism (9) 9
immunosuppressive agents - administration & dosage (9) 9
multicenter (9) 9
placebo-controlled trial (9) 9
severity of illness index (9) 9
tumor necrosis factor-alpha - pharmacology (9) 9
aged (8) 8
brain - metabolism (8) 8
cytokines - metabolism (8) 8
flow cytometry (8) 8
immunosuppressive agents - adverse effects (8) 8
induction (8) 8
inflammation (8) 8
kaplan-meier estimate (8) 8
lymphocyte activation (8) 8
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by Fitzgerald, Kathryn C and Munger, Kassandra L and Hartung, Hans‐Peter and Freedman, Mark S and Montalbán, Xavier and Edan, Gilles and Wicklein, Eva‐Maria and Radue, Ernst‐Wilhelm and Kappos, Ludwig and Pohl, Christoph and Ascherio, Alberto and Strasser‐Fuchs, S and Berger, T and Vass, K and Sindic, C and Dubois, B and Dive, D and Debruyne, J and Metz, L and Rice, G and Duquette, P and Lapierre, Y and Freedman, M and Traboulsee, A and O'Connor, P and Štourač, P and Talab, R and Zapletalova, O and Kovařova, I and Medova, E and Fiedler, J and Frederiksen, J and Brochet, B and Moreau, T and Vermersch, P and Pelletier, J and Edan, G and Clanet, M and Clavelou, P and Lebrun‐Frenay, C and Gout, O and Kallela, M and Pirttila, T and Ruutiainen, J and Koivisto, K and Reunanen, M and Elovaara, I and Villringer, A and Altenkirch, H and Wessel, K and Hartung, H‐P and Steinke, W and Kölmel, H and Oschmann, P and Diem, R and Dressel, A and Hoffmann, F and Baum, K and Jung, S and Petereit, H and Reske, D and Sailer, M and Kohler, J and Sommer, N and Hohlfeld, R and Henn, K‐H and Tumani, H and Gold, R and Rieckmann, P and Komoly, R and Gacs, G and Jakab, G and Csiba, L and Vecsei, L and Miller, A and Karussis, D and Chapman, J and Ghezzi, A and Comi, G and Gallo, P and Cosi, V and Durelli, L and Anten, B and Visser, L and Myhr, K‐M and Szczudlik, A and Selmaj, K and Stelmasiak, Z and Podemski, R and Maciejek, Z and Cunha, L and Sega‐Jazbec, S and Montalban, X and Arbizu, T and Saiz, A and Barcena, J and Arroyo, R and Fernandez, O and Izquierdo, G and Casanova, B and ... and BENEFIT Study Grp and BENEFIT Study Group
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