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middle aged (77) 77
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biological and medical sciences (66) 66
magnetic resonance imaging (63) 63
medical sciences (56) 56
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abridged index medicus (49) 49
adult (49) 49
heart (39) 39
chemistry (36) 36
crystallography (36) 36
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cardiology. vascular system (32) 32
physics (32) 32
analysis (28) 28
technology (28) 28
cardiovascular diseases (24) 24
coronary angiography (24) 24
myocardium - pathology (24) 24
predictive value of tests (24) 24
research (24) 24
coronary heart disease (23) 23
echocardiography (23) 23
medicine (23) 23
risk factors (23) 23
reproducibility of results (22) 22
treatment outcome (22) 22
biochemistry & molecular biology (21) 21
cardiology (21) 21
heart diseases (21) 21
cardiovascular disease (20) 20
mortality (20) 20
prospective studies (20) 20
general & internal medicine (19) 19
medicine, general & internal (19) 19
time factors (19) 19
diagnosis (18) 18
magnetic resonance imaging, cine (18) 18
organic papers (18) 18
electrocardiography (17) 17
environmental sciences (17) 17
environmental sciences & ecology (17) 17
exact sciences and technology (17) 17
myocardial infarction (17) 17
pharmacology & pharmacy (17) 17
prognosis (17) 17
care and treatment (16) 16
coronary vessels (16) 16
heart attacks (16) 16
severity of illness index (16) 16
diseases of the circulatory system (15) 15
engineering (15) 15
heart failure (15) 15
aged, 80 and over (14) 14
cardiomyopathy (14) 14
contrast media (14) 14
physiology (14) 14
usage (14) 14
amino acid sequence (13) 13
applied sciences (13) 13
cardiovascular system (13) 13
case-control studies (13) 13
coronary artery bypass (13) 13
medical research (13) 13
patients (13) 13
sensitivity and specificity (13) 13
studies (13) 13
toxicology (13) 13
adolescent (12) 12
cardiac magnetic resonance (12) 12
cardiac patients (12) 12
cardiovascular magnetic resonance (12) 12
coronary artery disease (12) 12
crystal structure (12) 12
engineering, electrical & electronic (12) 12
fundamental and applied biological sciences. psychology (12) 12
heart attack (12) 12
magnetic resonance imaging, cine - methods (12) 12
medical imaging (12) 12
molecular sequence data (12) 12
peripheral vascular disease (12) 12
stroke volume (12) 12
surgery (12) 12
ventricular function, left (12) 12
cardiology and cardiovascular medicine (11) 11
follow-up studies (11) 11
magnetic resonance imaging - methods (11) 11
materials science (11) 11
materials science, multidisciplinary (11) 11
physics, applied (10) 10
chemistry, physical (9) 9
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Journal Article
Journal Article
by Bohula, Erin A and Dwyer, Jamie P and Keech, Anthony and Brown, Conville and Nicolau, Jose Carlos and Ray, Kauski and Lee, A and Lehman, R and Proietto, J and Blombery, P and d'Emden, M and Fortin, C and Kouz, S and Teitelbaum, I and Berlingieri, J and Twum-Barima, D and Perez, L and Saavedra Guajardo, V and Bayram Llamas, E and Llamas Esperon, G and Scott, D and Elliott, J and Łanda, K and Stasiewski, A and Zytkiewicz-Jaruga, D and Witek, R and Wujkowski, M and Skórski, M and Laskowska-Derlaga, E and Claxton, E and Boccalandro, F and Guarnieri, T and Singal, R and Condit, J and Einhorn, D and Schlager, D and Schramm, E and Soufer, J and Chilka, S and Wallace-Wilding, K and Aronoff, S and Karim, A and Raisinghani, A and Portnay, E and Cornett, G and Benjamin, S and Diener, J and Barker, B and Baldari, D and Zhang, L and Shayani, S and Andrawis, N and Gabra, N and Ghitis, A and Sabatino, K and Browder, D and Karlsberg, R and Wiseman, A and Gonzalez-Campoy, JM and Chokshi, S and Felten, W and Kuvin, J and Talano, J and Desai, V and Chane, M and Baron, S and Concha, M and Peterson, P and Jones, D and Longshaw, K and Jennings, W and Viswanath, D and Weinstein, D and Estevez, R and Levin, P and McNeill, R and Kalen, V and Tami, L and Cohen, K and Saba, F and Brown, J and Gorman, T and Pueblitz, G and Rink, L and Krichmar, P and Cohen, A and Tan, A and Kotek, L and Duffy, B and Lewis, D and Alberton, A and Stich, M and Davis, M and Rosario, R and Brinson, C and Abadier, R and Morris, F and Perez, A and Rodriguez, H and Izquierdo, W and CAMELLIA-TIMI 61 Steering Committee Investigators and CAMELLIA-TIMI61 Steering Comm
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 11/2018, Volume 392, Issue 10161, pp. 2269 - 2279
Journal Article
by Wanner, Christoph and Lachin, John M and Fideleff, H and Colombo, H and Zanella, M and Faludi, A and Henein, S and Jaramillo, N and Mirosevic, G and Lihn, A. Saetre and Gouet, D and Courreges, J and Estour, B and Clavel, S and Hadjadj, S and Metreveli, D and Lominadze, Z and Burtchuladze, T and Green, F and O'Brien, I and Benroubi, M and Dudas, M and Kulkarni, A and Juwana, Y and Efrati, S and Mazen, E and Arca, M and Calabro, P and Cignarelli, M and Moro, E and Furui, K and Suzuki, A and Gwon, H and Mohamed, W. Wan and Foo, S and Garcia Hernandez, P and Alpizar Salazar, M and Cardona Munoz, E and Gonkel, F and Zwiers, G and Dekelver, P and Heggen, E and Berz, A and De Los Santos, G and Liwag, A and Leitao, A and Duarte, R and Catrinoiu, D and Cosma, D and Arutyunov, G and Nikolaev, K and Belenkiy, D and Burgess, L and Venter, T and Govind, U and Jurgens, J and Vawda, H and Brito, M and Vidal, J and Llorente, I and Moreno, B and Lai, W and Yeh, H and De La Rosa, R and Wittmer, B and Seidner, M and Sandberg, M and Hoffman, J and Halpern, S and Chappell, D and Reeves, M and Shomali, M and Teltser, M and Syed, M and Peniston, J and Huffman, D and Gottschlich, G and Diaz, J and Eagerton, D and Anspach, R and Wahlen, J and Wehmeier, K and Rothman, J and Stroger, John H and Flippo, G and Curtis, C and Eder, F and Jain, M and Barker, B and Bretton, E and Pish, R and Maynard, B and Bratcher, C and Boscia, J and Lemis, P and Orr, R and Bowden, R and Bononi, P and Oskin, T and Gabra, N and EMPA-REG OUTCOME Investigators
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 07/2016, Volume 375, Issue 4, pp. 323 - 334
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Zwiener, Isabella and Ofstad, Anne Pernille and Zinman, Bernard and Waitman, J and Farias, J and Lehman, R and Schernthaner, G and Manenti, E and Henein, S and Imran, S. A and Bayly, K and Boucher, P and Ur, E and Olsovsky, J and Lihn, A. Saetre and Adojaan, B and Jakovlev, U and Petit, C and Mabire, P and Lemarie, B and Remaud, P and Halimi, J and Devers, M and Vryonidou, A and Geroo, L and Tabak, A and Reddy, S and Pillai, M and Saksono, H. Dante and Efrati, S and Herskovits, T and Bucci, M and Moro, E and Monno, S and Hiramatsu, N and Onishi, Y and Okubo, M and Ito, M and Vidrio Velazquez, M and Nierop, P and Heggen, E and Berz, A and Fossum, C and Karlsson, Thomas and Rodriguez Escudero, A and Lisson, R and Zapata, L and Ocicka-Kozakiewicz, A and Orlowska-Kunikowska, E and Leitao, A and Zetu, C and Crisan, C and Arutyunov, G and Krasilnikova, E and Lantseva, O and Obrezan, A and Distiller, L and Segura, J and Garcia-Ortiz, L and Vidal, J and Bulugahapitiya, D and Yeh, H and Piyayotai, D and Godlevska, O and Tseluyko, V and Mayfield, R and Fitz-Patrick, D and Bressler, P and Chappell, D and Cuddihy, R and Soufer, J and Miranda-Palma, B and Shomali, M and Syed, M and Peniston, J and Arena, C and Kereiakes, D and Chaykin, L and Fogelfeld, L and Kayne, D and Wysham, C and Velazquez, F and Feldman, G and Riley, E and Roberson, K and Pish, R and Maynard, B and Barager, W and Parmar, P and Patel, N and Pluto, T and Bratcher, C and Awad, A and Hoffman, K and Farris, N and Ajani, D and Dunmyer, S and Anderson, M and Prawer, J and Cruz, H and EMPA-REG OUTCOME Investigators
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ISSN 0735-1097, 06/2019, Volume 73, Issue 21, pp. 2780 - 2782
Journal Article