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by Aguilo, E and Dragicevic, M and Rahbaran, B and Strauss, J and Litomin, A and Missevitch, O and Ochesanu, S and Maes, M and Van Mulders, P and Villella, I and Wang, J and Ceard, L and Liao, J and Pin, A and Alves, G.A and De Jesus Damiao, D and De Oliveira Martins, C and Bernardes, C.A and Mercadante, P.G and Piperov, S and Tcholakov, V and Pavlov, B and Tao, J and Wang, Z and Yang, M and Zang, J and Liu, H.T and Mao, Y and Teng, H and Wang, D and Zou, W and Lelas, D and Mekterovic, D and Ptochos, F and Razis, P.A and Finger, M and Assran, Y and Raidal, M and Strumia, A and Eerola, P and Tuominen, E and Tuovinen, E and Anfreville, M and Denegri, D and Givernaud, A and Reymond, J.M and Baffioni, S and Charlot, C and Dalchenko, M and Haguenauer, M and Naranjo, I.N and Agram, J.-L and Conte, E and Van Hove, P and Beaupere, N and Chierici, R and Combaret, C and Contardo, D and El Mamouni, H and Giraud, N and Mathez, H and Vander Donckt, M and Lomidze, D and Heracleous, N and Biallass, P and Caudron, J and Dietz-Laursonn, E and Hilgers, G and Hof, C and Kreuzer, P and Magass, C and Merschmeyer, M and Sowa, M and Steggemann, J and Cherepanov, V and Geenen, H and Nowack, A and Sauerland, P and Stahl, A and Cakir, A and Costanza, F and Diez Pardos, C and Grebenyuk, A and Kleinwort, C and Kluge, H and Knutsson, A and Leonard, J and Marienfeld, M and Mnich, J and Olzem, J and Ron, E and Stein, M and Walsh, R and Enderle, H and Lange, J and Seidel, M and Sibille, J and Blüm, P and Chowdhury, S and De Boer, W and ... and CMS Collaboration and t and The CMS Collaboration and J
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 12/2012, Volume 338, Issue 6114, pp. 1569 - 1575
Journal Article
by Abadie, J and Abbott, B P and Abbott, R and Abbott, T and Accadia, T and Acernese, F and Adams, C and Adhikari, R X and Aggarwal, N and Allen, B and Ceron, E Amador and Anderson, R A and Anderson, W G and Arai, K and Araya, M C and Arceneaux, C and Aston, S M and Astone, P and Austin, L and Babak, S and Ballmer, S W and Barayoga, J C and Barker, D and Barnum, S H and Barr, B and Barsotti, L and Barsuglia, M and Basti, A and Batch, J and Beker, M G and Bell, A S and Bell, C and Belopolski, I and Bessis, D and Betzwieser, J and Beyersdorf, P T and Bhadbhade, T and Billingsley, G and Blackburn, J K and Bock, O and Bond, C and Bondu, F and Bonelli, L and Bonnand, R and Bork, R and Bose, S and Bosi, L and Bowers, J and Bradaschia, C and Braginsky, V B and Branchesi, M and Brannen, C A and Brau, J E and Breyer, J and Briant, T and Brillet, A and Brinkmann, M and Britzger, M and Brooks, A F and Brown, D A and Brown, D D and Bulten, H J and Buonanno, A and Buskulic, D and Byer, R L and Cadonati, L and Cagnoli, G and Bustillo, J Calderón and Calloni, E and Camp, J B and Canuel, B and Capano, C D and Carbognani, F and Carbone, L and Caride, S and Castiglia, A and Cavalier, F and Cavalieri, R and Cella, G and Cepeda, C and Cesarini, E and Chakraborty, R and Charlton, P and Chen, X and Chincarini, A and Chiummo, A and Chow, J and Chung, S and Ciani, G and Clara, F and Clark, D E and Clark, J A and Cohadon, P-F and Colombini, M and Constancio Jr, M and Conte, A and Coughlin, M W and Coward, D M and Cowart, M and Coyne, D C and ...
Classical and quantum gravity, ISSN 1361-6382, 06/2015, Volume 32, Issue 11, pp. 115012 - 115041
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 02/2015, Volume 372, Issue 6, pp. 528 - 536
Journal Article
by Abbott, B. P and Abbott, R and Adams, C and Adams, T and Adya, V. B and Aiello, L and Ajith, P and Allocca, A and Altin, P. A and Anderson, S. B and Araya, M. C and Arceneaux, C. C and Arnaud, N and Arun, K. G and Aston, S. M and Aufmuth, P and Aulbert, C and Babak, S and Bader, M. K. M and Baker, P. T and Baldaccini, F and Ballardin, G and Barclay, S. E and Barish, B. C and Barker, D and Barta, D and Bartlett, J and Basti, A and Bazzan, M and Belczynski, C and Bell, A. S and Bell, C. J and Berger, B. K and Bergman, J and Bergmann, G and Berry, C. P. L and Bersanetti, D and Bertolini, A and Bhagwat, S and Bhandare, R and Bilenko, I. A and Birnholtz, O and Biscans, S and Bitossi, M and Biwer, C and Bizouard, M. A and Blackburn, J. K and Blair, D. G and Bloemen, S and Bodiya, T. P and Bogaert, G and Bohe, A and Bondu, F and Boom, B. A and Branchesi, M and Brau, J. E and Brillet, A and Brooks, A. F and Brown, D. D and Brown, N. M and Buikema, A and Bulik, T and Buy, C and Cabero, M and Cadonati, L and Cagnoli, G and Cahillane, C and Calloni, E and Cannon, K. C and Cao, J and Capocasa, E and Caride, S and Casentini, C and Cavalier, F and Cavalieri, R and Baiardi, L. Cerboni and Chakraborty, R and Chamberlin, S. J and Chan, M and Chao, S and Chassande-Mottin, E and Chen, H. Y and Chen, Y and Cheng, C and Chincarini, A and Chiummo, A and Cho, H. S and Cho, M and Chow, J. H and Chu, Q and Clark, J. A and Coccia, E and Constancio, M and Cook, D and Corbitt, T. R and Cornish, N and Cortese, S and Costa, C. A and Countryman, S. T and Cowan, E. E and ... and LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration and LIGO Sci Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 1079-7114, 02/2016, Volume 116, Issue 6, pp. 061102 - 061102
On September 14, 2015 at 09: 50: 45 UTC the two detectors of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory simultaneously observed a transient... 
Physics, Multidisciplinary | Physical Sciences | Physics | Science & Technology | Intervals | Gravitational waves | Detectors | Waveforms | Luminosity | Texts | Black holes (astronomy) | Interferometers | General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology | Sciences of the Universe | Astrophysics | Cosmology and Extra-Galactic Astrophysics
Journal Article
by Hmayakyan, G and Adam, W and Bauer, T and Hänsel, S and Mikulec, I and Taurok, A and Walzel, G and Petrov, V and Dvornikov, O and Shumeiko, N and Solin, A and Mechelen, P Van and Weirdt, S De and Tavernier, S and Charaf, O and Hammad, G H and Neukermans, L and Pins, M and Stefanescu, J and Wickens, J and Caudron, J and Demin, P and Favart, D and Giammanco, A and Jonckman, M and Michotte, D and Militaru, O and Pierzchala, T and Souza, M H G and Oguri, V and Iope, R L and Anguelov, T and Piperov, S and Nasteva, I and Bian, J G and Liu, B and Shen, X Y and Tao, J and Wang, J and Yang, M and Zhang, Z and Ban, Y and Montoya, C A Carrillo and Soric, I and Antunovic, Z and Dzelalija, M and Fereos, R and Tsiakkouri, D and Kadastik, M and Raidal, M and Bulteau, P and Eiden, N and Heikkinen, A and Kotamäki, M and Kuronen, A and Lefébure, V and Lehti, S and Lindén, T and Wendland, L and Polese, G and Bassompierre, G and Karneyeu, A and Mendiburu, P and Peigneux, J P and Schneegans, M and Bredy, P and Chipaux, R and Denegri, D and Faure, J L and Kircher, F and Lemoigne, Y and Levesy, B and Lottin, J P and Mur, M and Rolquin, J and Rondeaux, F and Sun, Z H and Lysebetten, A Van and Bercher, M and Bernet, C and Berthon, U and Busata, A and Chamont, D and Debraine, A and Gilly, J and Riveros, L Guevara and Pukhaeva, N and Semeniouk, I and Anstotz, F and Claus, G and Coffin, J and Dick, N and Ernenwein, J P and Gaudiot, G and Hosselet, J and Jeanneau, F and Juillot, P and Kapp, M R and Ayat, L Lakehal and Bihan, A C Le and ... and CMS Collaboration
Journal of instrumentation, ISSN 1748-0221, 08/2008, Volume 3, Issue 8, pp. S08004 - S08004
The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detector is described. The detector operates at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. It was conceived to study... 
Overall mechanics design | Data processing methods | Digital electronic circuits | Calorimeters | Electronic detector readout concepts | Calibration and fitting methods | Gaseous detectors | Computing | Data acquisition circuits | Detector alignment and calibration methods | Cluster finding | Front-end electronics for detector readout | Trigger concepts and systems | Large detector systems for particle and astroparticle physics | Gamma detectors | Control and monitor systems online | Detector design and construction technologies and materials | Manufacturing | Optical detector readout concepts | Data acquisition concepts | Data reduction methods | Solid state detectors | Particle tracking detectors | Online farms and online filtering | Modular electronics | Scintillation and light emission processes | Detector grounding | VLSI circuits | Instrumentation for particle accelerators and storage rings-high energy | Detector control systems | Detector cooling and thermo-stabilization | Pattern recognition | Software architectures | Voltage distributions | Scintillators | Analysis and statistical methods | Particle identification methods | Special cables | Spectrometers | Digital signal processing | Analogue electronic circuits | Technology | Instruments & Instrumentation | Science & Technology | Instrumentation and Detectors | Physics
Journal Article