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ISSN 0004-637X, 2018
We present ALMA and ACA [CI]3P1−3P0 ([CI](1-0)) observations of NGC6240, which we combine with ALMA CO(2-1) and IRAM PdBI CO(1-0) data to study the physical... 
Journal Article
European journal of anaesthesiology, ISSN 0265-0215, 2017, Volume 34, Issue 8, pp. 492 - 507
Journal Article
by Cortegiani, A and Gregoretti, C and Neto, A.S and Hemmes, S.N.T and Hemmes, S and Ball, L and Canet, J and Hiesmayr, M and Hollmann, M and Hollmann, M.W and Mills, G.H and Mills, G and Melo, M.F.V and Melo, M.V and Putensen, C and Schmid, W and Severgnini, P and Wrigge, H and Gama de Abreu, M and Schultz, M and Schultz, M.J and Pelosi, P and Kroell, W and Metzler, H and Struber, G and Wegscheider, T and Gombotz, H and Urbanek, B and Kahn, D and Momeni, M and Pospiech, A and Lois, F and Forget, P and Grosu, I and Poelaert, J and Mossevelde, V and van Malderen, M.C and Dylst, D and Melkebeek, J.V and Beran, M and Hert, S.D and Baerdemaeker, L.D and Heyse, B and Limmen, J.V and Wyffels, P and Jacobs, T and Roels, N and Bruyne, A.D and Velde, S.V.D and Marina, J.Z and Dejana, D.O and Pernar, S and Zunic, J and Miskovic, P and Zilic, A and Kvolik, S and Ivic, D and Darija, A.V and Skiljic, S and Vinkovic, H and Oputric, I and Juricic, K and Frkovic, V and Kopic, J and Mirkovic, I and Saric, J.P and Erceg, G and Dvorscak, M.B and Branka, M.S and Pavicic, A.M and Goranovic, T and Maldini, B and Radocaj, T and Gavranovic, Z and Inga, M.B and Sehovic, M and Stourac, P and Harazim, H and Smekalova, O and Kosinova, M and Kolacek, T and Hudacek, K and Drab, M and Brujevic, J and Vitkova, K and Jirmanova, K and Volfova, I and Dzurnakova, P and Liskova, K and Dudas, R and Filipsky, R and Kafrawy, S.E and Abdelwahab, H.H and Metwally, T and Ahmed, A.G and Ahmed, A.R and Ahmed Mostafa, E.S and Hasan, W.F and Yassin, H and Magdy, M and ... and PROVE Network and European Soc Anaesthesiology and LAS VEGAS Investigators and LAS VEGAS Investigators, the PROVE Network, and the Clinical Trial Network of the European Society of Anaesthesiology
British Journal of Anaesthesia, ISSN 0007-0912, 03/2019, Volume 122, Issue 3, pp. 361 - 369
The aim of this analysis of a large cohort study was to evaluate the association between night-time surgery and the occurrence of intraoperative adverse events... 
intraoperative complications | postoperative complications | pulmonary | patient safety | general anaesthesia | Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine | yes | MORTALITY | PERFORMANCE | SLEEP-DEPRIVATION | MECHANICAL VENTILATION | TIME | STRATEGIES | ANESTHESIA | INCREASED RISK | ANESTHESIOLOGY | OUTCOMES
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 07/2016, Volume 375, Issue 2, pp. 143 - 153
Journal Article
by Bluth, T and Neto, AS and Schultz, MJ and Pelosi, P and de Abreu, MG and Bobek, I and Canet, JC and Cinella, G and de Baerdemaeker, L and Gregoretti, C and Hedenstierna, G and Hemmes, SNT and Hiesmayr, M and Hollmann, MW and Jaber, S and Laffey, J and Licker, MJ and Markstaller, K and Matot, I and Mills, GH and Mulier, JP and Putensen, C and Rossaint, R and Schmitt, J and Senturk, M and Severgnini, P and Sprung, J and Melo, MFV and Wrigge, H and Abelha, F and Abitagaoglu, S and Achilles, M and Adebesin, A and Adriaensens, I and Ahene, C and Akbar, F and Al Harbi, M and al Kallab, RA and Albanel, X and Aldenkortt, F and Alfouzan, RAS and Alruqaie, R and Altermatt, F and Araujo, BLD and Arbesu, G and Artsi, H and Aurilio, C and Ayanoglu, OH and Bacuzzi, A and Baig, H and Baird, Y and Balonov, K and Balust, J and Banks, S and Bao, X and Baumgartner, M and Tortosa, IB and Bergamaschi, A and Bergmann, L and Bigatello, L and Perez, EB and Birr, K and Bojaxhi, E and Bonenti, C and Bonney, I and Bos, EME and Bowman, S and Braz, LG and Brugnoni, E and Brull, SJ and Brunetti, I and Bruni, A and Buenvenida, SL and Busch, CJ and Camerini, G and Capatti, B and Carmona, J and Carungcong, J and Carvalho, M and Cattan, A and Cavaleiro, C and Chiumello, D and Ciardo, S and Coburn, M and Colella, U and Contreras, V and Dincer, PC and Cotter, E and Crovetto, M and Darrah, W and Davies, S and De Hert, S and Peces, ED and Delphin, E and Diaper, J and do Nascimento, P and Donatiello, V and Dong, J and Dourado, MD and Dullenkopf, A and ...
JAMA-JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, ISSN 0098-7484, 11/2019, Volume 322, Issue 18, pp. 1829 - 1830
Journal Article
by Canet, J and Sabate, S and Mazo, V and Gallart, L and de Abreu, MG and Belda, J and Langeron, O and Hoeft, A and Pelosi, P and Belda, FJ and Leva, B and Burimi, J and Halefi, T and Hoxha, A and Pilika, K and Selmani, I and Daout, V and Gauthier, C and Kahn, D and Momeni, M and Watremez, C and Straus, S and Djonovic-Manovic, D and Juros-Zovko, M and Komen-Usljebrka, H and Orlic, V and Stuck, I and Balakova, L and Kosinova, M and Krikava, I and Stoudek, R and Stourac, P and Zadrazilova, K and Janvekar, S and Karjagin, J and Roivassepp, K and Sormus, A and Cuvillon, P and Ibanez-Esteve, C and Raux, M and Nicolas-Robin, A and Winter, A and Brunier, M and Engelhard, K and Feldmann, RL and Lindemann, R and Mauff, S and Sebastiani, A and Zamperoni, C and Kessler, F and Wittmann, M and Bluth, T and Guldner, A and Kiss, T and Braz, K and Ruszkai, C and Micaglio, M and Ori, C and Parotto, M and Persona, P and Giuseppe, C and Carnesecchi, P and Lazzeroni, D and Lorenzi, I and Castellani, G and Sances, D and Spano, G and Tredici, S and Vezzoli, D and Brunetti, I and Di Noto, A and Gratarola, A and Molin, A and Montagnani, L and Pellerano, G and Fusari, M and Camici, L and Guzzetti, L and Marangoni, F and Severgnini, P and Di Mauro, P and Rapido, F and Tommasino, C and Nemme, I and Nemme, J and Blieka, J and Borodiciene, J and Budryte, B and Karbonskiene, A and Kiudulaite, I and Milieskaite, E and Rasimaviciute, R and Sireviciene, U and Stasaityte, R and Usas, E and Zarskiene, G and Kontrimaviciute, E and Sipylaite, J and Tomkute, G and Bardea, P and ... and PERISCOPE Grp and PERISCOPE group
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ANAESTHESIOLOGY, ISSN 0265-0215, 07/2015, Volume 32, Issue 7, pp. 458 - 470
Journal Article
European Journal of Anaesthesiology, ISSN 0265-0215, 02/2019, Volume 36, Issue 2, pp. 93 - 104
BACKGROUNDPostoperative pneumonia is associated with increased morbidity, mortality and costs. Prediction models of pneumonia that are currently available are... 
HEMORRHAGIC-SHOCK | SCORE | PULMONARY COMPLICATIONS | HYDROXYETHYL STARCH | VALIDATION | RISK | ANESTHESIOLOGY | INFECTION | RESUSCITATION | Treatment outcome | Care and treatment | Pneumonia | Usage | Regional anesthesia | Bacterial pneumonia | Analysis | Research
Journal Article