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by Robak, Tadeusz and Jin, Jie and Pylypenko, Halyna and Verhoef, Gregor and Siritanaratkul, Noppadol and Drach, Johannes and Raderer, Markus and Mayer, Jiri and Pereira, Juliana and Tumyan, Gayane and Okamoto, Rumiko and Nakahara, Susumu and Hu, Peter and Appiani, Carlos and Nemat, Sepideh and Cavalli, Franco and Van Hoof, Achiel and Sheliga, Adriana and Teixeira, Adriana and Tomita, Akihiro and Rocafiguera, Albert Oriol and Suvorov, Alexander and Kuzmin, Alexy and Khojasteh, Ali and Mezlini, Amel and Golenkov, Anatoly and Bosly, Andre and Belch, Andrew and Van De Velde, Ann and Illes, Árpád and Mukhopadhyay, Ashis and Meddeb, Balkis and De Prijck, Bernard and Garichochea, Bernardo and Undar, Bulent and Gabarrón, Caballero and Cao, Carmen and Souza, Carmino and Farber, Charles and Won Suh, Cheol and Burcoveanu, Cristina Ileana and Cebotaru, Cristina Ligia and Truica, Cristina-Ligia and Maruyama, Dai and Belada, David and Ben Yehuda, Dina and Udovitsa, Dmitry and Dolores and Morra, Enrica and Späth-Schwalbe, Ernst and Gonzalez-Barca, Eva and Osmanov, Evgenii and Capote, Francisco Javier and Offner, Fritz and Cardenas, Galvez and Heß, Georg and Manikhas, Georgii and Babu, Govind and Rekhtman, Grigoriy and Rossi, Guiseppe and Marques, Herlander and Marques, Margarida and Bumbea, Horia and Wang, Zhao and Wang, Huaqing and Huang, Huiqiang and Choi, Ilseung and Bulavina, Irina and Lysenko, Irina and Avivi, Irit and Kryachok, Iryna and Zaucha, Jan Maciej and Novak, Jan and Díaz, Joaquín and Demeter, Judit and Alexeeva, Julia and Zhu, Jun and Vilchevskaya, Kateryna and Ishizawa, Kenichi and Mauricio, Kenny and Tobinai, Kensei and Ando, Kiyoshi and Abdulkadryrov, Kudrat and Shih, Lee-Yung and Kuzina, Lyudmila and Gumus, Mahmut and De Wit, Maike and Capra, Marcelo and Golubeva, Marina and Ojeda-Uribe, Mario and Kyselyova, Maryna and Taniwaki, Masafumi and Federico, Massimo and Crump, Michael and Baccarani, Michele and Ogura, Michinori and Egyed, Miklós and Udvardy, Miklos and Kurosawa, Mitsutoshi and Uike, Naokuni and ... and LYM-3002 investigators
The Lancet Oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 11/2018, Volume 19, Issue 11, pp. 1449 - 1458
In the LYM-3002 study, the efficacy and safety of frontline bortezomib plus rituximab, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, and prednisone (VR-CAP) and rituximab,... 
NON-INFERIORITY | TRIAL | 1ST-LINE TREATMENT | IMMUNOCHEMOTHERAPY | MULTICENTER | NETWORK | MANAGEMENT | ONCOLOGY | PLUS RITUXIMAB | GUIDELINES | INDOLENT | Anthracyclines | Cyclophosphamide | Corticosteroids | Bortezomib | Analysis | Prednisone | Steroids
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