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by Thorgeirsson, T.E and Gudbjartsson, D.F and Surakka, I and Vink, J.M and Amin, N and Geller, F and Sulem, P and Rafnar, T and Esko, T and Walter, S and Gieger, C and Rawal, R and Mangino, M and Prokopenko, I and Magi, R and Keskitalo, K and Gudjonsdottir, I.H and Gretarsdottir, S and Stefansson, H and Thompson, J.R and Aulchenko, Y.S and Nelis, M and Aben, K.K.H and Heijer, M. den and Dirksen, A and Ashraf, H and Soranzo, N and Valdes, A.M and Steves, C and Uitterlinden, A.G and Hofman, A and Tonjes, A and Kovacs, P and Hottenga, J.J and Willemsen, G and Vogelzangs, N and Doring, A and Dahmen, N and Nitz, B and Pergadia, M.L and Saez, B and Diego, V. De and Lezcano, V and Garcia-Prats, M.D and Ripatti, S and Perola, M and Kettunen, J and Hartikainen, A.L and Pouta, A and Laitinen, J and Isohanni, M and Huei-Yi, S and Allen, M and Krestyaninova, M and Hall, A.S and Jones, G.T and Rij, A.M. van and Mueller, T and Dieplinger, B and Haltmayer, M and Jonsson, S and Matthiasson, S.E and Oskarsson, H and Tyrfingsson, T and Kiemeney, L.A.L.M and Mayordomo, J.I and Lindholt, J.S and Pedersen, J.H and Franklin, W.A and Wolf, H and Montgomery, G.W and Heath, A.C and Martin, N.G and Madden, P.A.F and Giegling, I and Rujescu, D and Jarvelin, M.R and Salomaa, V and Stumvoll, M and Spector, T.D and Wichmann, H.E and Metspalu, A and Samani, N.J and Penninx, B.W.J.H and Oostra, B.A and Boomsma, D.I and Tiemeier, H and Duijn, C.M. van and Kaprio, J and Gulcher, J.R and McCarthy, M.I and Peltonen, L and Thorsteinsdottir, U and Stefansson, K and ENGAGE Consortium and The ENGAGE Consortium
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2010, Volume 42, Issue 5, pp. 448 - 453
Journal Article
by Fall, Magnus and Hägg, Sara and Mägi, Reedik and Ploner, Alexander and Fischer, Krista and Horikoshi, Momoko and Sarin, A.-P and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Ladenvall, Claes and Kals, Mart and Kuningas, Maris and isma, Gerrit and Ried, Janina and Zuydam, Natalie and Huikari, Ville and Mangino, Massimo and Sonestedt, Emily and Benyamin, Beben and Nelson, Christopher P and Rivera, Natalia and Kristiansson, Kati and Shen, Huei-yi and Havulinna, Aki and Dehghan, Abbas and Donnelly, Louise and Kaakinen, Marika and Nuotio, Marja-Liisa and Robertson, Neil and Bruijn, Renée and Ikram, Arfan and Amin, Najaf and Balmforth, Anthony and Braund, Peter and Doney, Alex and Döring, Angela and Elliott, Paul and Esko, Tõnu and Franco, Oscar and Gretarsdottir, Solveig and Hartikainen, A.L and Heikkilä, Kauko and Herzig, K.H and Holm, Hilma and Hottenga, Jouke Jan and Hyppönen, Elina and Illig, Thomas and Isaacs, Aaron and Isomaa, Bo and Karssen, Lennart and Kettunen, Johannes and Koenig, Wolfgang and Kuulasmaa, Kari and Laatikainen, Tiina and Laitinen, Jaana and Lindgren, Cecilia and Lyssenko, Valeriya and Läärä, Esa and Rayner, Nigel William and Männistö, Satu and Pouta, Anneli and Rathmann, Wolfgang and Rivadeneira Ramirez, Fernando and Ruokonen, Aimo and Savolainen, Markku and Sijbrands, Eric and Small, Kerrin and Smit, Jan and Steinthorsdottir, Valgerdur and Syvanen, A.C and Taanila, Anja and Tobin, Martin and Uitterlinden, Ané and Willems, Sara and Willemsen, Gonneke and Witteman, Jacqueline and Perola, Markus and Evans, Anew and Ferrières, Jean and Virtamo, Jarmo and Kee, F and Tregouet, David-Alexane and Arveiler, Dominique and Amouyel, Philippe and Ferrario, Franco and Brambilla, Paolo and Hall, Anne and Heath, Anew and Madden, Pamela and Martin, Nicholas and Montgomery, Grant and Whitfield, John and Jula, Antti and Knekt, P and Oostra, Ben and Duijn, Cornelia and Penninx, Brenda and Davey-Smith, George and Kaprio, Jaakko and Samani, Nilesh and Gieger, Christian and ... and ENGAGE Consortium and European Network for Genetic and Genomic Epidemiology (ENGAGE) consortium and for the European Network for Genetic and Genomic Epidemiology (ENGAGE) consortium and Medicinska fakulteten and Science for Life Laboratory, SciLifeLab and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Molekylär medicin and Kardiovaskulär epidemiologi and Uppsala universitet and Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper
PLoS Medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 06/2013, Volume 10, Issue 6, pp. e1001474 - e1001474
Journal Article
BRITISH JOURNAL OF HOSPITAL MEDICINE, ISSN 1750-8460, 03/2019, Volume 80, Issue 3, pp. 173 - 173
Journal Article
Drug delivery and translational research, 10/2017, Volume 7, Issue 5, p. 609
Needle-free jet injections constitute a crucial method for drug delivery. A novel liquid drug delivery system has been proposed recently, in which pressure... 
Methylene Blue - administration & dosage | Skin - chemistry | Animals | Swine | Humans | Microinjections - methods | Models, Animal | Injections, Jet | Drug Delivery Systems
Journal Article
European Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 1018-4813, 04/2016, Volume 24, Issue 4, pp. 521 - 528
Journal Article
Drug Delivery and Translational Research, ISSN 2190-393X, 10/2017, Volume 7, Issue 5, pp. 609 - 616
Needle-free jet injections constitute a crucial method for drug delivery. A novel liquid drug delivery system has been proposed recently, in which pressure... 
Journal Article
Urological Science, ISSN 1879-5226, 12/2017, Volume 28, Issue 4, pp. 227 - 231
This study evaluated the relationship and postoperative glomerular filtration rate (GFR) between the living donors and the recipients in kidney... 
living donor | donor-recipient relationship | postoperative GFR | renal transplantation | kidney transplantation
Journal Article
by Tove Fall and Sara Hägg and Reedik Mägi and Alexander Ploner and Krista Fischer and Momoko Horikoshi and Antti-Pekka Sarin and Gudmar Thorleifsson and Claes Ladenvall and Mart Kals and Maris Kuningas and Harmen H M Draisma and Janina S Ried and Natalie R van Zuydam and Ville Huikari and Massimo Mangino and Emily Sonestedt and Beben Benyamin and Christopher P Nelson and Natalia V Rivera and Kati Kristiansson and Huei-yi Shen and Aki S Havulinna and Abbas Dehghan and Louise A Donnelly and Marika Kaakinen and Marja-Liisa Nuotio and Neil Robertson and A G de Bruijn and M Arfan Ikram and Najaf Amin and Anthony J Balmforth and Peter S Braund and Alexander S F Doney and Angela Döring and Paul Elliott and Tõnu Esko and Oscar H Franco and Solveig Gretarsdottir and Anna-Liisa Hartikainen and Kauko Heikkilä and Karl-Heinz Herzig and Hilma Holm and Jouke Jan Hottenga and Elina Hyppönen and Thomas Illig and Aaron Isaacs and Bo Isomaa and Lennart C Karssen and Johannes Kettunen and Wolfgang Koenig and Kari Kuulasmaa and Tiina Laatikainen and Jaana Laitinen and Cecilia Lindgren and Valeriya Lyssenko and Esa Läärä and Nigel W Rayner and Satu Männistö and Anneli Pouta and Wolfgang Rathmann and Fernando Rivadeneira and Aimo Ruokonen and Markku J Savolainen and Eric J G Sijbrands and Kerrin S Small and Jan H Smit and Valgerdur Steinthorsdottir and Ann-Christine Syvänen and Anja Taanila and Martin D Tobin and Andre G Uitterlinden and Sara M Willems and Gonneke Willemsen and Jacqueline Witteman and Markus Perola and Alun Evans and Jean Ferrières and Jarmo Virtamo and Frank Kee and David-Alexandre Tregouet and Dominique Arveiler and Philippe Amouyel and Marco M Ferrario and Paolo Brambilla and Alistair S Hall and Andrew C Heath and Pamela A F Madden and Nicholas G Martin and Grant W Montgomery and John B Whitfield and Antti Jula and Paul Knekt and Ben Oostra and Cornelia M van Duijn and W J H Penninx and George Davey Smith and Jaakko Kaprio and Nilesh J Samani and Christian Gieger and ...
PLoS Medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 06/2013, Volume 10, Issue 6
  Background The association between adiposity and cardiometabolic traits is well known from epidemiological studies. Whilst the causal relationship is clear... 
Studies | Body mass index | Cardiovascular disease | Metabolic disorders
Journal Article
Urological Science, ISSN 1879-5226, 06/2015, Volume 26, Issue 2, pp. S10 - S11
Journal Article
by Fall, T and Hägg, S and Mägi, R and Ploner, A and Fischer, K and Horikoshi, M and Sarin, A.P and Thorleifsson, G and Ladenvall, C and Kals, M and Kuningas, M and isma, H.H.M and Ried, J.S and van Zuydam, N.R and Huikari, V and Mangino, M and Sonestedt, E and Benyamin, B and Nelson, C.P and Rivera, N.V and Kristiansson, K and Shen, H.Y and Havulinna, A.S and Dehghan, A and Donnelly, L.A and Kaakinen, M and Nuotio, M.L and Robertson, N and de Bruijn, R.F and Ikram, M.A and Amin, N and Balmforth, A.J and Braund, P.S and Doney, A.S.F and Döring, A and Elliott, P and Esko, T and Franco, O.H and Gretarsdottir, S and Hartikainen, A.L and Heikkilä, K and Herzig, K.H and Holm, H and Hottenga, J.J and Hyppönen, E and Illig, T and Isaacs, A and Isomaa, B and Karssen, L.C and Kettunen, J and Koenig, W and Kuulasmaa, K and Laatikainen, T and Laitinen, J and Lindgren, C.M and Lyssenko, V and Läärä, E and Rayner, N.W and Männistö, S and Pouta, A and Rathmann, W and Rivadeneira, F and Ruokonen, A and Savolainen, M.J and Sijbrands, E.J and Small, K.S and Smit, J.H and Steinthorsdottir, V and Syvänen, A.C and Taanila, A and Tobin, M.D and Uitterlinden, A.G and Willems, S.M and Willemsen, G and Witteman, J and Perola, M and Evans, A and Ferrières, J and Virtamo, J and Kee, F and Tregouet, D.A and Arveiler, D and Amouyel, P and Ferrario, M.M and Brambilla, P and Hall, A.S and Heath, A.C and Madden, P.A.F and Martin, N.G and Montgomery, G.W and Whitfield, J.B and Jula, A and Knekt, P and Oostra, B.A and van Duijn, C.M and Penninx, B.W.J.H and Davey Smith, G and Kaprio, J and Samani, N.J and Gieger, C and ... and Lund University and Genomics, Diabetes and Endocrinology and EpiHealth: Epidemiology for Health and Genomik, diabetes och endokrinologi and Nutritionsepidemiologi and Lunds universitet and EXODIAB: Excellence in Diabetes Research in Sweden and Nutrition Epidemiology
PLoS Medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 2013, Volume 10, Issue 6
Background:The association between adiposity and cardiometabolic traits is well known from epidemiological studies. Whilst the causal relationship is clear for... 
Näringslära | Clinical Medicine | Hälsovetenskap | Medical and Health Sciences | Endokrinologi och diabetes | Medicin och hälsovetenskap | Klinisk medicin | Nutrition and Dietetics | Health Sciences | Endocrinology and Diabetes
Journal Article
by Pan, Siao-Cian and Wei, Yau-Huei and Chiu, Allen Wen-Hsiang and Callaghan, Cameron and Maddox, Michael and Maddox, Michael and Maddox, Michael and Peralta, Donna and Liu, James and Liu, James and Mandava, Sree Harsha and Mandava, Sree Harsha and Tarr, Matthew and Lee, Benjamin and Lee, Benjamin and Lee, Benjamin and Boonkaew, Benjawan and Chava, Srinivas and Dash, Srikanta and John, Vijay and Favorito, Luciano Alves and Fortes, Marco Antônio and Pereira-Sampaio, Marco A and Sampaio, Francisco J.B and Sampaio, Francisco J.B and Lo, Joey and Jäger, Wolfgang and Moskalev, Igor and Law, Adrienne and Chew, Ben H and Lange, Dirk and Lange, Dirk and Shilo, Yaniv and Pichamuthu, Joseph E and Lynam, John C and Averch, Timothy D and Vorp, David A and Bechis, Seth and Preston, Mark and Wilson, Kathryn and Barrisford, Glen and Sanchez, Alex and Rodriguez, Dayron and Feldman, Adam and Stampfer, Meir and Cho, Eunyoung and Pedersen, Katja Venborg and Drewes, Asbjoern Mohr and Graumann, Ole and Osther, Susanne Sloth and Olesen, Anne Estrup and Arendt-Nielsen, Lars and Sim, Mei Y and Go, Mei L and Faaborg, Daniel and Li, Roger and Maldonado, Jonathan and Lightfoot, Michelle and Alsyouf, Muhannad and Yeo, Alexander and Olgin, Gaudencio and Arenas, Javier L and Baldwin, D. Duane and Yam, Wai Loon and Lim, Sey Kiat and Ng, Foo Cheong and Ng, Kok Kit and Bylund, Jason and Strup, Stephen and Howard, Dianne and Johnson, Lewis and Lay, Aaron and Lay, Aaron and Bedir, Selahattin and Bedir, Selahattin and Ma, Yun-bo and Gahan, Jeffrey and Gahan, Jeffrey and Cadeddu, Jeffrey and Cadeddu, Jeffrey and Smith, Thomas and Smith, Thomas and Shrotri, Nitin and Shrotri, Nitin and Shrotri, Nitin and Shrotri, Nitin and Lee, Michael and Hodgson, Herbert and Martin, Jacob and Vassantachart, Janna and Arenas, Javier and Khater, Nazih and Fortes, Marco A and Sampaio, Francisco J.B and Favorito, Luciano A and Liao, Donghua and Steffensen, Elena and Gregersen, Hans and Drewes, Asbjoern Mohr and Ravindranathan, Preethi and ...
Journal of Endourology, ISSN 0892-7790, 09/2014, Volume 28, Issue S1, pp. P1 - A316
Journal Article