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心理与行为研究, ISSN 1672-0628, 2011, Issue 1, pp. 8 - 15
...锘垮績鐞嗕笌琛屼负鐮旂┒2011锛孲tudies of Psychology and BehaviorEye Movements and Memory for Objects and Their LocationsSimon P. Liversedge1, Katie L. Meadmore1, David... 
photograph | assessed | briefly | paradigm | 眼动研究 | behaviour | encoding | preliminary | viewing | scene
Journal Article
by Remke, Marc and Ramaswamy, Vijay and Peacock, John and Shih, David J. H and Koelsche, Christian and Northcott, Paul A and Hill, Nadia and Cavalli, Florence M. G and Kool, Marcel and Wang, Xin and Mack, Stephen C and Barszczyk, Mark and Morrissy, A. Sorana and Wu, Xiaochong and Agnihotri, Sameer and Luu, Betty and Jones, David T. W and Garzia, Livia and Dubuc, Adrian M and Zhukova, Nataliya and Vanner, Robert and Kros, Johan M and French, Pim J and Van Meir, Erwin G and Vibhakar, Rajeev and Zitterbart, Karel and Chan, Jennifer A and Bognár, László and Klekner, Almos and Lach, Boleslaw and Jung, Shin and Saad, Ali G and Liau, Linda M and Albrecht, Steffen and Zollo, Massimo and Cooper, Michael K and Thompson, Reid C and Delattre, Oliver O and Bourdeaut, Franck and Doz, François F and Garami, Miklós and Hauser, Peter and Carlotti, Carlos G and Van Meter, Timothy E and Massimi, Luca and Fults, Daniel and Pomeroy, Scott L and Kumabe, Toshiro and Ra, Young Shin and Leonard, Jeffrey R and Elbabaa, Samer K and Mora, Jaume and Rubin, Joshua B and Cho, Yoon-Jae and McLendon, Roger E and Bigner, Darell D and Eberhart, Charles G and Fouladi, Maryam and Wechsler-Reya, Robert J and Faria, Claudia C and Croul, Sidney E and Huang, Annie and Bouffet, Eric and Hawkins, Cynthia E and Dirks, Peter B and Weiss, William A and Schüller, Ulrich and Pollack, Ian F and Rutkowski, Stefan and Meyronet, David and Jouvet, Anne and Fèvre-Montange, Michelle and Jabado, Nada and Perek-Polnik, Marta and Grajkowska, Wieslawa A and Kim, Seung-Ki and Rutka, James T and Malkin, David and Tabori, Uri and Pfister, Stefan M and Korshunov, Andrey and von Deimling, Andreas and Taylor, Michael D
Acta neuropathologica, ISSN 1432-0533, 2013, Volume 126, Issue 6, pp. 917 - 929
Journal Article
2004, Hong Kong becoming China, ISBN 9780765613110, xvi, 292
As the richest cities in the world's most populous nation, Hong Kong and Shanghai have recently experienced dynamic growth spurred by more and better-managed... 
Shanghai (China) Social policy | Hong Kong (China) Social policy | Social Policy | Social policy | Hong Kong (China)
Cancer discovery, ISSN 2159-8290, 2018, Volume 8, Issue 12, pp. 1548 - 1565
Journal Article
by Northcott, Paul A and Lee, Catherine and Zichner, Thomas and Stütz, Adrian M and Erkek, Serap and Kawauchi, Daisuke and Shih, David J. H and Hovestadt, Volker and Zapatka, Marc and Sturm, Dominik and Jones, David T. W and Kool, Marcel and Remke, Marc and Cavalli, Florence M. G and Zuyderduyn, Scott and Bader, Gary D and VandenBerg, Scott and Esparza, Lourdes Adriana and Ryzhova, Marina and Wang, Wei and Wittmann, Andrea and Stark, Sebastian and Sieber, Laura and Seker-Cin, Huriye and Linke, Linda and Kratochwil, Fabian and Jäger, Natalie and Buchhalter, Ivo and Imbusch, Charles D and Zipprich, Gideon and Raeder, Benjamin and Schmidt, Sabine and Diessl, Nicolle and Wolf, Stephan and Wiemann, Stefan and Brors, Benedikt and Lawerenz, Chris and Eils, Jürgen and Warnatz, Hans-Jörg and Risch, Thomas and Yaspo, Marie-Laure and Weber, Ursula D and Bartholomae, Cynthia C and von Kalle, Christof and Turányi, Eszter and Hauser, Peter and Sanden, Emma and Darabi, Anna and Siesjö, Peter and Sterba, Jaroslav and Zitterbart, Karel and Sumerauer, David and van Sluis, Peter and Versteeg, Rogier and Volckmann, Richard and Koster, Jan and Schuhmann, Martin U and Ebinger, Martin and Grimes, H. Leighton and Robinson, Giles W and Gajjar, Amar and Mynarek, Martin and von Hoff, Katja and Rutkowski, Stefan and Pietsch, Torsten and Scheurlen, Wolfram and Felsberg, Jörg and Reifenberger, Guido and Kulozik, Andreas E and von Deimling, Andreas and Witt, Olaf and Eils, Roland and Gilbertson, Richard J and Korshunov, Andrey and Taylor, Michael D and Lichter, Peter and Korbel, Jan O and Wechsler-Reya, Robert J and Pfister, Stefan M
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2014, Volume 511, Issue 7510, pp. 428 - 434
Journal Article
by Brilakis, Emmanouil S and Edson, Robert and Bhatt, Deepak L and Goldman, Steven and Holmes, David R and Rao, Sunil V and Shunk, Kendrick and Rangan, Bavana V and Mavromatis, Kreton and Ramanathan, Kodangudi and Bavry, Anthony A and Garcia, Santiago and Latif, Faisal and Armstrong, Ehrin and Jneid, Hani and Conner, Todd A and Wagner, Todd and Karacsonyi, Judit and Uyeda, Lauren and Ventura, Beverly and Alsleben, Aaron and Lu, Ying and Shih, Mei-Chiung and Banerjee, Subhash and Ahmed, Bina and Ratliff, D Michelle and Ricciardi, Mark and Sheldon, Mark and Icenogle, Milton and Snider, Richard and Ardati, Amer and Nallamothu, Brahmajee and Duvernoy, Claire and Menees, Daniel S and Gurm, Hitinder and Thomas, Michael P and Grossman, Paul and Owen, Kristine and Topaz, On and Kumar, Gautam and Block, Peter and Zidar, David A and Bezerra, Hiram and Goldberg, Jonathan and Ortiz, Jose and Jozic, Joseph and Osman, Mohammed and Rosenthal, Noah and Parikh, Sahil A and Lassar, Tom A and Chan, Albert and Kumar, Arun and Aggarwal, Kul and Cyrus, Tillmann and Grodin, Jerrold and Hattler, Brack and Casserly, Ivan and Messenger, John and Kim, Michael and Rogers, R Kevin and Waldo, Stephen and Tsai, Thomas and Morris, Kenneth and Krucoff, Mitchell and Rao, Sunil and Povsic, Thomas J and Jones, William S and Bavry, Anthony and Choi, Calvin and Park, Ki and Liu, MD, Jayson and Kar, Biswajit and Paniagua, David and Breall, Jeffrey and Bolad, Islam and Mukerji, Rita and Subbarao, Roopa and Abdel-Latif, Ahmed and Booth, David C and Ziada, Khaled M and Rajan, Lawrence and Hakeem, Abdul and Uretsky, Barry F and Agrawal, Mayank and Sachdeva, Rajesh and Ahmed, Zubair and McGee, Jesse and Shah, Rahman and Sharma, Alok and McFalls, Edward and Siddiqui, Rizwan and Adabag, Selcuk and Bertog, Stefan and Irimpen, Anand and Baldwin, Drew and Abi Rafeh, Nidal and Mogabgab, Owen and Delafontaine, Patrice and Lorin, Jeffrey and Sedlis, Steven and ... and DIVA Trial Investigators
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2018, Volume 391, Issue 10134, pp. 1997 - 2007
Journal Article
by Thompson, Eric M and Hielscher, Thomas and Bouffet, Eric and Remke, Marc and Luu, Betty and Gururangan, Sridharan and McLendon, Roger E and Bigner, Darell D and Lipp, Eric S and Perreault, Sebastien and Cho, Yoon-Jae and Grant, Gerald and Kim, Seung-Ki and Lee, Ji Yeoun and Rao, Amulya A Nageswara and Giannini, Caterina and Li, Kay Ka Wai and Ng, Ho-Keung and Yao, Yu and Kumabe, Toshihiro and Tominaga, Teiji and Grajkowska, Wieslawa A and Perek-Polnik, Marta and Low, David C Y and Seow, Wan Tew and Chang, Kenneth T E and Mora, Jaume and Pollack, Ian F and Hamilton, Ronald L and Leary, Sarah and Moore, Andrew S and Ingram, Wendy J and Hallahan, Andrew R and Jouvet, Anne and Fèvre-Montange, Michelle and Vasiljevic, Alexandre and Faure-Conter, Cecile and Shofuda, Tomoko and Kagawa, Naoki and Hashimoto, Naoya and Jabado, Nada and Weil, Alexander G and Gayden, Tenzin and Wataya, Takafumi and Shalaby, Tarek and Grotzer, Michael and Zitterbart, Karel and Sterba, Jaroslav and Kren, Leos and Hortobágyi, Tibor and Klekner, Almos and László, Bognár and Pócza, Tímea and Hauser, Peter and Schüller, Ulrich and Jung, Shin and Jang, Woo-Youl and French, Pim J and Kros, Johan M and van Veelen, Marie-Lise C and Massimi, Luca and Leonard, Jeffrey R and Rubin, Joshua B and Vibhakar, Rajeev and Chambless, Lola B and Cooper, Michael K and Thompson, Reid C and Faria, Claudia C and Carvalho, Alice and Nunes, Sofia and Pimentel, José and Fan, Xing and Muraszko, Karin M and López-Aguilar, Enrique and Lyden, David and Garzia, Livia and Shih, David J H and Kijima, Noriyuki and Schneider, Christian and Adamski, Jennifer and Northcott, Paul A and Kool, Marcel and Jones, David T W and Chan, Jennifer A and Nikolic, Ana and Garre, Maria Luisa and Van Meir, Erwin G and Osuka, Satoru and Olson, Jeffrey J and Jahangiri, Arman and Castro, Brandyn A and Gupta, Nalin and Weiss, William A and Moxon-Emre, Iska and Mabbott, Donald J and Lassaletta, Alvaro and Hawkins, Cynthia E and Tabori, Uri and Drake, James and Kulkarni, Abhaya and ...
The lancet oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 2016, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp. 484 - 495
Journal Article
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2020, Volume 578, Issue 7793, pp. 82 - 93
Journal Article