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Journal Article
by Andersson, Robin and Gebhard, Claudia and Miguel-Escalada, Irene and Hoof, Ilka and Bornholdt, Jette and Boyd, Mette and Chen, Yun and Zhao, Xiaobei and Schmidl, Christian and Suzuki, Takahiro and Ntini, Evgenia and Arner, Erik and Valen, Eivind and Li, Kang and Schwarzfischer, Lucia and Glatz, Dagmar and Raithel, Johanna and Lilje, Berit and Rapin, Nicolas and Bagger, Frederik Otzen and Jørgensen, Mette and Andersen, Peter Refsing and Bertin, Nicolas and Rackham, Owen and Burroughs, A. Maxwell and Baillie, J. Kenneth and Ishizu, Yuri and Shimizu, Yuri and Furuhata, Erina and Maeda, Shiori and Negishi, Yutaka and Mungall, Christopher J and Meehan, Terrence F and Lassmann, Timo and Itoh, Masayoshi and Kawaji, Hideya and Kondo, Naoto and Kawai, Jun and Lennartsson, Aneas and Daub, Carsten O and Heutink, Peter and Hume, David A and Jensen, Torben Heick and Suzuki, Harukazu and Hayashizaki, Yoshihide and Müller, Ferenc and Forrest, Alistair R. R and Carninci, Piero and Rehli, Michael and Sandelin, Albin and de Hoon, Michiel J. L and Haberle, Vanja and Kulakovskiy, Ivan V and Lizio, Marina and Mungall, Christoher J and Schmeier, Sebastian and Dimont, Emmanuel and Schmid, Christian and Schaefer, Ulf and Medvedeva, Yulia A and Plessy, Charles and Vitezic, Morana and Severin, James and Semple, Colin A and Young, Robert S and Francescatto, Margherita and Alam, Intikhab and Albanese, Davide and Altschuler, Gabriel M and Arakawa, Takahiro and Archer, John A. C and Arner, Peter and Babina, Magda and Rennie, Sarah and Balwierz, Piotr J and Beckhouse, Anthony G and Pradhan-Bhatt, Swati and Blake, Judith A and Blumenthal, Antje and Bodega, Beatrice and Bonetti, Alessano and Briggs, James and Brombacher, Frank and Califano, Anea and Cannistracti, Carlo V and Carbajo, Daniel and Chierici, Marco and Ciani, Yari and Clevers, Hans C and Dalla, Emiliano and Davis, Carrie A and Detmar, Michael and Diehl, Alexander D and Dohi, Taeko and bløs, Finn and Edge, Albert S. B and Edinger, Matthias and Ekwall, Karl and Endoh, Mitsuhiro and Enomoto, Hideki and ... and FANTOM Consortium and The FANTOM Consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2014, Volume 507, Issue 7493, pp. 455 - 461
Journal Article
by Antony, R and Zagardo, M and Gujrati, M and Lin, J and Al-Rahawan, M and Broniscer, A and Bhardwaj, R and Hampton, C and Ozols, V and Chakravadhanula, M and Bouffet, E and Hawkins, C and Scheinemann, K and Zelcer, S and Johnston, D and Lafay-Cousin, L and Larouche, V and Jabado, N and Carret, A. S and Hukin, J and Eisenstat, D and Pond, G and Poskitt, K and Wilson, B and Bartels, U and Tabori, U and Dhall, G and Haley, K and Finlay, J and Rushing, T and Sposto, R and Seeger, R and Garvin, J and Rupani, K and Stark, E and Anderson, R and Feldstein, N and Grill, J and Hargrave, D and Massimino, M and Jaspan, T and Varlet, P and Jones, C and Morgan, P and Le Deley, M. C and Azizi, A and Canete, A and Saran, F and Bachir, J and Bubuteishvili-Pacaud, L and Rousseau, R and Vassal, G and Gupta, S and Robinson, N and Dhir, N and Wong, K and Zhou, S and Kumabe, T and Kawaguchi, T and Saito, R and Kanamori, M and Yamashita, Y and Sonoda, Y and Tominaga, T and Miyagawa, T and Nwachukwu, C and Youland, R and Laack, N and Filipek, I and Drogosiewicz, M and Polnik, M. P and Swieszkowska, E and Dembowska-Baginska, B and Jurkiewicz, E and Perek, D and Grajkowska, W and Roszkowski, M and Sobol, G and Musiol, K and Wachowiak, J and Kazmierczak, B and Pogorzelski, J. P and Mlynarski, W and Szewczyk, B. Z and Wysocki, M and Niedzielska, E and Kowalczyk, J and Slusarz, H. W and Balwierz, W and Czepko, E. Z and Szolkiewicz, A and Perek-Polnik, M and Lastowska, M and Chojnacka, M and Tarasinska, M and Perreault, S and Chao, K and Ramaswamy, V and Shih, D and Remke, M and ...
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 11/2013, Volume 15, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii165 - iii172
Journal Article
Genome Biology, ISSN 1474-7596, 01/2015, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp. 22 - 22
Journal Article
by Kiyotani, C and Uno, T and Ogiwara, H and Morota, N and Nakazawa, A and Tsutsumi, Y and Masaki, H and Mori, T and Sanz, J. A. S and Guibelalde, M and Tavera, A and Herandez, I and Ibanez, J and Brell, M and Mas, A and Muller, H. L and Gebhardt, U and Warmuth-Metz, M and Pietsch, T and Sorensen, N and Kortmann, R.-D and Stapleton, S and Gonzalez, I and Steinbrueck, S and Rodriguez, L and Tuite, G and Krzyzankova, M and Mertsch, S and Jeibmann, A and Kordes, U and Wolff, J and Paulus, W and Hasselblatt, M and Nonaka, Y and Hara, S and Fukazawa, S and Shimizu, K and Ben-Arush, M and Postovsky, S and Toledano, H and Peretz-Nahum, M and Fujimura, J and Sakaguchi, S and Kondo, A and Saito, Y and Shimoji, K and Ohara, Y and Arakawa, A and Saito, M and Shimizu, T and Benesch, M and von Bueren, A. O and Dantonello, T and von Hoff, K and Leuschner, I and Claviez, A and Bierbach, U and Kropshofer, G and Korinthenberg, R and Graf, N and Suttorp, M and Kortmann, R. D and Friedrich, C and Klingebiel, T and Koscielniak, E and Rutkowski, S and Mesa, M and Sanchez, M and Mejia, J and Pena, G and Dussan, R and Cabeza, M and Storino, A and Dincer, F and Roffidal, T and Powell, M and Berrak, S and Wolff, J. E and Fouyssac, F and Delaunay, C and Vignaud, J.-M and Schmitt, E and Klein, O and Mansuy, L and Chastagner, P and Cruz, O and Guillen, A and Garcia, G and Alamar, M and Candela, S and Roussos, I and Garzon, M and Sunol, M and Muchart, J and Rebollo, M and Mora, J and Diez, B and Muggeri, A and Arakaki, N and Meli, F and ...
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Journal Article
Annals of Neurology, ISSN 0364-5134, 2010, Volume 68, Issue 2, pp. 162 - 172
Journal Article
Journal of Thoracic Oncology, ISSN 1556-0864, 11/2017, Volume 12, Issue 11, pp. S2258 - S2259
Journal Article
Journal of Thoracic Oncology, ISSN 1556-0864, 11/2017, Volume 12, Issue 11, pp. S2361 - S2361
Journal Article
Four-fermion interaction models are often used as simplified models of interacting fermion fields with the chiral symmetry. The chiral symmetry is dynamically... 
Physics - High Energy Physics - Theory
Journal Article
by Hasselblatt, M and Kordes, U and Wolff, J and Jeibmann, A and Fruhwald, M and Paulus, W and Isken, S and Siebert, R and Schneppenheim, R and Benesch, M and Fleischhack, G and Gruhn, B and Schlegel, P.-G and Witt, O and Holter, W and Reiter, A and Urban, C and Fruhwald, M. C and Lafay-Cousin, L and Huang, A and Hawkins, C and Fryer, C and Bouffet, E and Kruchko, C and Propp, J and McCarthy, B and Dolecek, T and Kerl, K and Unland, R and Jurgens, H and Kieran, M. W and Roberts, C. W. M and Biegel, J. A and MacConaill, L. E and Rich, B. E and Ligon, K. L and Chi, S and Kondo, A and Shimoji, K and Ogino, I and Junya, F and Sakaguchi, S and Miyajima, M and Arai, H and Alimova, I and Knipstein, J and Harris, P and Venkataraman, S and Marquez, V and Birks, D and Foreman, N and Vibhakar, R and Bartelheim, K and Warmuth-Metz, M and Kortmann, R.-D and Gerss, J and Rizzo, D and Freneaux, P and Brisse, H and Parfait, B and Doz, F and Dufour, C and Stephan, J.-L and Edan, C and Ranchere-Vince, D and Peuchmaur, M and Delattre, O and Bourdeaut, F and Soh, S. Y and Chan, M. Y and Seow, W. T and Chang, K and Ng, W. H and Tan, A. M and Yamasaki, K and Tanaka, C and Okada, K and Fujisaki, H and Osugi, Y and Hara, J and Matsusaka, Y and Sakamoto, H and Inoue, T and Batchelder, P and DeMasters, B. K and Handler, M and Sumerauer, D and Vasovcak, P and Puchmajerova, A and Zapotocky, M and Vicha, A and Kyncl, M and Zamecnik, J and Sedlacek, Z and Kodet, R and Geludkova, O and Kumirova, E and Korshunov, A and Kushel, Y and Melikyan, A and ...
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 06/2012, Volume 14, Issue suppl 1, pp. i1 - i6
Journal Article