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2016, ISBN 9780241279236, 323 pages
Editor in chief Alexandra Shulman kept a diary of Vogue's centenary year. And what an emotional and logistical minefield of a year... 
Shulman, Alexandra | Fashion editors | Women periodical editors | Fashion
by Lesage, Suzanne and Drouet, Valérie and Majounie, Elisa and Deramecourt, Vincent and Jacoupy, Maxime and Nicolas, Aude and Cormier-Dequaire, Florence and Hassoun, Sidi Mohamed and Pujol, Claire and Ciura, Sorana and Erpapazoglou, Zoi and Usenko, Tatiana and Maurage, Claude-Alain and Sahbatou, Mourad and Liebau, Stefan and Ding, Jinhui and Bilgic, Basar and Emre, Murat and Erginel-Unaltuna, Nihan and Guven, Gamze and Tison, François and Tranchant, Christine and Vidailhet, Marie and Corvol, Jean-Christophe and Krack, Paul and Leutenegger, Anne-Louise and Nalls, Michael A and Hernandez, Dena G and Heutink, Peter and Gibbs, J. Raphael and Hardy, John and Wood, Nicholas W and Gasser, Thomas and Durr, Alexandra and Deleuze, Jean-François and Tazir, Meriem and Destée, Alain and Lohmann, Ebba and Kabashi, Edor and Singleton, Andrew and Corti, Olga and Brice, Alexis and Agid, Yves and Anheim, Mathieu and Bonnet, Anne-Marie and Borg, Michel and Broussolle, Emmanuel and Damier, Philippe and Dürr, Alexandra and Durif, Franck and Klebe, Stephan and Martinez, Maria and Pollak, Pierre and Rascol, Olivier and Vérin, Marc and Viallet, François and Corvol, Jean Christophe and Arepalli, Sampath and Barker, Roger A and Ben-Shlomo, Yoav and Berg, Daniela and Bettella, Francesco and Bhatia, Kailash and de Bie, Rob M.A and Biffi, Alessandro and Bloem, Bastiaan R and Bochdanovits, Zoltan and Bonin, Michael and Bras, Jose M and Brockmann, Kathrin and Brooks, Janet and Burn, David J and Charlesworth, Gavin and Chen, Honglei and Chinnery, Patrick F and Chong, Sean and Clarke, Carl E and Cookson, Mark R and Counsell, Carl and Dartigues, Jean-François and Deloukas, Panos and Deuschl, Günther and Dexter, David T and van Dijk, Karin D and Dillman, Allissa and Dong, Jing and Durif, Frank and Edkins, Sarah and Escott-Price, Valentina and Evans, Jonathan R and Foltynie, Thomas and Gao, Jianjun and Gardner, Michelle and Goate, Alison and Gray, Emma and Guerreiro, Rita and Harris, Clare and van Hilten, Jacobus J and Hofman, Albert and Hollenbeck, Albert and ... and the International Parkinson's Disease Genomics Consortium (IPDGC) and French Parkinson's Disease Genetics Study (PDG) and International Parkinson's Disease Genomics Consortium (IPDGC)
American journal of human genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 2016, Volume 98, Issue 3, pp. 500 - 513
Journal Article
Nucleic Acids Research, ISSN 0305-1048, 1/2009, Volume 37, Issue suppl_1, pp. D369 - D373
... pockets that interact with RNA nucleotide bases Alexandra Shulman-Peleg1,*, Ruth Nussinov2,3 and Haim J. Wolfson1 1School of Computer Science, Raymond and Beverly... 
SITES | STRUCTURAL CLASSIFICATION | SCOR | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | PREDICTION | Protein Binding | Ribonucleotides - chemistry | RNA - chemistry | Binding Sites | Databases, Protein | RNA-Binding Proteins - chemistry
Journal Article
Nucleic acids research, ISSN 0305-1048, 07/2005, Volume 33, Issue 2, pp. W337 - W341
Protein surface regions with similar physicochemical properties and shapes may perform similar functions and bind similar binding partners. Here we present two... 
FOLD | PATTERNS | IDENTIFICATION | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | SEQUENCE | TEMPLATES | Multiprotein Complexes - metabolism | Protein Interaction Mapping - methods | User-Computer Interface | Multiprotein Complexes - chemistry | Amino Acids - chemistry | Protein Conformation | Software | Internet | Binding Sites
Journal Article
by Robak, Laurie A and Jansen, Iris E and van Rooij, Jeroen and Uitterlinden, André G and Kraaij, Robert and Jankovic, Joseph and Heutink, Peter and Shulman, Joshua M and Nalls, Mike A and Plagnol, Vincent and Hernandez, Dena G and Sharma, Manu and Sheerin, Una-Marie and Saad, Mohamad and Simón-Sánchez, Javier and Schulte, Claudia and Lesage, Suzanne and Sveinbjörnsdóttir, Sigurlaug and Arepalli, Sampath and Barker, Roger and Ben, Yoav and Berendse, Henk W and Berg, Daniela and Bhatia, Kailash and de Bie, Rob M A and Biffi, Alessandro and Bloem, Bas and Bochdanovits, Zoltan and Bonin, Michael and Bras, Jose M and Brockmann, Kathrin and Brooks, Janet and Burn, David J and Majounie, Elisa and Charlesworth, Gavin and Lungu, Codrin and Chen, Honglei and Chinnery, Patrick F and Chong, Sean and Clarke, Carl E and Cookson, Mark R and Mark Cooper, J and Corvol, Jean Christophe and Counsell, Carl and Damier, Philippe and Dartigues, Jean-François and Deloukas, Panos and Deuschl, Günther and Dexter, David T and van Dijk, Karin D and Dillman, Allissa and Durif, Frank and Dürr, Alexandra and Edkins, Sarah and Evans, Jonathan R and Foltynie, Thomas and Dong, Jing and Gardner, Michelle and Raphael Gibbs, J and Goate, Alison and Gray, Emma and Guerreiro, Rita and Harris, Clare and van Hilten, Jacobus J and Hofman, Albert and Hollenbeck, Albert and Holton, Janice and Hu, Michele and Huang, Xuemei and Wurster, Isabel and Mätzler, Walter and Hudson, Gavin and Hunt, Sarah E and Huttenlocher, Johanna and Illig, Thomas and Jónsson, Pálmi V and Lambert, Jean-Charles and Langford, Cordelia and Lees, Andrew and Lichtner, Peter and Limousin, Patricia and Lopez, Grisel and Lorenz, Delia and McNeill, Alisdair and Moorby, Catriona and Moore, Matthew and Morris, Huw R and Morrison, Karen E and Escott-Price, Valentina and Mudanohwo, Ese and O’Sullivan, Sean S and Pearson, Justin and Perlmutter, Joel S and Pétursson, Hjörvar and Pollak, Pierre and Post, Bart and Potter, Simon and Ravina, Bernard and Revesz, Tamas and Riess, Olaf and ... and International Parkinson’s Disease Genomics Consortium (IPDGC) and IPDGC
Brain (London, England : 1878), ISSN 1460-2156, 2017, Volume 140, Issue 12, pp. 3191 - 3203
Journal Article
Journal Article
Nucleic acids research, ISSN 1362-4962, 2008, Volume 36, Issue Web Server, pp. W260 - W264
... for multiple alignment of protein 3D-binding sites and their interactions Alexandra Shulman-Peleg1,*, Maxim Shatsky2, Ruth Nussinov3,4 and Haim J. Wolfson1 1School... 
INTERFACES | PATTERNS | DATA SET | CONSERVATION | RECOGNITION | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | Multiprotein Complexes - chemistry | Models, Molecular | Protein Conformation | Software | Internet | Binding Sites | Protein Interaction Mapping
Journal Article
Brain (London, England : 1878), ISSN 1460-2156, 2016, Volume 139, Issue 12, pp. 3163 - 3169
Journal Article
BMC biology, ISSN 1741-7007, 10/2007, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp. 43 - 43
...Authors: Alexandra Shulman-Peleg (corresponding author) [1]; Maxim Shatsky [4]; Ruth Nussinov [2,3]; Haim J Wolfson (corresponding author) [1] Background... 
DATA SET | RECOGNITION | ALIGNMENT | DATABASE | SEQUENCE | BIOLOGY | INTERFACES | STRUCTURAL CLASSIFICATION | COMMON | BINDING-ENERGY | RESIDUES | Models, Molecular | Protein Binding | Protein Conformation | Algorithms | Proteins - metabolism | Proteins - chemistry | Usage | Nucleotide sequence | Research | Identification and classification | Methods | Protein-protein interactions | Genetic algorithms
Journal Article
by Fombonne, Eric and Goin-Kochel, Robin P and O'Roak, Brian J and Abbeduto, Leonard and Aberbach, Gabriella and Acampado, John and Ace, Andrea J and Albright, Charles and Alessandri, Michael and Amaral, David G and Amatya, Alpha and Anglo, Claudine and Annett, Robert D and Arriaga, Ivette and Ashley, Raven and Astrovskaya, Irina and Baalman, Kelly and Baer, Melissa and Bahl, Ethan and Balasubramanian, Adithya and Baraghoshi, Gabrielle and Bardett, Nicole and Barnard, Rebecca A and Bashar, Asif and Beaudet, Arthur and Beckwith, Malia and Beeson, Landon and Bentley, Dawn and Bernier, Raphael A and Berry-Kravis, Elizabeth and Boland, Sarah and Booker, Stephanie and Bradley, Catherine and Brewster, Stephanie J and Brooks, Elizabeth and Brown, Melissa and Brueggeman, Leo and Butler, Martin E and Butter, Eric M and Callahan, Kristen and Camba, Alexies and Carbone, Paul and Carpenter, Laura and Carpenter, Sarah and Carriero, Nicholas and Cartner, Lindsey A and Casten, Lucas and Chatha, Ahmad S and Chin, Wubin and Chintalapalli, Sharmista and Cho, Daniel and Chung, Wendy K and Clark, Renee D and Cohen, Cheryl and Coleman, Kendra and Columbi, Costanza and Coppola, Leigh and Courchesne, Eric and Cubells, Joseph F and Hannah Currin, Mary and Daniels, Amy M and David, Giancarla and DeMarco, Lindsey and Dennis, Megan Y and Dent, Kate and Dichter, Gabriel S and Ding, Yan and Dinh, Huyen and Doan, Ryan and Doddapaneni, HarshaVardhan and Eichler, Evan E and Eldred, Sara and Eng, Christine and Erickson, Craig A and Esler, Amy and Fatemi, Ali and Feliciano, Pamela and Fischer, Gregory and Fish, Angela and Fisk, Ian and Fombonne, Eric J and Foster, Margaret and Fox, Emily A and Francis, Sunday and Friedman, Sandra L and Ganesan, Swami and Garrett, Michael and Gazestani, Vahid and Geisheker, Madeleine R and Gerdts, Jennifer A and Geschwind, Daniel H and Ghaziuddin, Mohammad and Gibbs, Richard A and Gonzalez, Natalia and Goudreau, Lindsey and Griswold, Anthony J and Grosvenor, Luke P and Gruber, Angela J and Gulsrud, Amanda C and Gunderson, Jaclyn and ... and the SPARK Consortium and SPARK Consortium
Vaccine, ISSN 0264-410X, 2020, Volume 38, Issue 7, pp. 1794 - 1803
Journal Article