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by Dinklage, A and Beidler, C.D and Helander, P and Fuchert, G and Maaßberg, H and Rahbarnia, K and Sunn Pedersen, T and Turkin, Y and Wolf, R.C and Andreeva, T and Bozhenkov, S and Buttenschön, B and Feng, Y and Geiger, J and Hirsch, M and Höfel, U and Jakubowski, M and Klinger, T and Knauer, J and Langenberg, A and Laqua, H.P and Marushchenko, N and Mollén, A and Neuner, U and Niemann, H and Pasch, E and Rudischhauser, L and Smith, H.M and Stange, T and Weir, G and Windisch, T and Zhang, D and Äkäslompolo, S and Ali, A and Alcuson Belloso, J and Aleynikov, P and Aleynikova, K and Baldzuhn, J and Banduch, M and Beidler, C and Benndorf, A and Beurskens, M and Biedermann, C and Birus, D and Blatzheim, M and Bluhm, T and Böckenhoff, D and Borchardt, M and Bosch, H.-S and Böttger, L.-G and Brakel, R and Brandt, Ch and Bräuer, T and Braune, H and Brunner, K.-J and Brünner, B and Burhenn, R and Bussiahn, R and Bykov, V and Card, A and Carls, A and Degenkolbe, S and Dhard, C.P and Drevlak, M and Drewelow, P and Dudek, A and van Eeten, P and Ehrke, G and Endler, M and Erckmann, E and Fahrenkamp, N and Feist, J.-H and Fellinger, J and Ford, O and Geiger, B and Gradic, D and Grahl, M and Grote, H and Grulke, O and Hacker, P and Hammond, K and Hartfuß, H.-J and Hartmann, D and Hathiramani, D and Hein, B and Henneberg, S and Hennig, C and Hölbe, H and Hölting, A and Jenzsch, H and Kallmeyer, J.-P and Kamionka, U and Killer, C and Kleiber, R and Könies, A and Köppen, M and König, R and Kornejew, P and Krampitz, R and Krom, J and ... and W7-X Team and and the W7-X Team
Nature Physics, ISSN 1745-2473, 08/2018, Volume 14, Issue 8, pp. 855 - 860
The two leading concepts for confining high-temperature fusion plasmas are the tokamak and the stellarator. Tokamaks are rotationally symmetric and use a large... 
TRANSPORT-COEFFICIENTS | ENERGY CONFINEMENT | W7-X | PHYSICS, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | FIELD | ENGINEERING DESIGN | PLASMA-CONFINEMENT | DIFFUSION | BOOTSTRAP-CURRENT | Coils | Plasma | Confinement | Field coils | Tokamak devices | Stellarators | Optimization | Plasma currents | Plasmas | Confining | Tokamaks | Transport | Magnetic fields | Magnetic properties | Toroidal plasmas
Journal Article
by Juge, Pierre-Antoine and Lee, Joyce S and Ebstein, Esther and Furukawa, Hiroshi and Dobrinskikh, Evgenia and Gazal, Steven and Kannengiesser, Caroline and Ottaviani, Sébastien and Oka, Shomi and Tohma, Shigeto and Tsuchiya, Naoyuki and Rojas-Serrano, Jorge and González-Pérez, Montserrat I and Mejía, Mayra and Buendía-Roldán, Ivette and Falfán-Valencia, Ramcés and Ambrocio-Ortiz, Enrique and Manali, Effrosyni and Papiris, Spyros A and Karageorgas, Theofanis and Boumpas, Dimitrios and Antoniou, Katarina and van Moorsel, Coline H.M and van der Vis, Joanne and de Man, Yaël A and Grutters, Jan C and Wang, Yaping and Borie, Raphaël and Wemeau-Stervinou, Lidwine and Wallaert, Benoît and Flipo, René-Marc and Nunes, Hilario and Valeyre, Dominique and Saidenberg-Kermanac’h, Nathalie and Boissier, Marie-Christophe and Marchand-Adam, Sylvain and Frazier, Aline and Richette, Pascal and Allanore, Yannick and Sibilia, Jean and Dromer, Claire and Richez, Christophe and Schaeverbeke, Thierry and Lioté, Huguette and Thabut, Gabriel and Nathan, Nadia and Amselem, Serge and Soubrier, Martin and Cottin, Vincent and Clément, Annick and Deane, Kevin and Walts, Avram D and Fingerlin, Tasha and Fischer, Aryeh and Ryu, Jay H and Matteson, Eric L and Niewold, Timothy B and Assayag, Deborah and Gross, Andrew and Wolters, Paul and Schwarz, Marvin I and Holers, Michael and Solomon, Joshua J and Doyle, Tracy and Rosas, Ivan O and Blauwendraat, Cornelis and Nalls, Mike A and Debray, Marie-Pierre and Boileau, Catherine and Crestani, Bruno and Schwartz, David A and Dieudé, Philippe
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 12/2018, Volume 379, Issue 23, pp. 2209 - 2219
Journal Article
by Wolf, R C and Ali, A and Alonso, A Antia and Baldzuhn, J and Beidler, Craig and Beurskens, MNA Marc and Biedermann, C and Bosch, H S and Bozhenkov, S and Brakel, R and Dinklage, A and Feng, Yühe and Fuchert, G and Geiger, J and Grulke, O and Helander, P and Hirsch, M and Höfel, Udo and Jakubowski, M and Knauer, J and Kocsis, G and König, R and Kornejew, P and Kràmer-Flecken, A and Krychowiak, M and Laneman, Matt and Langenberg, A and Laqua, HP and Lazerson, S and Maaßberg, H and Marsen, S and Marushchenko, M and Moseev, D and Niemann, H and Pablant, N and Pasch, E and Rahbarnia, K and Schlisio, G and Stange, T and Sunn-Pedersen, TS and Svensson, J and Szepesi, T and Trimino Mora, H and Turkin, Y and Wauters, T and Weir, Gavin and Wenzel, U and Windisch, T and Wurden, Glen and Zhang, D and Abramovic, I Ivana and Äkàslompolo, S and Aleynikov, P and Aleynikova, K and Alzbutas, R and Anda, Gabor and Aneeva, T and Ascasibar, Enrique and Assmann, J and Baek, S G and Banduch, Martin and Barbui, T and Barlak, M and Baumann, K and Behr, W and Benndorf, Anee and Bertuch, O and Biel, W and Birus, Dietrich and Blackwell, B D and Blanco, Emilio and Blatzheim, Marko and Bluhm, Torsten and Böckenhoff, Daniel and Bolgert, Peter and Borchardt, Matthias and Borsuk, V and Boscary, J and Böttger, Lukas Georg and Brand, H and Brandt, Ch and Bràuer, T and Braune, H and Brezinsek, S and Brunner, K J and Brünner, B and Burhenn, R and Buttenschön, B and Bykov, Victor and Calvo, I and Cannas, B and Cappa, A and Carls, Ane and Carraro, LO and Carvalho, B and Castejon, Francisco and Charl, A and Chernyshev, F and Cianciosa, M and Citarella, R and ... and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States) and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. (PPPL), Princeton, NJ (United States) and Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)
Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 2017, Volume 57, Issue 10, p. 102020
After completing the main construction phase of Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) and successfully commissioning the device, first plasma operation started at the end of... 
magnetic confinement | plasma heating | stellarator | current drive | TRANSPORT | PHYSICS, FLUIDS & PLASMAS | CONFINEMENT | PHYSICS | Magnetic Fusion Energy | 70 PLASMA PHYSICS AND FUSION TECHNOLOGY
Journal Article
Immunity, ISSN 1074-7613, 02/2013, Volume 38, Issue 2, pp. 275 - 284
Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is known to be critically involved in tissue development and homeostasis as well as in the pathogenesis of cancer. Here... 
CETUXIMAB | RESPONSES | TOLERANCE | MAST-CELLS | DISEASE | MODEL | IMMUNOLOGY | CARCINOMA | EXPRESSION | METASTATIC COLORECTAL-CANCER | EGF RECEPTOR | Forkhead Transcription Factors - immunology | Cell Communication - immunology | Receptor, Epidermal Growth Factor - genetics | T-Lymphocytes, Regulatory - metabolism | Humans | Colitis - pathology | Homeodomain Proteins - immunology | Amphiregulin | Glycoproteins - pharmacology | T-Lymphocytes, Regulatory - immunology | Signal Transduction - immunology | Melanoma, Experimental - immunology | EGF Family of Proteins | Colitis - chemically induced | Peptide Fragments - immunology | Mast Cells - metabolism | Colitis - immunology | Glycoproteins - genetics | Mast Cells - immunology | Receptor, Epidermal Growth Factor - immunology | Peptide Fragments - administration & dosage | Glycoproteins - antagonists & inhibitors | Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins - genetics | Melanoma, Experimental - pathology | Antibodies, Neutralizing - pharmacology | Membrane Proteins - immunology | Mice, Transgenic | Forkhead Transcription Factors - genetics | Mast Cells - drug effects | Homeodomain Proteins - genetics | Gene Expression Regulation - drug effects | Membrane Proteins - administration & dosage | Glycoproteins - immunology | T-Lymphocytes, Regulatory - drug effects | Animals | Melanoma, Experimental - genetics | Signal Transduction - drug effects | Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins - pharmacology | Lymphocyte Activation - drug effects | Colitis - metabolism | Mice | Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins - immunology | Epidermal growth factor | Universities and colleges | T cells | Analysis | Vaccination | Cells | Flow cytometry | Cytokines | Cloning | Melanoma | Kinases | Experiments | Cancer therapies | Rodents | Bone marrow | Software | Tumors | Cancer
Journal Article
by Sobanski, Vincent and Giovannelli, Jonathan and Allanore, Yannick and Riemekasten, Gabriela and Airò, Paolo and Vettori, Serena and Cozzi, Franco and Distler, Oliver and Matucci‐Cerinic, Marco and Denton, Christopher and Launay, David and Hachulla, Eric and Guiducci, Serena and Walker, Ulrich and Lapadula, Giovanni and Iannone, Florenzo and Becvar, Radim and Sierakowsky, Stanislaw and Cutolo, Maurizio and Sulli, Alberto and Valentini, Gabriele and Cuomo, Giovanna and Siegert, Elise and Rednic, Simona and Nicoara, Ileana and Kahan, André and Vlachoyiannopoulos, P and Montecucco, C and Caporali, Roberto and Carreira, Patricia E and Novak, Srdan and Czirják, László and Varju, Cecilia and Chizzolini, Carlo and Kucharz, Eugene J and Kotulska, Anna and Kopec‐Medrek, Magdalena and Widuchowska, Malgorzata and Rozman, Blaz and Mallia, Carmel and Coleiro, Bernard and Gabrielli, Armando and Farge, Dominique and Wu, Chen and Marjanovic, Zora and Faivre, Helene and Hij, Darin and Dhamadi, Roza and Hesselstrand, Roger and Wollheim, Frank and Wuttge, Dirk M and Andréasson, Kristofer and Martinovic, Duska and Balbir‐Gurman, Alexandra and Braun‐Moscovici, Yolanda and Trotta, F and Lo Monaco, Andrea and Hunzelmann, Nicolas and Pellerito, Raffaele and Maria Bambara, Lisa and Caramaschi, Paola and Black, Carol and Damjanov, Nemanja and Henes, Jörg and Santamaria, Vera Ortiz and Heitmann, Stefan and Krasowska, Dorota and Seidel, Matthias and Burkhardt, Harald and Himsel, Andrea and Salvador, Maria J and Da Silva, José Antonio Pereira and Stamenkovic, Bojana and Stankovic, Aleksandra and Tikly, Mohammed and Ananieva, Lidia P and Denisov, Lev N and Müller‐Ladner, Ulf and Frerix, Marc and Tarner, Ingo and Scorza, Raffaella and Engelhart, Merete and Strauss, Gitte and Nielsen, Henrik and Damgaard, Kirsten and Mendoza, Antonio Zea and Puente, Carlos and Sifuentes Giraldo, WA and Midtvedt, Øyvind and Reiseter, Silje and Valesini, Guido and Riccieri, Valeria and Ionescu, Ruxandra Maria and Opris, Daniela and Groseanu, Laura and Cornateanu, Roxana Sfrent and Ionitescu, Razvan and Gherghe, Ana Maria and Soare, Alina and Gorga, Marilena and ... and EUSTAR Collaborators and the EUSTAR Collaborators
Arthritis & Rheumatology, ISSN 2326-5191, 09/2019, Volume 71, Issue 9, pp. 1553 - 1570
Journal Article
by Jallouli, M and Galicier, L and Zahr, N and Aumaître, O and Francès, C and Le Guern, V and Lioté, F and Smail, A and Limal, N and Perard, L and Desmurs‐Clavel, H and Le Thi Huong, D and Asli, B and Kahn, J.‐E and Pourrat, J and Sailler, L and Ackermann, F and Papo, T and Sacré, K and Fain, O and Stirnemann, J and Cacoub, P and Leroux, G and Cohen‐Bittan, J and Sellam, J and Mariette, X and Blanchet, B and Hulot, J. S and Amoura, Z and Piette, J. C and Costedoat‐Chalumeau, N and Astudillo, Leonardo and Belizna, Cristina and Belmatoug, Nadia and Benveniste, Olivier and Benyamine, Audrey and Bezanahary, Holly and Blanco, Patrick and Bletry, Olivier and Bodaghi, Bahram and Bourgeois, Pierre and Brihaye, Benoît and Chatelus, Emmanuel and Damade, Richard and Daugas, Eric and De‐Gennes, Christian and Delfraissy, Jean‐François and Delluc, Céline and Delluc, Aurélien and Duhaut, Pierre and Dupuy, Alain and Durieu, Isabelle and Ea, Hang‐Korng and Farge, Dominique and Funck‐Brentano, Christian and Gandjbakhch, Frédérique and Gellen‐Dautremer, Justine and Ghillani‐Dalbin, Pascale and Godeau, Bertrand and Goujard, Cécile and Grandpeix, Catherine and Grange, Claire and Grimaldi, Lamiae and Guettrot, Gaëlle and Guillevin, Loïc and Hachulla, Eric and Harle, Jean‐Robert and Haroche, Julien and Hausfater, Pierre and Jouquan, Jean and Kaplanski, Gilles and Keshtmand, Homa and Khellaf, Mehdi and Lambotte, Olivier and Launay, David and Lechat, Philippe and Levesque, Hervé and Lidove, Olivier and Liozon, Eric and Ly, Kim and Mahevas, Matthieu and Mariampillai, Kubéraka and Mathian, Alexis and Mazodier, Karin and Michel, Marc and Morel, Nathalie and Mouthon, Luc and Musset, Lucile and Ngack, Rokiya and Ninet, Jacques and Oksenhendler, Eric and Pellegrin, Jean‐Luc and Peyr, Olivier and Piette, Anne‐Marie and Poindron, Vincent and Roux, Fabienne and Saadoun, David and Sahali, Sabrinel and Saint‐Marcoux, Bernadette and Sarrot‐Reynauld, Françoise and ... and Plaquenil Lupus Systemic Study Grp and Plaquenil Lupus Systemic Study Group
Arthritis & Rheumatology, ISSN 2326-5191, 08/2015, Volume 67, Issue 8, pp. 2176 - 2184
Journal Article
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, ISSN 0003-4967, 07/2019, Volume 78, Issue 7, pp. 979 - 987
Journal Article
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, ISSN 0003-4967, 06/2005, Volume 64, Issue 6, pp. 913 - 920
Journal Article