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by Hyde, Kevin D and Norphanphoun, Chada and Abreu, Vanessa P and Bazzicalupo, Anna and Thilini Chethana, K W and Clericuzio, Marco and Dayarathne, Monika C and Dissanayake, Asha J and Ekanayaka, Anusha H and He, Mao-Qiang and Hongsanan, Sinang and Huang, Shi-Ke and Jayasiri, Subashini C and Jayawardena, Ruvishika S and Karunarathna, Anuruddha and Konta, Sirinapa and Kušan, Ivana and Lee, Hyun and Li, Junfu and Lin, Chuan-Gen and Liu, Ning-Guo and Lu, Yong-Zhong and Luo, Zong-Long and Manawasinghe, Ishara S and Mapook, Ausana and Perera, Rekhani H and Phookamsak, Rungtiwa and Phukhamsakda, Chayanard and Siedlecki, Igor and Soares, Adriene Mayra and Tennakoon, Danushka S and Tian, Qing and Tibpromma, Saowaluck and Wanasinghe, Dhanushka N and Xiao, Yuan-Pin and Yang, Jing and Zeng, Xiang-Yu and Abdel-Aziz, Faten A and Li, Wen-Jing and Senanayake, Indunil C and Shang, Qiu-Ju and Daranagama, Dinushani A and de Silva, Nimali I and Thambugala, Kasun M and Abdel-Wahab, Mohamed A and Bahkali, Ali H and Berbee, Mary L and Boonmee, Saranyaphat and Bhat, D Jayarama and Bulgakov, Timur S and Buyck, Bart and Camporesi, Erio and Castañeda-Ruiz, Rafael F and Chomnunti, Putarak and Doilom, Minkwan and Dovana, Francesco and Gibertoni, Tatiana B and Jadan, Margita and Jeewon, Rajesh and Jones, E B. Gareth and Kang, Ji-Chuan and Karunarathna, Samantha C and Lim, Young Woon and Liu, Jian-Kui and Liu, Zuo-Yi and Plautz Jr, Helio Longoni and Lumyong, Saisamorn and Maharachchikumbura, Sajeewa S. N and Matočec, Neven and McKenzie, Eric H. C and Mešić, Armin and Miller, Daniel and Pawłowska, Julia and Pereira, Olinto L and Promputtha, Itthayakorn and Romero, Andrea I and Ryvarden, Leif and Su, Hong-Yan and Suetrong, Satinee and Tkalčec, Zdenko and Vizzini, Alfredo and Wen, Ting-Chi and Wisitrassameewong, Komsit and Wrzosek, Marta and Xu, Jian-Chu and Zhao, Qi and Zhao, Rui-Lin and Mortimer, Peter E
Fungal Diversity, ISSN 1560-2745, 11/2017, Volume 87, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 235
Journal Article
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