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Acta neuropathologica, ISSN 1432-0533, 07/2018, Volume 136, Issue 2, pp. 227 - 237
Journal Article
by Sturm, Dominik and Orr, Brent A and Toprak, Umut H and Hovestadt, Volker and Jones, David T.W and Capper, David and Sill, Martin and Buchhalter, Ivo and Northcott, Paul A and Leis, Irina and Ryzhova, Marina and Koelsche, Christian and Pfaff, Elke and Allen, Sariah J and Balasubramanian, Gnanaprakash and Worst, Barbara C and Pajtler, Kristian W and Brabetz, Sebastian and Johann, Pascal D and Sahm, Felix and Reimand, Jüri and Mackay, Alan and Carvalho, Diana M and Remke, Marc and Phillips, Joanna J and Perry, Arie and Cowdrey, Cynthia and Drissi, Rachid and Fouladi, Maryam and Giangaspero, Felice and Łastowska, Maria and Grajkowska, Wiesława and Scheurlen, Wolfram and Pietsch, Torsten and Hagel, Christian and Gojo, Johannes and Lötsch, Daniela and Berger, Walter and Slavc, Irene and Haberler, Christine and Jouvet, Anne and Holm, Stefan and Hofer, Silvia and Prinz, Marco and Keohane, Catherine and Fried, Iris and Mawrin, Christian and Scheie, David and Mobley, Bret C and Schniederjan, Matthew J and Santi, Mariarita and Buccoliero, Anna M and Dahiya, Sonika and Kramm, Christof M and von Bueren, André O and von Hoff, Katja and Rutkowski, Stefan and Herold-Mende, Christel and Frühwald, Michael C and Milde, Till and Hasselblatt, Martin and Wesseling, Pieter and Rößler, Jochen and Schüller, Ulrich and Ebinger, Martin and Schittenhelm, Jens and Frank, Stephan and Grobholz, Rainer and Vajtai, Istvan and Hans, Volkmar and Schneppenheim, Reinhard and Zitterbart, Karel and Collins, V. Peter and Aronica, Eleonora and Varlet, Pascale and Puget, Stephanie and Dufour, Christelle and Grill, Jacques and Figarella-Branger, Dominique and Wolter, Marietta and Schuhmann, Martin U and Shalaby, Tarek and Grotzer, Michael and van Meter, Timothy and Monoranu, Camelia-Maria and Felsberg, Jörg and Reifenberger, Guido and Snuderl, Matija and Forrester, Lynn Ann and Koster, Jan and Versteeg, Rogier and Volckmann, Richard and van Sluis, Peter and Wolf, Stephan and Mikkelsen, Tom and Gajjar, Amar and Aldape, Kenneth and Moore, Andrew S and Taylor, Michael D and Jones, Chris and ...
Cell (Cambridge), ISSN 0092-8674, 02/2016, Volume 164, Issue 5, pp. 1060 - 1072
Journal Article
by Sturm, Dominik and Witt, Hendrik and Hovestadt, Volker and Khuong-Quang, Dong-Anh and Jones, David T.W and Konermann, Carolin and Pfaff, Elke and Tönjes, Martje and Sill, Martin and Bender, Sebastian and Kool, Marcel and Zapatka, Marc and Becker, Natalia and Zucknick, Manuela and Hielscher, Thomas and Liu, Xiao-Yang and Fontebasso, Adam M and Ryzhova, Marina and Albrecht, Steffen and Jacob, Karine and Wolter, Marietta and Ebinger, Martin and Schuhmann, Martin U and van Meter, Timothy and Frühwald, Michael C and Hauch, Holger and Pekrun, Arnulf and Radlwimmer, Bernhard and Niehues, Tim and von Komorowski, Gregor and Dürken, Matthias and Kulozik, Andreas E and Madden, Jenny and Donson, Andrew and Foreman, Nicholas K and Drissi, Rachid and Fouladi, Maryam and Scheurlen, Wolfram and von Deimling, Andreas and Monoranu, Camelia and Roggendorf, Wolfgang and Herold-Mende, Christel and Unterberg, Andreas and Kramm, Christof M and Felsberg, Jörg and Hartmann, Christian and Wiestler, Benedikt and Wick, Wolfgang and Milde, Till and Witt, Olaf and Lindroth, Anders M and Schwartzentruber, Jeremy and Faury, Damien and Fleming, Adam and Zakrzewska, Magdalena and Liberski, Pawel P and Zakrzewski, Krzysztof and Hauser, Peter and Garami, Miklos and Klekner, Almos and Bognar, Laszlo and Morrissy, Sorana and Cavalli, Florence and Taylor, Michael D and van Sluis, Peter and Koster, Jan and Versteeg, Rogier and Volckmann, Richard and Mikkelsen, Tom and Aldape, Kenneth and Reifenberger, Guido and Collins, V. Peter and Majewski, Jacek and Korshunov, Andrey and Lichter, Peter and Plass, Christoph and Jabado, Nada and Pfister, Stefan M
Cancer cell, ISSN 1535-6108, 10/2012, Volume 22, Issue 4, pp. 425 - 437
Journal Article
by Capper, David and Jones, David T. W and Sill, Martin and Hovestadt, Volker and Schrimpf, Daniel and Sturm, Dominik and Koelsche, Christian and Sahm, Felix and Chavez, Lukas and Reuss, David E and Kratz, Annekathrin and Wefers, Annika K and Huang, Kristin and Pajtler, Kristian W and Schweizer, Leonille and Stichel, Damian and Olar, Adriana and Engel, Nils W and Lindenberg, Kerstin and Harter, Patrick N and Braczynski, Anne K and Plate, Karl H and Dohmen, Hildegard and Garvalov, Boyan K and Coras, Roland and Hölsken, Annett and Hewer, Ekkehard and Bewerunge-Hudler, Melanie and Schick, Matthias and Fischer, Roger and Beschorner, Rudi and Schittenhelm, Jens and Staszewski, Ori and Wani, Khalida and Varlet, Pascale and Pages, Melanie and Temming, Petra and Lohmann, Dietmar and Selt, Florian and Witt, Hendrik and Milde, Till and Witt, Olaf and Aronica, Eleonora and Giangaspero, Felice and Rushing, Elisabeth and Scheurlen, Wolfram and Geisenberger, Christoph and Rodriguez, Fausto J and Becker, Albert and Preusser, Matthias and Haberler, Christine and Bjerkvig, Rolf and Cryan, Jane and Farrell, Michael and Deckert, Martina and Hench, Jürgen and Frank, Stephan and Serrano, Jonathan and Kannan, Kasthuri and Tsirigos, Aristotelis and Brück, Wolfgang and Hofer, Silvia and Brehmer, Stefanie and Seiz-Rosenhagen, Marcel and Hänggi, Daniel and Hans, Volkmar and Rozsnoki, Stephanie and Hansford, Jordan R and Kohlhof, Patricia and Kristensen, Bjarne W and Lechner, Matt and Lopes, Beatriz and Mawrin, Christian and Ketter, Ralf and Kulozik, Andreas and Khatib, Ziad and Heppner, Frank and Koch, Arend and Jouvet, Anne and Keohane, Catherine and Mühleisen, Helmut and Mueller, Wolf and Pohl, Ute and Prinz, Marco and Benner, Axel and Zapatka, Marc and Gottardo, Nicholas G and Driever, Pablo Hernáiz and Kramm, Christof M and Müller, Hermann L and Rutkowski, Stefan and von Hoff, Katja and Frühwald, Michael C and Gnekow, Astrid and Fleischhack, Gudrun and Tippelt, Stephan and Calaminus, Gabriele and Monoranu, Camelia-Maria and Perry, Arie and Jones, Chris and ...
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 03/2018, Volume 555, Issue 7697, pp. 469 - 474
Journal Article
Acta neuropathologica, ISSN 1432-0533, 06/2018, Volume 136, Issue 2, pp. 211 - 226
Journal Article
American journal of transplantation, ISSN 1600-6135, 06/2019, Volume 19, Issue 6, pp. 1759 - 1769
Journal Article
The Scriblerian and the Kit-Cats, ISSN 0190-731X, 2011, Volume 43, Issue 2, pp. 228 - 229
Journal Article