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BMC genomics, ISSN 1471-2164, 09/2009, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 450 - 450
Journal Article
by Ramos, Flavio Nunes and Mortara, Sara Ribeiro and Monalisa‐Francisco, Nathalia and Elias, João Pedro Costa and Neto, Luiz Menini and Freitas, Leandro and Kersten, Rodrigo and Amorim, André Márcio and Matos, Fernando Bittencourt and Nunes‐Freitas, André Felippe and Alcantara, Suzana and Alexandre, Marcia Helena Nagahama and Almeida‐Scabbia, Renata Jimenez and Almeida, Odair José Garcia and Alves, Fernanda Eliane and Oliveira Alves, Rogério Marcos and Alvim, Francine Seehaber and Andrade, Antônio Carlos Silva and Andrade, Simone and Aona, Lidyanne Yuriko Saleme and Araujo, Andréa Cardoso and Araújo, Kelianne Carolina Targino and Ariati, Vanessa and Assis, Julia Camara and Azevedo, Cecília Oliveira and Barbosa, Bruno Ferreira and Barbosa, Daniel Elias Ferreira and Barbosa, Fernando dos Reis and Barros, Fabio and Basilio, Geicilaine Alves and Bataghin, Fernando Antonio and Bered, Fernanda and Bianchi, Juliana Santos and Blum, Christopher Thomas and Boelter, Carlos Renato and Bonnet, Annete and Brancalion, Pedro Henrique Santin and Breier, Tiago Bӧer and Brion, Caio de Toledo and Buzatto, Cristiano Roberto and Cabral, Andressa and Cadorin, Tiago João and Caglioni, Eder and Canêz, Luciana and Cardoso, Pedro Henrique and Carvalho, Fábia Silva and Carvalho, Renan Gonçalves and Catharino, Eduardo Luis Martins and Ceballos, Sergio Javier and Cerezini, Monise Terra and César, Ricardo Gomes and Cestari, Cesar and Chaves, Cleber Juliano Neves and Citadini‐Zanette, Vanilde and Coelho, Luiz Francisco Mello and Coffani‐Nunes, João Vicente and Colares, Renato and Colletta, Gabriel Dalla and Corrêa, Nadjara de Medeiros and Costa, Andrea Ferreira and Costa, Grênivel Mota and Costa, Laís Mara Santana and Costa, Natália Gabriela Souza and Couto, Dayvid Rodrigues and Cristofolini, Caroline and Cruz, Ana Carolina Rodrigues and Del Neri, Leopoldo Angelo and Pasquo, Mercedes and Santos Dias, Aline and Dias, Letícia do Carmo Dutra and Dislich, Ricardo and Duarte, Marília Cristina and Fabricante, Juliano Ricardo and Farache, Fernando Henrique Antoniolli and Faria, Ana Paula Gelli and Faxina, Claudenice and Ferreira, Mariana Terrola Martins and Fischer, Erich and Fonseca, Carlos Roberto and Fontoura, Talita and Francisco, Talitha Mayumi and Furtado, Samyra Gomes and Galetti, Mauro and Garbin, Mário Luís and Gasper, André Luís and Goetze, Márcia and Gomes‐da‐Silva, Janaína and Gonçalves, Mateus Felipe Araujo and Gonzaga, Diego Rafael and Silva, Ana Carolina Granero e and Guaraldo, André de Camargo and Guarino, Ernestino de Souza Gomes and Guislon, Aline Votri and Hudson, Luigy Bitencourt and Jardim, Jomar Gomes and Jungbluth, Patricia and Kaeser, Selma dos Santos and Kessous, Igor Musauer and Koch, Natália Mossmann and Kuniyoshi, Yoshiko Saito and ...
Ecology (Durham), ISSN 0012-9658, 02/2019, Volume 100, Issue 2, pp. e02541 - n/a
Journal Article
Inflammation research, ISSN 1023-3830, 12/2019, Volume 68, Issue 12, pp. 1061 - 1070
Journal Article
by Oshima, Júlia Emi de Faria and Melo, Fabiano Rodrigues and Bonjorne, Lilian and Lemos, Frederico Gemesio and Martello, Felipe and Alves‐Eigenheer, Milene and Silveira dos Santos, Juliana and Priante, Camila Fátima and Rogeri, Patricia and Assis, Julia Camara and Gaspar, Lucas Pacciullio and Tonetti, Vinicius Rodrigues and Trinca, Cristiano Trapé and Ribeiro, Adauto de Souza and Bocchiglieri, Adriana and Hass, Adriani and Canteri, Adriano and Chiarello, Adriano Garcia and Paglia, Adriano Pereira and Pereira, Adriele Aparecida and Souza, Agnis Cristiane and Gatica, Ailin and Eriksson, Alan and González‐Gallina, Alberto and Yanosky, Alberto A and Bager, Alex and Bovo, Alex Augusto Abreu and Bezerra, Alexandra Maria Ramos and Vogliotti, Alexandre and Costa Lopes, Alexandre Martins and Keuroghlian, Alexine and Zúñiga Hartley, Alfonso Christopher and Devlin, Allison L and Paula, Almir and García‐Olaechea, Alvaro and Sánchez, Amadeo and Aquino, Ana Carla Medeiros Morato and Ochoa, Ana Cecilia and Tomazzoni, Ana Cristina and Lacerda, Ana Cristyna Reis and Bacellar, Ana Elisa de Faria and Campelo, Ana Kellen Nogueira and Herrera Victoria, Ana María and Paschoal, Ana Maria de Oliveira and Potrich, Ana Paula and Gomes, Ana Paula Nascimento and Olímpio, Ana Priscila Medeiros and Cunha Costa, Ana Raissa and Jácomo, Anah Tereza de Almeida and Jesus, Anamélia Souza and Barros Barban, Ananda and Feijó, Anderson and Souza, Andiara Silos Moraes de Castro e and Mendonça, André Faria and Luza, André Luís and Moura, André Luis Botelho and Silva, André Luiz Ferreira and Lanna, Andre Monnerat and Dechner, Andrea and Carvalho, Andrea Siqueira and Novaro, Andres Jose and Scabin, Andressa Barbara and Gatti, Andressa and Montanarin, Anelise and Deffaci, Ângela Camila and Albuquerque, Anna Carolina Figueiredo and Mangione, Antonio Marcelo and Pinto, Antonio Millas Silva and Bertoldi, Ariane Teixeira and Calouro, Armando Muniz and Fernandes, Arthur and Ferreguetti, Atilla Colombo and Rosa, Augusto Lisboa Martins and Banhos, Aureo and Francisco, Beatriz da Silva de Souza and Beisiegel, Beatriz de Mello and Thoisy, Benoit and Ingberman, Bianca and Neves, Bianca dos Santos and Pereira‐Silva, Brenda and Bertagni de Camargo, Bruna and Leles, Bruno and Kubiak, Bruno Busnello and França, Bruno Rodrigo de Albuquerque and Saranholi, Bruno Henrique and Pereira Mendes, Calebe and Cantagallo Devids, Camila and Pianca, Camila and Islas, Camila Alvez and Lima, Camilo Ribeiro and Gestich, Carla Cristina and De Angelo, Carlos and Hass, Carlos and Kasper, Carlos Benhur and Durigan, Carlos Cesar and Fragoso, Carlos Eduardo and Rocha, Carlos Frederico Duarte and Salvador, Carlos Henrique and Vieira, Carlos Leonardo and Ruiz, Carmen Elena Barragán and ...
Ecology (Durham), ISSN 0012-9658, 11/2020, Volume 101, Issue 11, pp. e03128 - n/a
Journal Article
by Teixeira, Marcus M and Teixeira, Marcus M and de Almeida, Luiz G. P and de Almeida, Luiz G.P and Kubitschek-Barreira, Paula and Kubitschek-Barreira, Paula and Alves, Fernanda L and Alves, Fernanda L and Kioshima, Erika S and Kioshima, Érika S and Abadio, Ana K. R and Abadio, Ana K.R and Fernandes, Larissa and Fernandes, Larissa and Derengowski, Lorena S and Derengowski, Lorena S and Ferreira, Karen S and Ferreira, Karen S and Souza, Rangel C and Souza, Rangel C and Ruiz, Jeronimo C and Ruiz, Jeronimo C and de Andrade, Nathalia C and de Andrade, Nathalia C and Paes, Hugo C and Paes, Hugo C and Nicola, André M and Nicola, André M and Albuquerque, Patrícia and Albuquerque, Patrícia and Gerber, Alexandra L and Gerber, Alexandra L and Martins, Vicente P and Martins, Vicente P and Peconick, Luisa D.F and Peconick, Luisa D. F and Neto, Alan Viggiano and Neto, Alan V.iggiano and Chaucanez, Claudia B and Chaucanez, Claudia B and Silva, Patrícia A and Silva, Patrícia A and Cunha, Oberdan L and Cunha, Oberdan L and de Oliveira, Fabiana F. M and de Oliveira, Fabiana F.M and dos Santos, Tayná C and dos Santos, Tayná C and Barros, Amanda L. N and Barros, Amanda L.N and Soares, Marco A and Soares, Marco A and de Oliveira, Luciana M and de Oliveira, Luciana M and Marini, Marjorie M and Marini, Marjorie M and Villalobos-Duno, Héctor and Villalobos-Duno, Héctor and Cunha, Marcel M.L and Cunha, Marcel M. L and de Hoog, Sybren and de Hoog, Sybren and da Silveira, José F and da Silveira, José F and Henrissat, Bernard and Henrissat, Bernard and Niño-Vega, Gustavo A and Niño-Vega, Gustavo A and Cisalpino, Patrícia S and Cisalpino, Patrícia S and Mora-Montes, Héctor M and Mora-Montes, Héctor M and Almeida, Sandro R and Almeida, Sandro R and Stajich, Jason E and Stajich, Jason E and Lopes-Bezerra, Leila M and Lopes-Bezerra, Leila M and Vasconcelos, Ana T. R and Vasconcelos, Ana T.R and Felipe, Maria S. S and Felipe, Maria S.S
BMC genomics, ISSN 1471-2164, 2014, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp. 943 - 943
Journal Article