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by Preble, LG and Ferguson, DH and Hall, JG and Baer, EG and Bailey, TC and Bouman, JK and Beebe, RL and Bloom, SD and Blyth, JE and Coffey, PV and Colangelo, JP and Colavito, WA and Columbo, JR and DeSalvo, JD and Dowden, CM and Ford, RV and Fries, RS and Goldstein, BH and Greenwald, MM and Grossman, JS and Hanson, HC and Heary, WJ and Hirschen, JI and Hoffman, RW and Holtzchue, KB and Horowtiz, SG and Jacobsen, SA and Zinberg, DJ and Jones, BJ and Joseph, ER and Kessler, DG and Kelleher, TL and Klapper, JN and Lamb, MP and Lawlor, BE and Leeds, MJ and Lubbell, HA and Maggipinto, VA and McDonald, TM and Meyer, HG and Mitchell, BT and Mitzner, M and Nardi, RA and Pollet, SH and Privitera, JJ and Sachs, JH and Santemma, JN and Schnall, F and Sindoni, JP and Sprouls, JW and Stephens, CD and Stein, J and Stern, JS and Tilton, SO and Tharp, LP and Thompson, GE and Tucker, WP and Walsh, JM and Watz, JH and Wendt, PM and Wilson, JM and Berkman, AS and Berman, AR and Borg, SJ and Connery, NA and De Winter, R and Gehman, JS and Goodman, GA and Holtzschue, KB and Jordan, KM and Klein, SD and Konikoff, PK and Kreitzman, RJ and Krim, GM and Krone, S and Lipscomb, JL and Lippman, WJ and Litke, GS and Wolk, LJ and Yungbluth, PL and Zimmerman, LA and Zinman, RM and Mellon, RT and Mishaan, MA and Peters, PL and Rauch, M and Reisch, RJ and Rifkin, BM and Santry, AM and Schill, MH and Seiden, P and Shelley, H and Sinreich, EJ and Slater, CS and Stenson, LM and Stern, MB and Swiatkiewicz, S and Towne, LS and Viets, WC and Willinger, LD and ... and Assoc Bar City New York and Attorney Opinion Letters Comm and Comm Real Property Law and New York State Bar Assoc and Subcommittee Mortgage Loan Opinions and Real Property Law Section
The Business Lawyer, ISSN 0007-6899, 11/1998, Volume 54, Issue 1, pp. 119 - 174
The Mortgage Loan Opinion Report covers issues that typically arise in legal opinions rendered in connection with commercial mortgage transactions. The Report... 
Legal entities | Loans | Real property law | Mortgage loans | Corporate entities | Financial transactions | Loan defaults | Collaboration | REPORTS | Lenders | Attorneys | INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS & LABOR | LAW | Laws, regulations and rules | Mortgages | Commercial law | Debt financing | Financial institutions | Regulation | Commercial real estate
Journal Article
Environmental Earth Sciences, ISSN 1866-6280, 1/2014, Volume 71, Issue 2, pp. 563 - 572
Journal Article
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