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Tissue Engineering Part A, ISSN 1937-3341, 12/2014, Volume 20, Issue S1, pp. S-1 - S-140
Journal Article
Journal of the American Chemical Society, ISSN 0002-7863, 01/2013, Volume 135, Issue 1, pp. 280 - 285
We have developed a nickel-catalyzed cross coupling of benzylic ammonium triflates with aryl boronic acids to afford diarylmethanes and diarylethanes. This... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
by O'Connell, RL and Rattay, T and Dave, RV and Trickey, A and Skillman, J and Barnes, NLP and Gardiner, M and Harnett, A and Potter, S and Holcombe, C and Blazeby, J and Conroy, E and O'Brien, C and Williamson, P and Curnier, A and Tadros, A and Depasquale, I and Masannat, YA and Smyth, E and Fuller, M and Bourne, R and Heys, S and Hamo, I and Aloraifi, F and Fopp, L and Bali, R and Bache, S and Benyon, SL and Irwin, MS and Agrawal, A and Malata, CM and Murphy, C and Misky, A and Chicken, DW and Abdullah, N and Hill, ADK and Cullinane, C and Irwin, G and McIntosh, SA and Refsum, S and Sloan, S and Mallon, P and Sirianni, C and Khattak, I and Nagachandra, G and Kiruparan, P and Debanth, D and Davey, S and Curran, TA and Svenning, M and Govindarajulu, S and Rayter, Z and Ainsworth, R and Cawthorn, S and Sahu, A and Wilson, S and Prousskaia, E and Accurso, A and Rocco, N and Di Micco, R and Limite, G and Ceccarino, R and Liccardo, R and Coco, G and Nizamoglu, M and Morgan, M and Ramakrishnan, V and Catanuto, G and Wilkins, A and McManus, P and Kneeshaw, P and Grover, K and Mahapatra, T and Wooler, B and Elahi, B and Ihsan, N and Bucknor, A and Reissis, D and Hunter, J and Wood, S and Jallali, N and Henry, FP and Verjee, LS and Lee, J and Khan, SM and Azmy, I and Massey, J and Hollywood, C and Oluwajana, M and Bathla, S and Seward, J and Harding-MacKean, C and Lane, R and Murali, K and Biswas, B and Trapszo, P and Seetharam, S and Kennedy, K and Alder, L and Graja, T and ... and Breast Reconstruction Res Collab and iBRA-2 Steering Grp and iBRA-2 Steering Group and Breast Reconstruction Research Collaborative and the Breast Reconstruction Research Collaborative and on behalf of the iBRA-2 Steering Group
BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER, ISSN 0007-0920, 04/2019, Volume 120, Issue 9, pp. 883 - 895
BACKGROUND: Immediate breast reconstruction (IBR) is routinely offered to improve quality-of-life for women requiring mastectomy, but there are concerns that... 
MASTECTOMY | SURGERY | NATIONAL TRENDS | ONCOLOGY | COMPLICATIONS | RADIOTHERAPY | OUTCOMES | DELAY | CHEMOTHERAPY | Breast Neoplasms - surgery | Prospective Studies | Humans | Middle Aged | Breast Neoplasms - therapy | Young Adult | Time Factors | Mammaplasty - methods | Aged, 80 and over | Mastectomy | Adult | Female | Aged | Chemotherapy, Adjuvant | Cohort Studies | Outcomes research | Surgical oncology | Cancer
Journal Article
by Aaberg-Jessen, C and Fogh, L and Halle, B and Jensen, V and Brunner, N and Kristensen, B. W and Abe, T and Momii, Y and Watanabe, J and Morisaki, I and Natsume, A and Wakabayashi, T and Fujiki, M and Aldaz, B and Fabius, A. W. M and Silber, J and Harinath, G and Chan, T. A and Huse, J. T and Anai, S and Hide, T and Nakamura, H and Makino, K and Yano, S and Kuratsu, J.-i and Balyasnikova, I. V and Prasol, M. S and Kanoija, D. K and Aboody, K. S and Lesniak, M. S and Barone, T and Burkhart, C and Purmal, A and Gudkov, A and Gurova, K and Plunkett, R and Barton, K and Misuraca, K and Cordero, F and Dobrikova, E and Min, H and Gromeier, M and Kirsch, D and Becher, O and Pont, L. B and Kloezeman, J and van den Bent, M and Kanaar, R and Kremer, A and Swagemakers, S and French, P and Dirven, C and Lamfers, M and Leenstra, S and Balvers, R and Kleijn, A and Lawler, S and Gong, X and Andres, A and Hanson, J and Delashaw, J and Bota, D and Chen, C.-C and Yao, N.-W and Chuang, W.-J and Chang, C and Chen, P.-Y and Huang, C.-Y and Wei, K.-C and Cheng, Y and Dai, Q and Morshed, R and Han, Y and Auffinger, B and Wainwright, D and Zhang, L and Tobias, A and Rincon, E and Thaci, B and Ahmed, A and He, C and Lesniak, M and Choi, Y. A and Pandya, H and Gibo, D. M and Fokt, I and Priebe, W and Debinski, W and Chornenkyy, Y and Agnihotri, S and Buczkowicz, P and Rakopoulos, P and Morrison, A and Barszczyk, M and Hawkins, C and Chung, S and Decollogne, S and Luk, P and Shen, H and Ha, W and ...
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 11/2013, Volume 15, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii37 - iii61
Journal Article
by Gatsonis, Constantine A and Aberle, Denise R and Berg, Christine D and Black, William C and Church, Timothy R and Fagerstrom, Richard M and Galen, Barbara and Gareen, Ilana F and Goldin, Jonathan and Gohagan, John K and Hillman, Bruce and Jaffe, Carl and Kramer, Barnett S and Lynch, David and Marcus, Pamela M and Schnall, Mitchell and Sullivan, Daniel C and Sullivan, Dorothy and Zylak, Carl J and Cagnon, Christopher and Cody, Dianna and Fletcher, Glenn and Flynn, Michael J and Judy, Philip F and Kruger, Randell and Larke, Frederick J and McNitt-Gray, Michael and Payne, Thomas and Anthony Seibert, J and Wu, Xizeng and Abbott, Gerald and Amorosa, Judith K and Barr, Richard G and Boiselle, Phillip M and Chiles, Caroline and Clark, Robert and Coppage, Lynn and Falk, Robert and Fishman, Elliot K and Gemmel, David and Goldin, Jonathan G and Goodman, Eric and Hart, Eric M and Hazelton, Todd and Johnson, Elizabeth and Kazerooni, Ella and McComb, Barbara and McLennan, Geoffrey and Munden, Reginald F and Ravenel, James and Sullivan, Michael and Swensen, Stephen J and Torigian, Drew A and Vydareny, Kay H and Worrell, John A and Balkin, Peter and Fouad, Mona and Freedman, Matthew T and Garg, Kavita and Gelmann, Edward P and Gierada, David S and Hocking, William and Inampudi, Subbarao and Isaacs, Claudine and Kvale, Paul and Mann, Howard and Manor, William and Nath, Hrudaya and Reding, Douglas and Spizarny, David L and Strollo, Diane C and Waltz, John and Chen, Mei-Hsiu and Duan, Fenghai and Izmirilian, Grant and Pinsky, Paul and Prorok, Philip C and Miller, Anthony B and Edelman, Martin J and Evans, William K and Fontana, Robert S and Machtay, Mitchell and Clark, Kenneth W and Clingan, Kathy L and Ford, Melissa B and Márquez, Guillermo and Moore, Steven M and Ohan, Peter and Payne, Thomas J and Peace, Steven and Rosenbaum, Jennifer L and Barr, Richard and Black, William and Torigian, Drew and Vydareny, Kay and Worrell, John and Young, Robert C and Alberts, David and DeMets, David and Greenwald, Peter and ... and Natl Lung Screening Trial Res Team and National Lung Screening Trial Research Team
Radiology, ISSN 0033-8419, 01/2011, Volume 258, Issue 1, pp. 243 - 253
Journal Article
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, ISSN 0021-972X, 12/2007, Volume 92, Issue 12, pp. 4802 - 4809
Introduction: In polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), there is increased formation of androgens by thecal cells. Moreover, PCOS ovaries have been shown to have... 
Journal Article
by Brognaro, E and Chang, S and Cha, J and Choi, K and Choi, C and DePetro, J and Binding, C and Blough, M and Kelly, J and Lawn, S and Chan, J and Weiss, S and Cairncross, G and Eisenbeis, A and Goldbrunner, R and Timmer, M and Gabrusiewicz, K and Cortes-Santiago, N and Fan, X and Hossain, M. B and Kaminska, B and Heimberger, A and Rao, G and Yung, W. K. A and Marini, F and Fueyo, J and Gomez-Manzano, C and Halle, B and Marcusson, E and Aaberg-Jessen, C and Jensen, S. S and Meyer, M and Schulz, M. K and Andersen, C and Bjarne and Kristensen, W and Hashizume, R and Ihara, Y and Ozawa, T and Parsa, A and Clarke, J and Butowski, N and Prados, M and Perry, A and McDermott, M and James, D and Jensen, R and Gillespie, D and Martens, T and Zamykal, M and Westphal, M and Lamszus, K and Monsalves, E and Jalali, S and Tateno, T and Ezzat, S and Zadeh, G and Nedergaard, M. K and Kristoffersen, K and Poulsen, H. S and Stockhausen, M.-T and Lassen, U and Kjaer, A and Ohka, F and Natsume, A and Zong, H and Liu, C and Hatanaka, A and Katsushima, K and Shinjo, K and Wakabayashi, T and Kondo, Y and Picotte, K and Li, L and Westerhuis, B and Zhao, H and Plotkin, S and James, M and Kalamarides, M and Zhao, W.-n and Kim, J and Stemmer-Rachamimov, A and Haggarty, S and Gusella, J and Ramesh, V and Nunes, F and Doucette, T and Yang, Y and Fuller, G and Rao, A and Schmidt, N. O and Humke, N and Meissner, H and Mueller, F.-J and Schnell, O and Jaehnert, I and Albrecht, V and Fu, P and Tonn, J.-C and Schichor, C and ...
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 11/2013, Volume 15, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii235 - iii241
Journal Article
Journal of Neurochemistry, ISSN 0022-3042, 09/2015, Volume 134, Issue 5, pp. 956 - 968
Journal Article