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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1996. Typescript. eContent provider-neutral record in process. Description based on print version record.... 
by Peña, J E and Wysoki, M and Singh, Gajendra and Boscán de M, Nancy and Godoy, Freddy J and Obligado, A and Rossetto, C J and Ribeiro, I J. A and Gallo, P B and Soares, N B and Sabino, J C and Martins, A L. M and Bortoletto, N and Ploetz, R C and Benscher, D and Vázquez, Aimé and Colls, A and Nagel, Julianne and Schaffer, B and Pinkas, Y and Maymon, M and Freeman, S and Bostros Bastawros, Mikhail and Gosbee, M J and Johnson, G I and Joyce, D C and Irwin, J A. G and Saaiman, W C and Prusky, D and Falik, E and Kobiler, I and Fuchs, Y and Zauberman, G and Pesis, E and Ackerman, M and Roth, I and Weksler, A and Yekutiely, O and Waisblum, A and Keinan, A and Ofek, G and Reved, R and Barak, R and Bel, P and Artes, L and Visarathanonth, N and Xu, Z and Ponce de León, L and Muñoz, C and Pérez, L and Diaz de León, F and Kerbel, C and Esparza, S and Bósquez, E and Trinidad, M and Coates, L M and Cooke, A W and Dean, J R and Lucia Duarte, Ana and Alberto Otto, Paulo and Malavasi, Aldo and Lizado, M C. C and Bautista, M L and Artes, L A and Bacalangco, N S and Farungsang, U and Farungsang, N and Waskar, D P and Masalkar, S D and Gaikwad, R S and Damame, S V and Bally, Ian S. E and O’Hare, Tim J and Holmes, Rowland J and Atabekov, J G and Fauquet, Claude M and Tomori, O and Nuss, D L and Ahlquist, P and Díez, J and Ishikawa, M and Janda, M and Price, B D and Restrepo-Hartwig, M and Bol, J F and van Rossum, C M. A and Garcia, M L and van der Vossen, E A. G and Reusken, Chantal B. E. M and Canto, T R and Gal-On, A and Palukaitis, P and Roossinck, M J and Flasinski, S and Restrepo-Hartwig, Maria A and Ahlquist, Paul and Smirnyagina, Ekaterina and Lin, Na-Sheng and Nagy, Peter D and Figlerowicz, Marek and ...
Phytoparasitica, ISSN 0334-2123, 3/1997, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp. 45 - 86
Journal Article
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