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by Beal, M. Flint and Oakes, David and Shoulson, Ira and Henchcliffe, Claire and Galpern, Wendy R and Haas, Richard and Juncos, Jorge L and Nutt, John G and Voss, Tiffini Smith and Ravina, Bernard and Shults, Clifford M and Helles, Karen and Snively, Victoria and Lew, Mark F and Griebner, Brian and Watts, Arthur and Gao, Shan and Pourcher, Emmanuelle and Bond, Louisette and Kompoliti, Katie and Agarwal, Pinky and Sia, Cherissa and Jog, Mandar and Cole, Linda and Sultana, Munira and Kurlan, Roger and Richard, Irene and Deeley, Cheryl and Waters, Cheryl H and Figueroa, Angel and Arkun, Ani and Brodsky, Matthew and Ondo, William G and Hunter, Christine B and Jimenez-Shahed, Joohi and Palao, Alicia and Miyasaki, Janis M and So, Julie and Tetrud, James and Reys, Liza and Smith, Katharine and Singer, Carlos and Blenke, Anita and Russell, David S and Cotto, Candace and Friedman, Joseph H and Lannon, Margaret and Zhang, Lin and Drasby, Edward and Kumar, Rajeev and Subramanian, Thyagarajan and Ford, Donna Stuppy and Grimes, David A and Cote, Diane and Conway, Jennifer and Siderowf, Andrew D and Evatt, Marian Leslie and Sommerfeld, Barbara and Lieberman, Abraham N and Okun, Michael S and Rodriguez, Ramon L and Merritt, Stacy and Swartz, Camille Louise and Martin, W. R. Wayne and King, Pamela and Stover, Natividad and Guthrie, Stephanie and Watts, Ray L and Ahmed, Anwar and Fernandez, Hubert H and Winters, Adrienna and Mari, Zoltan and Dawson, Ted M and Dunlop, Becky and Feigin, Andrew S and Shannon, Barbara and Nirenberg, Melissa Jill and Ogg, Mattson and Ellias, Samuel A and Thomas, Cathi-Ann and Frei, Karen and Bodis-Wollner, Ivan and Glazman, Sofya and Mayer, Thomas and Hauser, Robert A and Pahwa, Rajesh and Langhammer, April and Ranawaya, Ranjit and Derwent, Lorelei and Sethi, Kapil D and Farrow, Buff and Prakash, Rajan and Litvan, Irene and Robinson, Annette and Sahay, Alok and Gartner, Maureen and Hinson, Vanessa K and Markind, Samuel and Pelikan, Melisa and Perlmutter, Joel S and ... and Parkinson Study Group QE3 Investigators and The Parkinson Study Group QE3 Investigators
JAMA neurology, ISSN 2168-6149, 05/2014, Volume 71, Issue 5, pp. 543 - 552
Journal Article
by Frank, Samuel and Testa, Claudia M and Stamler, David and Kayson, Elise and Davis, Charles and Edmondson, Mary C and Kinel, Shari and Leavitt, Blair and Oakes, David and O’Neill, Christine and Vaughan, Christina and Goldstein, Jody and Herzog, Margaret and Snively, Victoria and Whaley, Jacquelyn and Wong, Cynthia and Suter, Greg and Jankovic, Joseph and Jimenez-Shahed, Joohi and Hunter, Christine and Claassen, Daniel O and Roman, Olivia C and Sung, Victor and Smith, Jenna and Janicki, Sarah and Clouse, Ronda and Saint-Hilaire, Marie and Hohler, Anna and Turpin, Denyse and James, Raymond C and Rodriguez, Ramon and Rizer, Kyle and Anderson, Karen E and Heller, Hope and Carlson, Alexis and Criswell, Susan and Racette, Brad A and Revilla, Fredy J and Nucifora, Frederick and Margolis, Russell L and Ong, MaryJane and Mendis, Tilak and Mendis, Neila and Singer, Carlos and Quesada, Monica and Paulsen, Jane S and Brashers-Krug, Thomas and Miller, Amanda and Kerr, Jane and Dubinsky, Richard M and Gray, Carolyn and Factor, Stewart A and Sperin, Elaine and Molho, Eric and Eglow, Mary and Evans, Sharon and Kumar, Rajeev and Reeves, Christina and Samii, Ali and Chouinard, Sylvain and Beland, Monica and Scott, Burton L and Hickey, Patrick T and Esmail, Sherali and Fung, Wai Lun Alan and Gibbons, Clare and Qi, Lina and Colcher, Amy and Hackmyer, Cory and McGarry, Andrew and Klos, Kevin and Gudesblatt, Mark and Fafard, Lori and Graffitti, Laura and Schneider, Daniel P and Dhall, Rohit and Wojcieszek, Joanne M and LaFaver, Kathrin and Duker, Andrew and Neefus, Erin and Wilson-Perez, Hilary and Shprecher, David and Wall, Paola and Blindauer, Karen A and Wheeler, Lynn and Boyd, James T and Houston, Emily and Farbman, Eric S and Agarwal, Pinky and Eberly, Shirley W and Watts, Arthur and Tariot, Pierre N and Feigin, Andrew and Evans, Scott and Beck, Chris and Orme, Constance and Edicola, Jon and Christopher, Emily and Huntington Study Grp and Huntington Study Group
JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association, ISSN 0098-7484, 07/2016, Volume 316, Issue 1, pp. 40 - 50
Journal Article
Addiction science & clinical practice, ISSN 1940-0640, 10/2012, Volume 7, Issue S1, pp. A64 - A64
Journal Article
by Barrett, J.C and Clayton, D.G and Concannon, P and Akolkar, B and Cooper, J.D and Erlich, H.A and Julier, C and Morahan, G and Nerup, J and Nierras, C and Plagnol, V and Pociot, F and Schuilenburg, H and Smyth, D.J and Stevens, H and Todd, J.A and Walker, N.M and Rich, S.S and Baskerville, T and Bautista, N and Bhatia, E and Bhatia, V and Bin Hasan, K and Bonnici, F and Brodnicki, T and Cameron, F and Chaichanwatanakul, K and Cheung, P.T and Colman, P and Cotterill, A and Couper, J and Cutfield, R and Davis, T and Dixon, P and Donaghue, K and Dowling, K and Drury, P and Dye, S and Gellert, S and Abdul Ghani, R and Greer, R and Han, X and Harrison, L and Homatopoulos, N and Ji, L and Jones, T and Yin, L.K and Kamaruddin, N.A and Kanga, U and Kanungo, A and Kaur, G and Kek, B and Knowles, S and Krebs, J and Kumar, N and Lee, Y.J and Li, X and Liktimaskul, S and Lloyd, M and Loth, A and Louey, A and Mehra, N and Merriman, T and Min, L and Morahan, G and Moses, R and Mraz, G and Murphy, R and Nicholson, I and Panelo, A and Poh, P and Price, G and Ratnam, N and Sanjeevi, C and Sedimbi, S and Shen, S and Ying, G.S and Tait, B and Tandon, N and Thomas, A and Varney, M and Weerakulwattana, P and Willis, J and Albret, L and Ampudia-Blasco, F and Argente, J and Babadjanova, G and Badenhoop, K and Battelino, T and Beilhack, G and Bergholdt, R and Bingley, P and Boehm, B and Bolidson, J and Brorsson, C and Carlson, J and Castano, L and Chandler, K and Cinek, O and Cipponeri, E and ... and Type 1 Diabet Genetics Consortium and Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium and The Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 06/2009, Volume 41, Issue 6, pp. 703 - 707
Journal Article
2016, ISBN 0000104884, xxii, 265 pages
"Since Indigenous peoples have developed time-proven approaches to sustaining both community and environment, Elders and young people are concerned that this... 
Ethnosciences | Ethnoscience | Traditional ecological knowledge | Savoirs écologiques traditionnels
BMJ Open Respiratory Research, ISSN 2052-4439, 08/2017, Volume 4, Issue 1, p. e000217
IntroductionIn adult asthma, combination inhaled corticosteroid (ICS)/fast-onset long-acting beta agonist (LABA) used solely as reliever therapy may represent... 
Evidence-based medicine | Adults | Asthma
Journal Article
The principal goal of the NASA Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF) and European Space Agency's Darwin mission concepts is to directly detect and characterize... 
Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration
2001, ISBN 9780660185965, x, 108
This handbook is designed around music inspired by the Salish Sea and created and collected by Holly Arntzen and a choir of student singers in the Salish Sea... 
Canada | USA | Juan de Fuca Strait | Georgia Strait | British Columbia | Washington (State) | Puget Sound | resource conservation | North Pacific
Canadian journal of native education, ISSN 0710-1481, 07/2006, Volume 29, Issue 2, p. 229
.... The Aboriginal Knowledge and Science Education Research Project is a collaborative venture between the Aboriginal Education Enhancements Branch of the Ministry of Education and the University of Victoria... 
Learning | Science education | Native peoples | Students | Native education
Journal Article
Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, ISSN 1205-5352, 04/2000, Volume 5, pp. 305 - 305
An analysis of questionnaires, drawings, and writings collected from grade 4 students in the coastal city of Victoria, BC, Canada, before and after an 8-week, experiential-learning program focusing... 
Journal Article
Times colonist (Victoria), 09/1998
...Dr. Gloria Snively is an East Sooke resident and an associate professor in the University of Victoria's Department of Social and Natural Sciences. The Silver... 
Thornton, Michael
Newspaper Article
Times colonist (Victoria), 01/1999
...Gloria Snively is an associate professor in the department of social and natural sciences at the University of Victoria. Our East Sooke home... 
Graham, Gloria
Newspaper Article
Times colonist (Victoria), 04/2009
Most of these silent killers are invisible and never appear on any labels. All chronic degenerative diseases, especially cancer and the escalating incidence of... 
Newspaper Article
Times colonist (Victoria), 10/2000
The marina pit and adjacent two properties was a major roosting site for 150 pairs of endangered double-crested cormorants with their juveniles. About 60 per... 
Anderson, David
Newspaper Article