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alternating decision tree (2) 2
boosting iteration (2) 2
china (2) 2
classification algorithms (2) 2
feature extraction (2) 2
history (2) 2
logitboost (2) 2
optimal score vector (2) 2
penalization function (2) 2
precondition set (2) 2
regression (2) 2
root decision rule (2) 2
semiconductor wafers (2) 2
semiconductors (2) 2
training (2) 2
wafers (2) 2
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chinaforeign relations (1) 1
classification (1) 1
classifiers (1) 1
clustering algorithms (1) 1
clusters (1) 1
computer science, hardware & architecture (1) 1
decision tree (1) 1
decision trees (1) 1
defect cluster classification (1) 1
defects (1) 1
design engineering (1) 1
diplomatic relations (1) 1
discriminant-analysis (1) 1
disease (1) 1
east asia economic conditions (1) 1
east asia politics and government (1) 1
economic policy (1) 1
economics (1) 1
economics china (1) 1
economics history (1) 1
economics history. china (1) 1
economische samenwerking (1) 1
engineering, multidisciplinary (1) 1
entscheidungsbaum (1) 1
erkennung (1) 1
expert systems (1) 1
fabrication (1) 1
failure (1) 1
feature selection (1) 1
fehlererkennung (1) 1
foreign relations (1) 1
gesellschaft (1) 1
halbleiterfertigung (1) 1
halbleiterindustrie (1) 1
halbleiterscheibe (1) 1
health psychology (1) 1
herstellungsverfahren (1) 1
hog (1) 1
human physiology (1) 1
internationale wirtschaftsbeziehungen (1) 1
knowledge discovery (1) 1
korea economic conditions (1) 1
lars (1) 1
lasso (1) 1
massenproduktion (1) 1
multiple data sets (1) 1
multivariate decision tree (1) 1
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Pattern Recognition, ISSN 0031-3203, 02/2016, Volume 50, pp. 195 - 209
Decision trees are comprehensible, but at the cost of a relatively lower prediction accuracy compared to other powerful black-box classifiers such as SVMs.... 
Journal Article
Pattern Recognition Letters, ISSN 0167-8655, 08/2015, Volume 60-61, pp. 57 - 64
Alternating decision tree (ADTree) is a special decision tree representation that brings interpretability to boosting, a well-established ensemble algorithm.... 
Boosting | Feature selection | Alternating decision tree | Decision tree | Sparse discriminant analysis | REGRESSION | MULTIPLE DATA SETS | SELECTION | STATISTICAL COMPARISONS | COMPUTER SCIENCE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE | CLASSIFIERS
Journal Article
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, ISSN 0952-1976, 03/2013, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp. 1029 - 1043
Journal Article
2013 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC), ISSN 1091-5281, 05/2013, pp. 1040 - 1044
There is a chicken-and-egg problem in classification whereby a good classifier is required to test the efficacy of the features, yet a good feature set is... 
Support vector machines | Training | ADTree | HOG | Accuracy | Knowledge Discovery | Feature extraction | Boosting | Classification algorithms | SVM | Decision trees
Conference Proceeding
01/2017, ISBN 9780128113196
Alternating Decision Tree (ADTree) is a special class of classification models. It is a generalization of classical Decision Trees, Voted Decision Trees, and... 
ADTree | Boosting iteration | Weight distribution | AdaBoost | Penalization function | Root decision rule | Optimal score vector | Precondition set | LogitBoost | Weak classifier
Book Chapter
by Adetiloye, Taiwo and Adhikari, Sondipon and Aljarah, Ibrahim and An, Senjian and Aslan, Serdar and Awasthi, Anjali and Bakshi, Ashish and Bennamoun, Mohammed and Beyhan, Selami and Bhatia, Vimal and Bhattacharya, Gautam and Bosaghzadeh, Alirezah and Boussaid, Farid and Bui, Dieu Tien and Bui, Kien-Trinh Thi and Bui, Quang-Thanh and Chakraborty, Anusheema and Chatterjee, Tanmoy and Chowdhury, Rajib and Crosky, Alan and Das, Sarat Kumar and Dash, Pradipta K and Dash, Rajashree and Dellen, Babette and Demidenko, Serge and Demir, Vahdettin and Diker, Murat and Dilmen, Erdem and Doan, Chinh Van and Dornaika, Fadi and Fakhari, Nikoo and Faris, Hossam and Fisher, Robert B and Gandomi, Amir H and Gholami, Raoof and Ghosh, Kuntal and Hoang, Nhat-Duc and Hovey, Renae and Husain, Farzad and Ilia, Ioanna and Jiang, Peng and Joshi, Pawan K and Kavzoglu, Taskin and Kendrick, Gary and Kisi, Ozgur and Kuang, Ye Chow and Madadi, Sajad and Maghrebi, Mojtaba and Mahmood, Ammar and Mandloi, Manish and Mellal, Mohamed Arezki and Merabet, Youssef El and Metya, Subhadeep and Mirjalili, Seyedali and Mohammadi-Ivatloo, Behnam and Mohanty, Ranajeet and Moujahid, Abdelmalik and Mukherjee, V and Mukherjee, Aparajita and Mukhopadhyay, Tanmoy and Mukund Nilakantan, J and Nazari-Heris, Morteza and Nielsen, Peter and Ntalampiras, Stavros and Ooi, Melanie Po-Leen and Panigrahi, Ashalata and Patra, Manas R and Ponnambalam, S.G and Prasad, Dharmbir and Ruichek, Yassine and Sachdeva, Kamna and Sahab, Mohamed G and Salmane, Houssam and Saydam, Serkan and Shiri, Jalal and Sohel, Ferdous and Sok, Hong Kuan and Suman, Shakti and Toropov, Vassili V and Torras, Carme and Tsangaratos, Paraskevas and Williams, Edward J and Yilmaz, Selim and Zamani-Gargari, Milad
2017, ISBN 9780128113196
Book Chapter
10/2013, Volume 30, Issue 5, 10
Product engineers are often called upon to use their unique mix of expertise and intuition to solve yield puzzles. Any tool that can help ease and automate the... 
Fabrication | Automatic test equipment | Systematics | Clustering algorithms | Semiconductor wafers | Classification algorithms | Analysis of variance | Training | Accuracy | COMPUTER SCIENCE, HARDWARE & ARCHITECTURE | ENGINEERING, ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC | Design engineering | Semiconductors | Wafers | Failure
Magazine Article
by Pan, Siao-Cian and Wei, Yau-Huei and Chiu, Allen Wen-Hsiang and Callaghan, Cameron and Maddox, Michael and Maddox, Michael and Maddox, Michael and Peralta, Donna and Liu, James and Liu, James and Mandava, Sree Harsha and Mandava, Sree Harsha and Tarr, Matthew and Lee, Benjamin and Lee, Benjamin and Lee, Benjamin and Boonkaew, Benjawan and Chava, Srinivas and Dash, Srikanta and John, Vijay and Favorito, Luciano Alves and Fortes, Marco Antônio and Pereira-Sampaio, Marco A and Sampaio, Francisco J.B and Sampaio, Francisco J.B and Lo, Joey and Jäger, Wolfgang and Moskalev, Igor and Law, Adrienne and Chew, Ben H and Lange, Dirk and Lange, Dirk and Shilo, Yaniv and Pichamuthu, Joseph E and Lynam, John C and Averch, Timothy D and Vorp, David A and Bechis, Seth and Preston, Mark and Wilson, Kathryn and Barrisford, Glen and Sanchez, Alex and Rodriguez, Dayron and Feldman, Adam and Stampfer, Meir and Cho, Eunyoung and Pedersen, Katja Venborg and Drewes, Asbjoern Mohr and Graumann, Ole and Osther, Susanne Sloth and Olesen, Anne Estrup and Arendt-Nielsen, Lars and Sim, Mei Y and Go, Mei L and Faaborg, Daniel and Li, Roger and Maldonado, Jonathan and Lightfoot, Michelle and Alsyouf, Muhannad and Yeo, Alexander and Olgin, Gaudencio and Arenas, Javier L and Baldwin, D. Duane and Yam, Wai Loon and Lim, Sey Kiat and Ng, Foo Cheong and Ng, Kok Kit and Bylund, Jason and Strup, Stephen and Howard, Dianne and Johnson, Lewis and Lay, Aaron and Lay, Aaron and Bedir, Selahattin and Bedir, Selahattin and Ma, Yun-bo and Gahan, Jeffrey and Gahan, Jeffrey and Cadeddu, Jeffrey and Cadeddu, Jeffrey and Smith, Thomas and Smith, Thomas and Shrotri, Nitin and Shrotri, Nitin and Shrotri, Nitin and Shrotri, Nitin and Lee, Michael and Hodgson, Herbert and Martin, Jacob and Vassantachart, Janna and Arenas, Javier and Khater, Nazih and Fortes, Marco A and Sampaio, Francisco J.B and Favorito, Luciano A and Liao, Donghua and Steffensen, Elena and Gregersen, Hans and Drewes, Asbjoern Mohr and Ravindranathan, Preethi and ...
Journal of Endourology, ISSN 0892-7790, 09/2014, Volume 28, Issue S1, pp. P1 - A316
Journal Article
by Ferrie, J and Shipley, M and Cappuccio, F and Brunner, E and Miller, M and Kumari, M and Marmot, M and Coenen, A and Castillo, J L and Araya, F and Bustamante, G and Montecino, L and Torres, C and Oporto, S and Gronli, J and Fiske, E and Murison, R and Bjorvatn, B and Sorensen, E and Ursin, R and Portas, C M and Rajaraman, S and Gribok, A and Wesensten, N and Balkin, T and Reifman, J and Dursunoglu, N and Ozkurt, S and Baser, S and Delen, O and Sarikaya, S and Sadler, P and Mitchell, P and Françon, D and Decobert, M and Herve, B and Richard, A and Griebel, G and Avenet, P and Scatton, B and Fur, G L and Eckert, D and Jordan, A and Wellman, A and Smith, S and Malhotra, A and White, D and Bruck, D and Thomas, I and Kritikos, A and Oertel, W and Stiasny-Kolster, K and Garcia-Borreguero, D and Poewe, W and Hoegl, B and Kohnen, R and Schollmayer, E and Keffel, J and Trenkwalder, C and Valle, A and Roizenblatt, S and Fregni, F and Boggio, P and Tufik, S and Ward, K and Robertson, L and Palmer, L and Eastwood, P and Hillman, D and Lee, J and Mukherjee, S and de Padova, V and Barbato, G and Ficca, G and Zilli, I and Salzarulo, P and Veldi, M and Hion, T and Vasar, V and Kull, M and Nowak, L and Davis, J and Latzer, Y and Tzischinsky, O and Crowley, S and Carskadon, M and Anca-Herschkovitsch, M and Frey, D and Ortega, J and Wiseman, C and Farley, C and Wright, K and Campbell, A and Neill, A and Spiegel, K and Leproult, R and Tasali, E and Scherberg, N and van Cauter, E and Noradina, A T and ...
Sleep and Biological Rhythms, ISSN 1446-9235, 8/2007, Volume 5, Issue S1, pp. A1 - A189
Journal Article
2003, ISBN 0415316022
Book Chapter
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