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Юридически сборник, ISSN 1311-3771, 2018, Volume XXV, Issue 1, pp. 114 - 122
The recent study of the two different concepts of Islamic radicalism and Turkish rationalism arises from their competitive opposition to Bulgarian territory.... 
Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence | Criminal Law | Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Journal Article
Юридически сборник, ISSN 1311-3771, 2018, Volume XXV, Issue 1, pp. 105 - 113
Processes related with the reislamization of Muslim communities are taking place in a different way, which is associated with the cultural and social... 
Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence | Criminal Law | Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Journal Article
2018, ISBN 6197246201, 10
At the beginning of the 21-st century in Bulgaria live different ethnic groups, whose ethnic diversity enriches culture. However, it creates internal... 
Political Sciences | Politics
Book Chapter
2018, ISBN 6197246201, 11
Radical Islam is one of the most widely discussed topics in the Bulgarian society, requiring a careful approach. Part of our society consider that information... 
Political Sciences | Politics
Book Chapter
by Kazandzhieva, Tanya and Haralampiev, Mihail and Getsov, Petar and Mardirosyan, Garo and Doncheva, Julia and Draganov, Ivo and Slavinski, Antoni and Georgieva, Anna and Hristova, Nina and Manev, Angel and Tanev, Tanyo and Gospodinov, Dinko and Tashev, Veselin and Radev, Anatoliy and Kaneva, Penka and Georgieva, Elitsa and Granitzka, Vyara and Dineva, Vanya and Slavianova, Liliana and Stefanova, Evdokiya and Stefanova, Tereza and Dachev, Todor and Koleva, Nedka and Draganova, Tamara and Kostyukova, Tatyana and Yankov, Aleksander and Ivanov, Doncho and Burcea, Raluca Gabriela and Dimitrov, Orlin and Parlichev, Dimitar and Petrov, Galin and Todorova, Diana and Petrova, Svetla and Tachev, Anton and Christova-Bagdassarian, Valentina and Gyurova, Desislava and Ivanova, Mihaela and Pavlova, Vera and Mitreva, Maria and Georgieva, Rositsa and Enikova, Rositsa and Stoyneva-Gertner, Maya and Uzunov, Blagoy and Dimitrova, Petya and Stankova, Daniela and Paunova, Ginka and Mechkueva, Lydia and Tsvetanova, Zvezdimira and Zamfirov, Milen and Savova, Emiliya and Petrova, Elitsa and Todorova, Teodora and Stratiev, Antoan and Bahnev, Boyko and Buyukliev, Erol and Atanasov, Plamen and Vasilev, Valentin and Aleksova, Sonya and Badev, Verislav and Dimitrov, Ivan and Gurdev, Evgeni and Gendzhov, Hristo and Angelov, Stoil and Apostolov, Jivko and Valchev, Stoyan and Dikova, Petia and Boichev, Yavor and Asenov, Stanislav and Solakov, Tihomir and Hristov, Hristo and Neykova, Mariya and Georgiev, Georgi and Karolewski, Albert and Rejman-Karolewska, Małgorzata and Chupetlovski, Stamen and Morfov, Stanislav and Minchev, Plamen and Spasov, Kolio and Zlatev, Borislav and Stoyanov, Stanimir and Georgiev, Plamen and Ivanov, Iskren and Boyadzhiev, Atanas and Uzunova, Vanya and Iliev, Ivailo and Nikolova, Nedka and Raychev, Yavor and Mancheva-Ali, Olga and Ilieva, Bagryana and Staneva, Valentina and Stanev, Hristo and Valentinova, Doroteya and Dimitrova, Sevdalina and Arabska, Ekaterina and Sabev, Sabin and Borisova, Bogomila and Vladimirova, Milena and Kostadinova, Krassimira and Petkova, Petya and Gonchev, Vladimir and ...
2018, ISBN 6197246201, 1143
Proceedings of the Annual University Scientific Conference 2018 of the National Military University "Vasil Levski" - Veliko Tarnovo, 14 - 15 June 2018 
Library and Information Science | Geography, Regional studies | Political Sciences | Social Sciences | Economy | Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence | Politics | History | Language and Literature Studies
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