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acyclic, carbocyclic or heterocyclic compounds containingelements other than carbon, hydrogen, halogen, oxygen, nitrogen,sulfur, selenium or tellurium (6) 6
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biochemistry (6) 6
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by Małecki, Andrzej and Skipor-Lahuta, Janina and Toborek, Michal and Abbott, N. Joan and Antonetti, David A and Su, Enming Joe and Lawrence, Daniel A and Atış, Müge and Akcan, Uğur and Yılmaz, Canan Uğur and Orhan, Nurcan and Düzgün, Poyraz and Ceylan, Umut Deniz and Arıcan, Nadir and Karahüseyinoğlu, Serçin and Şahin, Gizem Nur and Ahıshalı, Bülent and Kaya, Mehmet and Aydin, Sidar and Klopstein, Armelle and Engelhardt, Britta and Baumann, Julia and Tsao, Chih-Chieh and Huang, Sheng-Fu and Ogunshola, Omolara and Boytsova, Elizaveta B and Morgun, Andrey V and Khilazheva, Elena D and Pozhilenkova, Elena A and Gorina, Yana V and Martynova, Galina P and Salmina, Alla B and Bueno, David and Garcia-Fernàndez, Jordi and Castro, Victor and Skowronska, Marta and Chupel, Matheus Uba and Minuzzi, Luciele Guerra and Filaire, Edith and Teixeira, Ana Maria and Corsi, Mariangela and Versele, Romain and Fuso, Andrea and Sevin, Emmanuel and Di Lorenzo, Cherubino and Businaro, Rita and Fenart, Laurence and Gosselet, Fabien and Candela, Pietra and Deli, Mária A and Delaney, Conor and O’Keefe, Eoin and Farrell, Michael and Doyle, Sarah and Campbell, Matthew and Drewes, Lester R and Appelt-Menzel, A and Cubukova, A and Metzger, M and Fischer, R and Francisco, David M. F and Bruggmann, Rémy and Fries, Alexa and Blecharz, Kinga G and Wagner, Josephin and Winkler, Lars and Schneider, Ulf and Vajkoczy, Peter and Furuse, Mikio and Gabbert, Lydia and Dilling, Christina and Sisario, Dmitri and Soukhoroukov, Vladimir and Burek, Malgorzata and Guérit, S and Fidan, E and Devraj, K and Czupalla, C. J and Macas, J and Thom, S and Plate, K. H and Gerhardt, H and Liebner, S and Harazin, András and Bocsik, Alexandra and Váradi, Judit and Fenyvesi, Ferenc and Tubak, Vilmos and Vecsernyés, Miklós and Helms, Hans Christian and Waagepetersen, Helle Sønderby and Nielsen, Carsten Uhd and Brodin, Birger and Hoyk, Zsófia and Tóth, Melinda E and Lénárt, Nikolett and Dukay, Brigitta and Kittel, Ágnes and Vígh, Judit and Veszelka, Szilvia and ...
Fluids and Barriers of the CNS, ISSN 2045-8118, 10/2017, Volume 14, Issue Suppl 2, pp. 1 - 23
Journal Article
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